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The border of Qingyang Demon Domain.

Countless years ago, the Dark Demon Realm was formed by the merger of the nine Demon Domains today.

The Demon Domain at that time was a continent.

Subsequently, it merged into the current dark Demon Realm, which was divided into nine domains.

And the boundary, because the dark Demon Realm continents merged and collided, creating a towering mountain range.

The other Demon Domains adjacent to Qingyang Demon Domain are mostly blocked by the endless mountain range.

The peak of 10,000 years, when viewed from a distance, is like splitting the heavens and earth.

However, at this time, above these peaks, many densely packed lights and shadows appeared.

As the clouds and mists in the mountain range drift away, slowly revealing cold faces.

“tsk tsk tsk, these Demon Gods are really uneasy.”

On the eastern border of Qingyang Demon Domain, on the top of a huge mushroom-like tree, lies an old soul demon.

He looked at the top of the mountain range across the Demon Domain and muttered to himself.

“Netherworld River one hour, I couldn’t help but act on Qingyang Demon Domain. It seems that in the Heavenly Palace, a Demon Lord leaked the wind. Knowing that the Hell Lord is not in the central Demon Domain, how dare these Demon Gods? Feel free to mess up…”

The old soul demon shook his head.

“To the east, here are the large forces of Qiye Demon Domain. They are all elite. They have two holy demon rings and above and lower level spirit demon. They also have a large number of military demon ships, depending on the model… It seems that the very difficult to deal with developed by Qixiao Demon God…”

The old soul demon glanced a few times, slightly frowned.

This is a flash of light and shadow.

The fuzzy silhouette appeared in front of him quickly and clearly.

“Wuhua has seen heavenly demon.”

Seeing this silhouette, the old soul demon immediately stood up and said respectfully.

“How is the situation?”

Anything that appears is the heavenly demon.

“Not so good…”

Wuhua Demon Lord coughed a few times, “Qixiao Demon God used at least 70% of Demon Domain’s internal forces, and they are all elites. The twelve demons are all dispatched. What I perceive is probably There are eight. The remaining four are missing. Nearly ten million soul demons, troops of this level are already able to break through that kind of super-large wormhole. Qiye Demon Domain has been focusing on the research of magic ships for these years, Na Qixiao Although Demon God’s strength is mediocre, his team is very strong.”

“Without the natural barrier of the Netherworld River, Holy City will struggle against this legion of Demon God of Qixiao.”

Heavenly demon is slightly nodded and did not answer.

“You went to Holy City, did you find out?” Wuhua Demon Lord asked.

“The Demon God has appeared.” Heavenly Demon said slowly, “However, this Demon God has some meaning, and it is very different from the Demon God recorded 10,000 years ago.”

“After all, after so many years, when Diye Demon God returned to God World, something thrilling might have happened. Changes are normal.” Wuhua Demon Lord understood very well.

Heavenly demon respects nothing.

“I don’t understand something.” This is, heavenly demon said suddenly.

“Please speak.” Wuhua Demon Lord said.

Heavenly demon is the successor appointed by the Hell, and has the potential to succeed the Hell.

The future must be the leader of the net Heavenly Palace, in charge of the entire dark Demon Realm nine realms.

However, the dark Demon Realm is too large, and it takes a long, long time to know everything clearly.

“The strength of Qingyang Demon Domain belongs to the middle level among the nine Demon Domains. In fact, the strength of each of the nine Demon Domains is in the middle. In addition, the resources of the Dark Demon Realm are not rich. This is true of the nine major Demon Domains.”

Heavenly demon looks into the distance, “Basically, most rely on wormholes to grab a large amount of resources from other Worlds. The wormholes of Qingyang Demon Domain have developed well, but it depends on the accumulation of resources or the number of wormholes. Not very much. These Demon Domains are not too different. Why do they glare like a tiger watching his prey to Qingyang Demon Domain, as soon as the Netherworld River disappears, the impatient will come?”

“Furthermore, as far as the deity knows, apart from the danger of the Netherworld River, this Qingyang Demon Domain has several other dangerous places. The most dangerous is the dark boundary formed by the Space Crack group. This place looks like A time bomb.”

“Once the Night Demon Lord on the dark boundary can’t keep it, then the first to suffer must be Qingyang Demon Domain. Therefore, even if the Netherworld River laughs to death, this Qingyang Demon Domain cannot be seen by the deity. There is anything worthy of these Demon Gods to start a realm war.”

“Wuhua Demon Lord, you are the old soul demon of Jing Heavenly Palace, knowing, is there any other reason for this?”

Heavenly demon finished speaking and looked at the latter silently.

In the Jing Heavenly Palace, the most knowledgeable and broad one is the Demon Lord without flowers.

Because, this old soul demon almost came from the ancient times with the Hell.

He is not a Demon God, because he was born with a dull aptitude, and after so many years, he can only become a Demon Lord.

And, this is the upper limit.

However, the other party does know a lot.

“What you said is actually fine. But there is one thing you may not know. No, maybe you know, but you probably didn’t think of it.”

Wuhua Demon Lord slowly said, “Do you think these Demon Gods are for the purpose of launching a war, for Qingyang Demon Domain?”


“No, it’s because of the Netherworld River.”

With a little fingertip of Demon Lord, a picture of phantom appeared before his eyes.

In the screen, the mountains meet and the ravines are vertical and horizontal.

“Netherworld River?” The heavenly demon was taken aback.

“Yes.” Wuhua Demon Lord said solemnly, “You should know some of the origins of the Netherworld River.”

“It is rumored that in the ancient age, the dark Demon Realm nine realms just merged, because the nine realms merged to produce a huge World shock, causing countless soul demons at that time to lose their lives.” heavenly demon respect pondered then said, “and then , The nine realms first merged, and the well of reincarnation has not yet appeared. Between Heaven and Earth, there are countless Demon Souls who cannot be reincarnated. Demon Soul does not enter the reincarnation and remains in the world. It will produce strong resentment, making the dark Demon Realm at that time nine Domain, chaos.”

“Furthermore, Demon Soul does not enter the cycle of reincarnation, it will be condemned by the gods, life is better than death. This will disrupt the birth of normal life.”

“Later, the Netherworld River appeared and absorbed these Demon Souls. This made the chaotic dark Demon Realm barely settled.”

Heavenly demon said what he knew, briefly.

The Netherworld River is too old and there are many rumors. Most of them have no basis, just rumors.

Heavenly demon knows all these things, and they are all seen in the ancient book of the Heavenly Palace, so they should be credible.

“What you are talking about are the ancient book of the history of the Heavenly Palace and wild rumors.”

Wuhua Demon Lord was nodded first, then shook his head, “Some are real. But some are fake.”

“When the dark Demon Realm’s nine realms were first merged, the Well of Reincarnation was already present.”

Wuhua Demon Lord slowly said, “And the Netherworld River is actually a long river formed by the well water of the Samsara Well. Because only the water from the Samsara Well can carry the aspiration of Demon Soul, without being condemned by the gods. .”

Hearing this, the heavenly demon respectfully startled, “Then say, this day Netherworld River is connected to the well of reincarnation?”

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