Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1478


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“No. The Netherworld River is the well water of the Samsara Well, that’s all. On the ancient age, the Samsara Well you know did not exist, because the Samsara Well was not opened at that time. In fact, the Samsara Well has always been there. Later, there was a Demon God from Heavenspan who wanted to find a solution after seeing the chaos of the nine domains at that time.”

“So, he first visited Jiuyu, searched for the thousands of people in the Jiuyu, and spent thousands of years. Finally, he heard a rumor from an ancient life. This rumor is the rumor of the well of reincarnation. between Heaven and Earth , There is a well of reincarnation, which allows sentient beings to enter reincarnation.”

“After understood the news, he immediately began to search for the well of reincarnation.”

“He found it?”

“No, he didn’t find it.” Wuhua Demon Lord shook his head.

“However, in order to find the Well of Reincarnation, he used his unparalleled strength and the magic power of all sentient beings to unify the nine realms of that year for the first time. He also renamed the nine realms at that time: Dark Demon Realm.”

“…” Heavenly demon.

It was the first time she had heard of the origin of the name Demon Realm.

“After reunifying the Nine Realms, I wanted to find the flowers and plants of the Dark Demon Realm. Although it was much easier, the Nine Realms were too big. He spent countless years and still did not find the Dark Demon Realm. Dark Demon Realm, Demon Soul is everywhere, between Heaven and Earth resentment qi condensed, between Heaven and Earth there are scourges happening all over the nine realms all the time. It’s still chaotic.”

“Seeing this situation, this peerless Demon God made another decision again.” Wuhua Demon Lord whispered, “Since he can’t find the Reincarnation Well, then he becomes Demon Soul!”

“…” Heavenly demon.


“So, he died.”

“…” Heavenly demon.

“After he became Demon Soul, he went through ups and downs and, with the magic power of the world, unified the countless Demon Soul floating in the nine realms.”

Heavenly demon opened his mouth slightly.

The soul demon in front of her, if it were not for the Demon Lord, she would have thought it was a storyteller.

“At this time, he became the Lord of Souls and finally found the Well of Reincarnation. But he discovered that this Well was closed.”

Wuhua Demon Lord thought for a while and seemed to be organizing the language, “The conditions for opening the well of reincarnation are extremely demanding. Of course I don’t know the specifics. But what is certain is that he did not open the well of reincarnation. Later, he was in After studying for a long time at the Reincarnation Well, I found that even if it cannot be opened, it cannot enter the Reincarnation Well, but the overflowing well water from the Reincarnation Well all around is of great help to Demon Soul.”

“These overflowing well waters can make Demon Soul no longer hold the Scourge, and even absorb the power of Demon Soul’s body. Allow Demon Soul to step into another path of cultivation.”

“So, he moved the well water around the Samsara Well and returned it to form the current Netherworld River.”

Heavenly demon has several points of suddenly.

so that’s how it is.

“But, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what I asked?” heavenly demon respects slightly frowned, “wait, you mean…”

She seems to have thought of something.

Wuhua Demon Lord sighed softly, “You know, what happened after this great first demon moved the well water?”

“He entered the Well of Samsara? Has he gone to Samsara?”

“No, he didn’t enter the well of reincarnation.” Wuhua Demon Lord whispered, “After he opened up the Netherworld River, the sky will have three dark demonic energy, one of which condenses the demon body for him. 2nd demonic energy allowed him to surpass the realm of Demon God. He crossed the threshold of Demon God and became supreme existence. Later, he left the dark Demon Realm and entered the vast universe. According to rumors, he became the supreme of the universe. .”

Heavenly demon’s heart fluctuates after listening.

This great first demon is terribly tenacious.

After countless trials and surpassing Demon God?

The realm of Demon God itself is a huge threshold.

Beyond Demon God, according to the knowledge of heavenly demon, it is slightly possible for Hell at present.

“What are the three demonic energy? The sky will come down?”

Heavenly demon continued to ask.

This seems to be the key.

breakthrough became the key to Demon God?

Two magic lights can make the soul demon without a demon body surpass Demon God, which is obviously incredible.

See here, Wuhua Demon Lord slightly smiled.

“You also want to know, don’t you?” Wuhua Demon Lord leisurely said, “So, this is the reason why those Demon Gods took action against Qingyang Demon Domain. Because those Demon Gods have basically heard these things. Maybe not as detailed as I know. But they must be very interested in this last demonic energy.”

Wuhua Demon Lord pointed to the Netherworld River in the picture, “Because of the rumors, that great first demon hid the last demonic energy under the Netherworld River. Because it is useless to him. Quiet. To be fate.”

Heavenly demon understands the entire process of development.

No wonder this Qingyang Demon Domain can make these Demon Gods so impatient to come and shoot.

Know that in the Netherworld River, the soul demon cannot enter.

Slightly contaminated with river water, the best result is to become a waste demon.

If the Netherworld River disappeared today, it is a good opportunity to explore the bottom of the Netherworld River!

“So, they came to Qingyang Demon Domain not to start a boundary war, but to explore the bottom of the Netherworld River?”

Heavenly demon looked at the demon ships in the distance, fleetingly.

“No, they want it all. It’s just a priority.” Wuhua Demon Lord shook his head and said, “You have not yet become a heavenly demon, and you don’t know enough about these Demon Gods.”

“Every Demon God, even Cheongna Demon God, has big ambitions. Otherwise, he will not be a Demon God.”


Wang Feng did not stay with Oscar much here.

After learning Zhu Zhuqing’s thoughts, Wang Feng had already secretly remembered it.

“There are so many girl tricks.”

Wang Feng feels that this matter is not easy to say.

I went to find Qingluo Demon God.

Wang Feng knows that this Qingluo Demon God should have something to say to himself alone.

‘Eh, Diye, although I have inherited part of your power, but Cheongna Demon God is bitterly in love with you, and you died too. I came back pretending to be you this time, just to help you get rid of the mind of this Cheongna Demon God. Let her avoid the suffering of obsessive love. ’

Wang Feng certainly does not intend to accept Qingluo Demon God as the Diye Demon God.

This is not righteous.

Diye Demon God has been dead for many years, but to be reasonable, Wang Feng remembers that he helped himself many times invisibly.

There is no need to do such a thing.

When he came to the main mansion of Tianluo Mansion, the guard informed that Qingluo Demon God was quietly waiting for him in a garden of Tianluo Mansion.

Tianluo Mansion, said it is a mansion.

But Wang Feng looks more like a small city.

Well…it’s kind of like an enlarged version of the Forbidden City from the previous life.

It’s just a different style.

The buildings inside are mostly azure-based, and white as a supplement.

The courtyards and courtyards are both magnificent and majestic. Because they are inhabited by spirit demons, they must be several times larger than human houses.

In a garden made up of flowers and trees, Wang Feng found Qingluo Demon God.

The flower trees here are green and purple, and the flower type Wang Feng has never seen before, and it exudes a light fragrance.

The trees are mostly several dozen meters high, not tall.

Qingluo Demon God sits cross-legged in the void.

“Qingluo, what do you want to tell me?” Wang Feng asked directly after seeing this.

Hearing this, Cheongna Demon God’s body shook slightly, and suddenly he chuckles.

“What are you laughing at?” Wang Feng surprisedly said.

“Diye, can you call me by my first name? The one without the surname.” Qingluo Demon God said faintly.

Wang Feng slightly frowned, I feel that this Qingluo Demon God seems a little different.

“Wan Li? What do you want to say?” Wang Feng thought for a while, feeling this Qingluo Demon God is a bit pitiful.

Satisfy her a little first, and wait for a chance to cut off from her.

Qingluo Demon God slowly stood up. She was wearing an azure dress, showing her perfect figure. The back figure alone is enough to make countless creatures obsessed with it.

“Eh…” She first let out a long sigh.

Immediately afterwards, I said something that shocked Wang Feng:

“If you were a real emperor, how nice…”

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