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Qingluo Demon God looked at Wang Feng, “I know that I want to unlock my Heart Demon, but Di Ye. When you said that to me, in fact, at that time, I was only I thought you were a real emperor.”

“Heart Demon is released.”

Cheongna Demon God breathed a long sigh of relief, “So speaking of which, you are kind to me. Why should I deal with you?”

“Congratulations,” Wang Feng said.

Just now Wang Feng remembered that when he finished speaking, this Qingluo Demon God wept.

I thought the other party was moved.

Now that I want to come, it is estimated that Heart Demon has been relieved, and my thoughts have come through.

Wang Feng suddenly thought, if he really hangs up, would those girls who he scumbed be like this Qingluo Demon God?

“Are you thinking, if you die and fall in love with your opposite sex, will you be like your deity?” Qingluo Demon God seems to know what Wang Feng is thinking.

Wang Feng coughed a few times.

These Demon Gods deserve to be Old freaks who have lived for 10,000 years.

“Don’t worry. It won’t.” Qingluo Demon God’s tone was slightly ridiculous, “You can talk more than Diye. I guess, those of the opposite sex who love you should all be coaxed around, even you It will really die, and it is estimated that I will prepare in advance so that the opposite sex will not be like the deity.”

Wang Feng said in his heart, fuck, you know me well?

Don’t say it, Wang Feng thinks he might actually do this.

Diye is different. Diye doesn’t care about it.

It’s probably the type that you love me and care about me.

So Cheongna Demon God is so obsessed with him, sorry, what matters to me?

Naturally, Diye didn’t think about what would happen to Qingluo after he went to God World and died.

‘It’s miserable. ’Wang Feng glanced at Qingluo Demon God.

“Okay, let’s just talk about it here.” Qingluo Demon God shook his head. “There is a wormhole in the ground of Tianluo Mansion. This wormhole is two-way and can lead to another deserted World. At the other end of that World, it happened to lead to a wormhole near the Demon Domain in the deserted sea.”

“You can leave Qingyang Demon Domain in this way.”

Oh, have you even thought about the future?

Wang Feng thought for a while and said, “Is this situation so serious? If the Netherworld River is gone, then the other major Demon Domains will directly attack you Qingyang Demon Domain? It will not happen, right? Demon Domain, is this directly causing trouble?”

Wang Feng wondered, the Netherworld River disappeared, and the natural barrier of Holy City was gone.

Even if you have an enmity with Qingyang Demon Domain, you will at most send an army to vent your anger.

is it possible that, do you really want to destroy the entire Demon Domain?

If you want to fight to this level, it is the Life and Death Battle field. The real boundary war is comparable to the battle of gods.

This should be a great damage to the dark Demon Realm itself, right?

“Of course as for.”

Qingluo Demon God’s tone is slightly cold, “Because, this is about whether it can transcend to become a Demon God.”

“en? What do you mean?”

Wang Feng is puzzled.

Beyond Demon God.

From the perspective of killing gods, then the appearance of killing gods means that these Demon Gods surpass the previous Demon Gods in strength.

The meaning of Cheongna Demon God’s words is to surpass Demon God this realm.

This is different.

When I talked to the silhouette of Chi Hill before, it was obviously above Demon God, and there was a more powerful realm.

It’s just unreachable.

God World is the same, and the dark Demon Realm is the same. The difference is that the dark Demon Realm has touched the threshold by virtue of killing God.

And God World didn’t even touch the threshold.

Just, what does it have to do with this?

Seeing that Wang Feng didn’t understand, Qingluo Demon God didn’t seem to be too much explanation.

This is after all something inside the Dark Demon Realm.

She still doesn’t know the true identity and purpose of the other party, and she will not disclose many secrets at will.

After all, who knows that after the other party understood, will they fight back? So to find one more opponent for yourself?

Qingluo Demon God is reluctant, Wang Feng understood some reason.


Just then.

The sky of the soul demon Holy City suddenly Lei Dong is endless.

The sky above the white sun.

Suddenly, the thick, thick cloud and thick mist swept past.

In an instant, it was like going from day to night.

The wind is lingering and the earth is shaking slightly, and there is a feeling of bumps in the sky.

At the same time, several huge ghost shadows appeared in the sky of the spirit demon Holy City.

Such a terrifying momentum naturally attracted the entire spirit demon Holy City, and countless lives stopped and sighed in amazement.

“This is…”

Wang Feng also looked towards the clouds at the same time.


Qingluo Demon God’s eyes azure light soared out a jade-like brilliance, photographing the void.

“Why, you guys, are you here to start the game?”

Along with this brilliance, there is also the Hongyin of Qingluo Demon God that stuns the clouds.

Is Demon God?

Wang Feng Xindao.

Sure enough.

The demon shadow appears above the sky of the spirit demon Holy City as if it obscures the sky.

It is the avatar of Demon God, projected into the Holy City of the spirit demon from a far distance, revealing the magic power.

An altogether three.

Each one exudes a peerless magic power that dominates the sky.

Not inferior to the Unbounded Demon God at all.

“Zhanshu? Qingluo, you and I are both Demon Gods. In this situation, you absolutely, how many of us still need to write a war on you?”

The sound of the magic sound is lofty, coming from the sky, and the tyrannical power has crushed almost all the lives of the soul demon Holy City, all kneeling down on the ground.

The real magic power, really terrifying.

This is just a projection.

“Qingluo, this Qingyang Demon Domain is not owned by you. If you are conscious, you should leave quickly. If you can’t tell good from bad, you want to come and take part in it. I advise you to weigh your own. strength.”

Another demon shadow is in the sky, and the sound is boundless, shaking the sky.

Qingluo Demon God sneered, looked at the three demon dao shadows, and sneered, “That thing, there is only the last one, but you have three. Is it enough? Why, your three Demon Gods plan to three. One soul?”

Hearing this, Wang Feng’s heart moved.

thing, what thing?

Could these Demon Gods come to Qingyang Demon Domain for one thing?

Wang Feng suddenly became interested.

“You don’t need to take care of this. The deity only intends to pay respects first and then soldiers. After all, we are all of the dark Demon Realm’s clan. It’s not a good thing to break your muscles and fight hard. If you are willing to give up voluntarily and leave Qingyang Demon Domain, This can prevent countless lives and deaths. You Qingluo has always loved and cared for in Qingyang Demon Domain, so this deity kindly talked to you about it, otherwise, it’s not me who landed in the Holy City of the soul demon now. A demon dao shadow of God.”

“hahaha…” Qingluo Demon God laughed, “I said you are the Demon God how many years? Playing this kind of naive trick. If I voluntarily give up leaving Qingyang Demon Domain, you are afraid it will be immediately Will come to kill the deity? You just want to know, that thing is hidden in the place of the Netherworld River, right?”

“Why, you guys, did you go through the bottom of the Netherworld River one by one, but didn’t find it? That’s why they came to tell the deity this remark. It’s naive and ridiculous.”

“Now, the deity tells you that this deity of Qingyang Demon Domain has been in town for 10,000 years. If you want to find that thing, even if you kill the deity and destroy the entire Qingyang Demon Domain, you will never know!”

Qingluo Demon God looked around with cold eyes, imposing manner as majestic and broad as the peak connecting Heaven and Earth.

In an instant, the three demon shadows in the clouds stopped talking.

It seems that some fly into a rage out of humiliation.

Wang Feng was muttering in his heart…Netherworld River, what does this have to do with Netherworld River?

Immediately after that, I heard one of the demons coldly said:

“Qingluo, it’s been a long time since I saw you so hard. Has it changed a lot? Why, is it possible that you are the old lover Diye back. I gave you the courage to face our three Demon Gods. ?”

“Don’t you really think that you, the emperor, can change everything like you did in the past, right?”

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