Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1481


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The sky of the soul demon Holy City, the sky is cloudless, and the three demon dao shadows did not make a sound, just like the soul-stimulating sound from the nether.

Countless lives trembled and knelt down, each and everyone’s eyes were dull, Spirit seemed to be unable to support this supreme demon might.

The three demon dao shadow is only the Demon God avatar projection, but the demon power it emits cannot be resisted by most soul demon.

Only the existence above the devil can barely be able to resist this demon power, barely conscious.

I also know what is happening right now.

I can still hear a bit of what the Demon God said.

And Wang Feng…

‘Hey, it’s up to me again. ’

Wang Feng squinted at the three demon lords.

The one who speaks the most arrogantly is the Hunyuan Demon God of the Demon Domain.

The one who persuaded Qingluo to leave is Qixiao Demon God of Qiye Demon Domain.

The last person who has been silent is the Demon God of the Demon Domain of the Deep Sea.

At this moment, the Qingluo Demon God who had flown to midair, glanced at Wang Feng below without a trace.

There was no sadness and melancholy in her eyes.

Heart Demon has eliminated her. Wang Feng suspects that even if the real Demon God stands in front of her, it will not cause the Qingluo Demon God to cause much mood swings.

Of course, this does not mean that Cheongna Demon God’s affection for Demon God is gone.

But it is affordable and put down.

Not affected in any way.

So even if the Hunyuan Demon God mentioned Diye at this time, it would not have the slightest impact on Qingluo Demon God.

“If a woman has no shortcomings, she should be terrifying, right?”

Wang Feng thought to himself, “However, if one dozen three, even Qingluo Demon God shouldn’t be possible. Also, what are these Demon Gods looking for? Listen to what Qingluo Demon God said before, this Something is it possible that can help them devil breaking the realm?”

Is it possible?

Wang Feng thinks it is fake.

But these Demon Gods are so serious, which must show that this matter is based and proved by facts.

Otherwise, Demon God would not be so stupid.

‘In other words…before the dark Demon Realm, there was an existence beyond Demon God realm? ’

Wang Feng suddenly thought.

This is amazing.

How did this happen?

‘Should I get involved? ’Wang Feng’s heart moved.

His identity, Cheongna Demon God has been understood.

The goal is almost achieved, and now I just need to find the well of reincarnation and punch a card.

So he can completely abandon the identity of Diye Demon God, and these Demon God Wang Feng do not need to deal with.

‘Moreover, it’s also about the Netherworld River…’ Wang Feng muttered.

At this time.

Cheongna Demon God spoke again.

“Hunyuan, I remember, you are the Demon God of the same era as Yujiang Demon God, right?”

Qingluo Demon God leisurely said, “Why, Diye wiped out your old acquaintance, is your heart uneasy? Diye can cut the demon body of Yujiang Demon God, your strength and The old-school Demon God, who is almost the same in Yujiang, is the ant who could not be sent in front of Diye, is it afraid of it? Only in front of me, said such naive words? In order to dispel the fear of Diye in my heart ?”

“Joke!” The Hunyuan Demon God was taken aback, and immediately said without anger or joyfully, “If it is placed a few 10,000 years ago, the deity sees Diye as you said, the number is not up, and the atmosphere is Don’t dare to take a breath. Unfortunately, the times are different. As for Yujiang, huh… Qingluo, this deity is really laughing at you ignorant, you don’t know what despicable means Di Ye used to destroy Yujiang’s demon body, right?”

“You don’t know, that deity tells you.” Hunyuan Demon God laughed heartily, “Diye knows he can’t beat Yujiang, so he enters the wormhole and introduces Yujiang into another World, relying on the powerhouse of another World. , Lay ambush in Yujiang before reluctantly beheading the devil.”

“Back then, Demon Realm looked at the demons of the Nine Realms. It was not defeated. He never used any means to suppress the Great Demons of the Nine Realms. Now they can only use these methods. Come to deal with Demon God. He cares about his own face, I guess he would never mention this to you, right?=”

“Unfortunately, although Yujiang Demon God’s body is dead, Demon Soul is still alive. He told me all these things. It’s just that the Heavenly Palace won’t let you pass that’s all.”

“Otherwise, he can slay the body of Demon God today?”

“You said, the deity would have fear of such a Demon God?”

Speaking of these words, Cheongna Demon God feels a bit clear comprehension in her heart.

In fact, even without Yujiang, Qingluo felt very puzzled that the fake emperor Ye could slay the demon body of Yujiang Demon God.

The body of Demon God, as well as the blessing of Demon God Spine, was almost impossible to be beheaded.

The only person who can achieve this strength may be Hell.

Even in other Worlds, Demon God’s strength will return to normal levels, it will not be so easy.


Qingluo Demon God sneered, “I don’t bother to tell you more. Dignified Demon God, still care about the means? Diye does not have exclusive demon gods, disappeared for 10,000 years, and his strength is far inferior to yours. Demon God beheaded, this is strength. The result is like this! You are still Demon God, and say such shameless words.”

“Go away, this deity does not want to communicate too much with Er and other foolish gods. lest the mind and wisdom are polluted.”

“I really have the ability, just call!”

After speaking, Qingluo Demon God is about to pinch these three demon shadows directly.

At this moment, Wang Feng suddenly flew up in the air and held the arm of Qingluo Demon God:

“Wait. The deity has something to say.”

Seeing this, Cheongna Demon God was also stunned.

Sound transmission with Spirit idea:

“What are you doing?”

Wang Feng indifferently smiled, also replied with Spirit:

“The thing I said to you, has several points of interest.”

“Are you not going to leave Qingyang Demon Domain?” Qingluo Demon God felt a little surprised.

“No hurry. I am also curious about things that can make you surpass Demon God.” Wang Feng said slowly.

Qingluo Demon God looked at him and said nothing.

Now come in with a kick, I can’t go if I want to.

Those Demon Gods are a little bit prepared, and the back path doesn’t work much.

“I want to know what this thing is?” Wang Feng asked.

“Why should I tell you?” Qingluo Demon God’s tone remained unchanged, “You are not the soul demon of my dark Demon Realm. The origin is unknown, and most likely it is the god on the side of God World. Why should I Tell you something so important? Take another ten thousand steps and say, my fight with these three Demon Gods is ultimately my dark Demon Realm matter. Even if there is a victory or defeat, that matter belongs to our dark Demon. Realm. Will not fall into the hands of God World.”

Wang Feng glanced at Qingluo Demon God unexpectedly.

This self-consciousness is very strong.

“no no no, I think it can be discussed.” Wang Feng said, “I’m just curious about this thing, I don’t need it. I want to know what this thing is, and dark Demon What kind of relationship and history does Realm have? As for the terms of exchange…”

Wang Feng looked towards the three Demon Gods in the sky, slowly opened the mouth and said:

“The three Demon Gods trifling want to deal with Holy City. You three listen carefully. If you dare to besiege Holy City, there is no need for Qingluo Demon God to do it, not even the deity. , Only one friend of the deity can put all your waits out!”

“If you can’t do it, Demon God will snatch himself on Holy City on the spot!”

After that, the entire cloud sky is silent.

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