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Qingluo Demon God listened to the previous few words, but guessed what the fake emperor wanted to do.

But absolutely didn’t expect this last sentence, it was a rock that set off a terrifying wave!

Qingluo Demon God’s souls are a little stunned for a while.

All my head is, he… is he crazy?

None of the dream does this.

Be aware that there are more than three Demon Gods behind these three Demon Gods.

There are tens of millions of demons behind them.

Huge legion, countless soul demon.

In total, there are at least tens of thousands of Demon Lords alone, and there are at least thousands of Demon Lords.

Be aware that people of the Demon Lord level can sit in a subduing a region within the continent of any Demon Domain, and are invincible.

The Level 1 gods that correspond to God World and Demon Lord realm are just surpassable.

Adding up these three legions, that power is not cracking a joke.

As for the upper-level soul demon, the upper-level Demon Soul is not a realm, but a status of Bloodline.

Whether it is the Demon Lord or the Demon Lord, they are almost all upper-level soul demon.

But the upper soul demon is not necessarily the demon Lord or the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord and the Demon Lord belong to a great realm.

Generally, Demon Realm is dark, and only Demon Lord is considered to have entered the real realm.

Because it is the demon king this realm, which contains many small realm.

The difference in strength is also great.

There are at least hundreds of thousands of high-ranking spirit demons combined with the three legions.

And these belong to high-end battle strength.

The high-end battle strength is terrifying, not to mention the low-end battle strength.

Not to talk about other advanced magic weapons, major models of magic ships, etc.

Don’t talk about Qingluo Demon God.

At the moment, in the spirit demon Holy City, even if there is a conscious demon lord and the fully awake Demon Lord, they are all stupefied by Wang Feng’s words.

Most of the demon monarchs with vague consciousness are almost shivering and even awakened directly.

“Hell Lord, can’t say such a thing? The Hell Lord can defeat the three Demon Gods, but if you face the legion behind the three Great Demonic Gods, it is hard to say.”

Dark Demon Realm’s individual military force values ​​are all high.

But the average is too high.

The ceiling-level Demon God like Hell has almost broken through the existence of Demon God realm, and it may not be able to do it.

At this moment, the three Demon Gods also froze for a long time.

Be reasonable, Demon God, has lived for so many years, let alone anything else, every Demon God is crazy.

There is no such real low-key.

Most of them are low-key, basically too lazy to fight with ants.

But it was the first time that all three Demon Gods heard such crazy talk.

Hunyuan Demon God couldn’t help but want to say two sarcasm.

But after thinking about it, I don’t know how to ridicule.

“No, two people, the deity can no longer find a word to describe what the emperor said just now, how…so…ridiculous.”

Hunyuan Demon God shook his head, “Let’s do it, it seems that the talk is broken. Not only is the talk broken, this soul demon Holy City, and Qingra Demon God, is impossible with the slightest concession. What do you have? What do you want to say?”

“What else can I say? People like this have been released… Let’s not fight this ghost Holy City, it’s sorry. It was originally a dark Demon Realm, so I can’t achieve this step. In this case, the Lord Her elders are not here, so don’t blame me, they are ruthless.”

The desert sea Demon God sighed, “But, this is the Demon God that your dark Demon Realm admired back then? Sure enough…this madness, if I can learn 30%, it’s worth.”

“I thought the Demon God had appeared, but at most I would dare to talk about the three of us. The deity felt that it was exaggerated, and this was the most maddening expression the deity could think of. expect, really didn’t expect…I still underestimated him.”

Qixiao Demon God feels a bit regretful.

Three Demon Gods talked freely.

“In this case, it’s easy to say. Tomorrow morning, the spirit demon Holy City, the three of us promised that not even a trace of air would leak in!”

Hunyuan Demon God glanced at that Diye Demon God.

With the three Demon God nodded, with a little smile on their faces, the demon shadow disappeared in the sky in the sky.

“What do you want to do?” Qingluo Demon God looked at the Demon God in front of him.

There are countless question marks in my mind.

That’s all right, now it’s irreconcilable.

Qingluo Demon God even suspects that the other party is definitely an undercover agent sent by God World, who is dedicated to destroying Demon Realm.

In this next event, the spirit demon Holy City will definitely disappear.

Well, if the Hell does not come, Demon God must fall.

Qing Wanli thinks she has a high probability of falling.

At most desperately killing a Demon God, the probability is not big.

“As a transaction, I will solve the difficulties of the spirit demon Holy City for you.” Wang Feng said.

“Do you know what you were talking about?” Cheongna Demon God couldn’t help asking.

“Naturally know.” Wang Feng thought for a while, “Don’t worry, I have my own way, but you can just look at it. If these three Demon Gods dare to besiege Holy City, I will teach you Holy City. City can bury all these three Demon Gods and their legions here without a single soldier. Um…”

“Demon God should still be alive, but even if it survives, at least it will fall into realm.”


Qingluo Demon God looked at Wang Feng several times.

Mumbling in his mouth, not knowing what to say.

“Forget it…” After a long time, Qingluo Demon God sighed then said, “No matter how bad it is anyway, the three of them won’t easily let go of the spirit demon Holy City .”

“What can you do?”

“Um…” Wang Feng thought for a while, “Can you sell it? It’s boring to say it. Besides, if you accidentally get scared away by the three Demon God understood, when the time comes, they It’s not good.”

“…” Qingluo Demon God.

“Now, can you tell me first, what is that thing?” Wang Feng couldn’t restrain his curiosity and asked.

“Are you Demon God?”

“Not really.”

“Then you ask what this does, it is unknown whether that thing can make Demon God breakthrough, but it is certain that it is not Demon God, so it is meaningless.”

“It doesn’t make much sense. I’m just curious.”

See this, Cheongna Demon God sighed.

Now it’s like locusts tied to one rope, and it’s okay if you don’t say it.

Thinking about it, Qingluo Demon God talked about Ancient Era’s deeds, the great pioneer.

After listening, Wang Feng pondered for a long time.

He exclaimed in his heart.

This is too awesome, right?

‘If you don’t hang up, what can you do? ’Wang Feng is guessing, ‘maybe. In order to find the Well of Reincarnation, directly unify the nine realms of Dark Demon Realm. Then, in order to smooth the Demon Soul, it fell directly. If it were not for other reasons, that is, the sea of ​​mind is as vast as the universe… Then the water from the well around the Samsara Well was transported for countless years to form the Netherworld River…’

Don’t talk about other things, just to unify the Demon Realm nine domains, Wang Feng thinks this is a huge project.

After the reunification, the ideal has not changed, and the will is very firm. It is to find the well of reincarnation and solve the problem of the dark Demon Realm Demon Soul.

This is no ordinary beep.

‘What’s so special, does this first demon also have a system? Dute is the task of system…’

Wang Feng couldn’t help being speculated.

Who would dare such a stupid thing on normal people?

Furthermore, after the reunification, there was courage to die, turning into Demon Soul, and then unifying the billions of Demon Soul floating in the dark Demon Realm at that time.

In the end, he really found the Well of Reincarnation. Although it was not opened, it built the Netherworld River.

If there is no other reason, Wang Feng feels he can’t do it.

Don’t talk about yourself, no Demon God can do it in the Dark Demon Realm.

The Hell Lord is unlikely to do it.

‘Perhaps in this World, there may be such a supreme existence. ’

Wang Feng secretly thought.

The three demonic energy that descended from the sky at the end made the first demon not only restored the fleshy body, but also directly surpassed the Demon God.

It sounds like it means sanctification.

Wang Feng pondered.

But where do these three demonic energy come from?

“Creation Demon Source? Impossible, Heavenly Dao of Dark Demon Realm is roughly the same as Heavenly Dao of God World. Xiyue can’t drop three energy gases and make Divine King directly promoted. And it still restores fleshy body .”

After thinking for a long time, Wang Feng couldn’t think of the origin of these three demonic energy.

Either it is a higher level existence in the universe, surpassing the existence of Demon God and descending.

But, why do you want to descend in the dark Demon Realm?

In the history of the Dark Demon Realm, the Dark Demon Realm belongs to the World born by China.

It was not created by a powerhouse.

Wang Feng, who has no clue, can’t think of it.

I can’t help but secretly thought, ‘the three demonic energy, I’m afraid it’s not the ultimate reward of the system…’

“System, are you there? Do you have any compatriots?” Wang Feng couldn’t help asking when he heard this unimaginable legendary story for the first time.


Shaking his head, Wang Feng dispelled these absurd thoughts in his mind.

‘Forget it, when I see that demonic energy, maybe I will know…’

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