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Qingluo Demon God not at all completely believes in Wang Feng.

Almost after the departure of the three demon dao shadows, Qingluo Demon God directly summoned the ten imperial congregations, and at the same time wanted to recall the resident powerhouses inside the major wormholes of the Demon Domain and return to the spirit demon Holy City to resist.

But this time it was too sudden.

No one has ever thought about things like the disappearance of the Netherworld River.

This also caused the actions of the three adjacent Demon Gods to be too quick, even Cheongna Demon God did not react.

Qingyang Demon Domain focuses on the development of wormholes.

In Wang Feng’s words, it has developed very well with World at the other end of the wormhole.

Generally speaking, the world linked by wormholes, the weak, and the powerful demon will be sent directly to conquer.

The stronger ones, and the more difficult ones, will temporarily only build up a huge internal force and wait for opportunities.

There are also some, comparable to the dark Demon Realm, better than Douluo God World, and generally better.

It’s just that this kind of World is extremely rare.

However, Qingyang Demon Domain happens to have such a wormhole.

So among the nine Demon Domains, Qingyang Demon Domain is at the forefront in the development of wormholes.

Demon Realm does not have many resources to exchange with this type of World, but it has technology.

There are many civilized technologies.

It’s really not good, and you can still play reselling resources.

It’s like the Holy City of the soul demon, and it’s a bit like the Holy City of the Ten Thousand Realms.

Wang Feng did feel this way when he first arrived in Holy City.

It’s just that it hasn’t reached the exaggerated that’s all of the ‘ten thousand world’.

Almost in the early morning of the next day, Wang Feng saw Qingluo Demon God and did not know where he found several other World powerhouses.

“These three come from several Worlds that have a good relationship with my Qingyang Realm. This time I came to Holy City, my spirit demon, to purchase some special materials and were invited to come. Although the three of them are not Demon Gods The cultivation system does not belong to the Dark Demon Realm, but the strength is very powerful, stronger than the Demon Lord, second only to Demon God.”

Qingluo Demon God briefly introduced the three special powerhouses she brought back.

Wang Feng glanced around, somewhat surprised.

Qingyang Demon Domain name is not in vain.

No wonder Cheongna Demon God still has some confidence in the face of three Demon Gods.

Don’t say, these three are not weak.

“This is Martial Ancestor from the upper realm of Tianhong, Yun Tianqing.”

Qingluo Demon God raised his eyelids slightly, and pointed to a man with a handsome face, white hair to the waist, a purple jade crown, and an ancient martial arts robe.

This man exudes an extremely imposing manner all over his body, and his eyes are like the beating of a blazing sun, giving a very harsh feeling.

He is slightly nodded and his face is calm.

“Martial Ancestor?”

Wang Feng looked at Qingluo Demon God in surprise.

This Martial Ancestor, should it come from an extremely powerful fantasy plane, right?

“Yes, the upper realm of Tianhong advocates Martial Dao, cultivation Martial Dao stigmata, and condenses Sovereign desperately. Their fleshy body can capture the stars, and their fists can really break the Star Fragmentation river. It is of cultivation fleshly body strength. Extreme, and the Spirit cultivation base is not weak. The highest realm, known as Tai Martial Saint Realm, is comparable to Demon God. Martial Ancestor belongs to the kind of Peerless Heaven’s Chosen that is only one step away from Tai Martial Saint Realm and crosses the Rainbow Upper Realm. .”

“With a short kick, they can reach the top. But their battle strength is much stronger than our dark Demon Realm’s Demon Lord. However, their cultivation often has to withstand great hardships, whether it is Fleshy The body is still on Spirit. The number cannot be compared with our dark Demon Realm.”

Cheongna Demon God has a wide range of knowledge, and naturally there are many Worlds I have been to.

Wang Feng hardly needs to ask, she has already used Spirit sound transmission and said clearly.

Wang Feng secretly said in one’s heart, you are afraid that the other party will deliver food.

This Martial Ancestor should have no more than ten moves in the hands of Demon God.

No matter how much you can fight, it is not an existence of an order of magnitude, and it is useless at all.

Seeing this, Wang Feng is also not interested in the remaining two.

Unless Qingluo Demon God can invite her to have the same level of battle strength.

Being able to be at the same level as Demon God, in other Worlds, that is, it is the ultimate hero, it is difficult to get up so easily.

“What? The three Demon Gods are coming tomorrow, just call me.”

Wang Feng shook his hand and said, “The deity has been arranged.”

After that, Wang Feng left Tianluo Mansion and moved towards the branch of the soul demon Holy City Jubaoyan.

Wang Feng is still thinking about the exclusive set of God-killing.

After seeing this, go to Jubaoyan Chamber of Commerce headquarters to get this exclusive set of killing gods, and then practice it.

Qingluo Demon God watched Wang Feng leave without speaking.

“Qingluo Venerable Lord, the Demon God, does not seem to be worth waiting for me. Is it possible that tomorrow he wants to face the army of the other three Demon Gods alone?”

An old man with a kind face, white hair and youthful face beside Yun Tianqing said with a smile.

“speaking of which, I and your Demon Realm’s Demon God, have also met several times, until the point is reached, there will be wins and losses for each other.”

The old man sighed, “But this matter is related to the survival of your Holy City. It belongs to Life and Death Battle. The Demon God must know that I am not the life of the Dark Demon Realm and will not spare no effort. Being invited by you is just to support the scene that’s all. So naturally, I won’t pay too much attention to it. The rants he made a few days ago are still echoing in my ears of old fogey.”

The old man is extremely self-effacing in his words, and some considers the other person.

However, Cheongna Demon God did not show a smile, but was extremely serious.

“The emperor joked, your body, you just cut down the corpse and condensed it, you can still fight the Demon God, and win each other.” Qingluo Demon God slowly said, “It’s also your old man emperor. The body is intact and is in retreat. Otherwise, if you really come to Demon Realm, the Hell Lord should personally receive you.”

“hahaha…” The old man, who was called the emperor, laughed a few times, but looked towards Yun Tianqing beside him, and said, “You guys from the upper realm of Tianhong, I have been there too, I don’t know who was that year. The Emperor Two and Three who stepped into the Martial Saint Realm, is it okay now?”

“Senior said that Old Ancestor is 100,000 years after my upper realm. The only one who has stepped into the Martial Saint Realm of Tian Martial God has already left the upper realm of Tianhong. How could I wait for the younger generation to know the situation? ?” Yun Tianqing shook his head and said neither humble nor humble.

“Oh, that’s a pity.” The old man stroked his beard slightly. “Among martial artists, there can be innate talent aptitudes like Emperor Ersan, old fogey. I have lived for so long and I have seen a few. Yes. Now, where does this friend come from?”

old man looked towards a woman with a hat next to him.

Wearing a long silver dress, the woman can’t see her appearance, but she is very tall.

“She is called Yinyue.”

Qingluo Demon God introduced, “From a special World, only recently came to the Holy City. speaking of which, the deity wanted the Holy City’s Association to issue a mission for help. Most of them came to the Holy City. The Wormhole Powerhouse of Holy City, most of them choose to refuse. The deity does not force it, and the Martial Ancestor and the Great Emperor are because they owe the deity a favor. It is you, and only one accepts it.”

“My strength is still weak, I need war training…” the woman named Yinyue said indifferently, “It just so happens that your spirit demon Holy City has a war. I lack such a war to reach a higher realm.”

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” Cheongna Demon God asked.

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