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In the beginning, countless gods left God World for the breakthrough realm, and they almost died somewhere in the universe. A part of the god body was collected by the gods of God World and placed in the burial divine of the void space. blood in the tomb.

Real lifespan in the universe.

This is the standard for measuring a life.

The real lifespan in the universe can reach the first round, the life of this level, they can find a World at will, change the Time Rule, and they can live for endless long. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is eternal life.

It’s just cultivation progress, that’s all.

The Red God Tianhu is the life of the Universe level. It is the feeling given to Wang Feng now, which is extremely powerful.

“Eternal killing of gods is the ambition and goal of Hell Lord.” Yan Mengyao whispered, “The so-called eternity is not just eternity in the dark Demon Realm, but in fact eternity in the universe.”

“Is this possible?” Wang Feng frowns saying, “The life at the Universe level is only the lifespan of the first round. She is not the life at the Universe level. How could this life be created?”

“It’s impossible, so it’s the goal. She is named Eternal because I can be in the dark Demon Realm Eternal Existence. But I can’t be Eternal Existence in the universe. I can only be regarded as a pseudo-Universe level life. Even the real Neither, let alone eternal.”

Yan Mengyao shrugged, showing a cute and cute expression, and then looked at Wang Feng playfully, “Actually, I think that as long as I am with my master, it will be eternal.”

“Go away,” Wang Feng said.

“wu wu wu, this is clearly the words I found out from the sweet words of the master’s soul to those girls, but the master let me go, it really makes Mengyao so sad…” Yan Mengyao is like a little fairy Like, looked at Wang Feng with a weeping appearance.

When did I say such nasty things to me?

Wang Feng will never admit it.

“My role is actually a lot.” Yan Mengyao retracted his expression, like a face change in Sichuan opera, and immediately said dignifiedly: “I am now connected to this World and Chaos World. I am equivalent to the master of this World. This World is very strong, otherwise it will be in a state of chaos, and even the Hell Lord will not be able to split it. However, there are drawbacks, that is, your servant cannot be the master’s weapon…”

Yan Mengyao pointed at the giant Heavenspan tree in the distance.

“This tree represents all the rules of this World. It was split by the Master. But this World can be the master’s weapon… You only need to train me…” Yan Mengyao looked shyly Wang Feng glanced at it, “When you merge with your soul, you can directly use this World as your weapon. When fighting those Demon Gods, you can directly cover the entire World, and countless rules flow, as long as it is not the Hell The level of Demon God cannot bear it.”

“Rough and simple.”

“Also, you can inject your origin into my within the body…Aiya, I’m so excited when you think of the master’s origin entering Mengyao’s within the body…”

Yan Mengyao’s face flushed, “In this way, I can mobilize the body of Eternal God-killing, and maximize the master’s origin…to enhance the master’s battle strength.”

Wang Feng knows this very well.

“Anyway, I have much more effect than those of the fifth-generation god-killing. I can do what the fifth-generation divine ability can do. What the fifth-generation god-killing cannot do, I still Can do it.”

Actually, this World alone has an unimaginable effect.

“When the time comes, the master uses Mengyao more, you will know.” Yan Mengyao blinked.


Wang Feng said indifferently, “Go and see this World with me first.”


Yan Mengyao waved her hand gently, and the body of Eternal Killing God began to slowly disappear into the sky.

Yan Mengyao’s not at all is wrong, and Wang Feng felt it before.

The energy of this World is extremely strong and powerful.

It may be better than God World.

The World in a chaotic state cannot even be split by the Hell, which is enough to show that the chaotic World itself is out of the ordinary.

“The stronger the Universe level life is, the stronger their main World is. At the same time, it can cultivate countless powerhouses.”

Yan Mengyao whispered, “This World has the opportunity to help the master grow into a Universe level life. However, there will be many difficulties.”

Wang Feng cannot say no.

World was born, as the rules were lowered, Heaven and Earth began to take on colors.

Mountains, rivers and trees, sun, moon and stars, appear in sight like an ink painting scroll.

The majestic life force erupts in every corner of the World.

“Master, would you like to name this World?” Yan Mengyao thought for a while and asked.

“Name…” Wang Feng pondered a few times, “The origin of everything, the ancestor of all realms, is called the ancestral realm.”

“Master, your heart is so big.” Yan Mengyao laughed.

Speaking, he glanced at Wang Feng’s whole body.

Wang Feng glared at this inflatable little fairy.

Mengyao looks out of tune with the old fogey, Wang Feng.

However, in this nascent ancestral world, there is still no life, nor can it be seen.

The two walked into a field of Hu Po, and saw an angry flower floating in the center of Hu Po, with a jade-like flower pedicle in the center of the flower bud.

Exudes a strong life fluctuation.

“There was no life in this World before the Chaos. With the birth of Heaven and Earth, the Supreme Treasure has begun to give birth to a powerful life.”

Yan Mengyao said with a smile.

She waved her hand, the flowers in the lake swayed slightly, and the jade in the bud flew to Yan Mengyao’s side automatically.

“You used to overdraw the life force of your body and drive the origin of Hongmeng. Now you swallow this kind of Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasure, which contains powerful life force, and you should be able to restore part of it.”

Yan Mengyao tilted her head, “Heaven and Earth was born, Evolving Myriad Things is in charge of chaos, Evolving Myriad Things, they have not yet been named. But this World is still continuously being born of various treasures. the time comes, I will give it to the owner to collect it.”

“Fortunately, what you overdrawn is only the life force of your body, not your real lifespan. Otherwise, these Heaven and Earth Supreme Treasures may not be able to restore your current state of decay.”

Wang Feng nodded.

However, he did not swallow this flower heart jewel.

After receiving it, he waved his hand gently, placed the thing in the flower again, and shook his head:

“It is the innate life, which is taken by me in this way. It is reckless waste of natural resources. When it grows, the future will give birth to spiritual wisdom, which will surely achieve the great cause of Heaven and Earth and become this world powerful existence. Isn’t it more effective? If you want to restore life, just drink a few sips of these Hu Po’s spiritual water, and I can recover a little bit.

Wang Feng is right.

He was born with Heaven and Earth, and he has such a powerful Life Aura, and spiritual wisdom will be born in the future. You can imagine what kind of existence it is.

Yan Mengyao was taken aback for a moment and looked towards Wang Feng in a daze.

Speaking, Wang Feng really drank some Hu Po’s water.

These waters are all transformed into chaotic energy after being split by Wang Feng. They are the true essence.

It also contains a powerful life force, otherwise it will not nourish the flower.

“The master said so well, I was too stupid.” Yan Mengyao’s tone was rare and serious.

She looked at the flower.

I thought, what is the difference between me and this flower?

Wang Feng didn’t think much about it. After drinking a few Hu Bozhi’s water, his old face improved a little.

But it’s not in a hurry. It is not very difficult for Wang Feng to recover his physical appearance. The key is whether he is as handsome as before.

That is what Wang Feng cares more about.

“Go and see elsewhere.”

Wang Feng left with Yan Mengyao and continued to travel around the World.

The spirit flower in Hu Po, after the jade returned to the stamen, trembled slightly, as if it had spirit.

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