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Net Heavenly Palace.

Wuhua Demon Lord stopped in front of heavenly demon.

The old body stands upright like a green pine, and his face is as deep as a sculpture.

“Wuhua, what do you mean to stand in front of me?”

In the court of Noble, Heavenly Demon is a stalwart body, but his voice is slightly angry.

“The demon is going to Tian City, the treasure of Demon Domain in Beiti?” Wuhua solemnly asked.

“yes and how?”

Just finished.

heavenly demon eyes slightly shrink.

How would he know?

This old man who has followed Hell from countless years is really not simple.

She can perceive the eternal killing of the gods on the eternal temple because she herself has the eternal killing of the gods.

But how does the other party know?

“The devil cannot go.” Wuhua’s eyes opened and closed, as if he was about to fall asleep.

“Why cannot go?” Heavenly demon said indifferently, “I just went to inspect the situation of the treasure Tian City to see if there are new tombs in that place this year.”

“If you just want to know this, you can directly contact the Demon God, you don’t need to go to Tian City.” Demon Lord Wuhua glanced at the heavenly demon, “Even if the demon really wants to go in person, I will not stop it, but if the devil wants to go to the eternal temple in Tian City, then forgive the old man for not agreeing.”

Heavenly demon is silent.

She cares about someone and knows the danger of the eternal temple.

The Hell Lord has only created two eternal godslayers in total, one of which is on her, but this one on her is not a finished product.

It is a test product.

But even so, she suffered a lot in order to get this eternal killing of Gods.

Because the cultivation of eternal killing of God is extremely difficult.

But the eternal death of God in the Temple of Eternity is different.

That is the finished product that Hell has set out and started to build when he came out of the fifth generation of God Killing, which is the exclusive God Killing.

Infused with the painstaking effort of the Hades.

How easy is it for outsiders to get it?

Don’t say anything else, after the Hell Lord completed the eternal killing of the gods, it was placed in the treasure Tian City.

Let the decayed Demon God take care of him. Later, the decayed Demon God also made a bet with the Hell Lord, cracking a joke said, if you have obtained this eternal killing of the God, you dignified Hell Lord can not go back.

Heavenly Demon knew about this at the time, and she was even with the Hell Lord at that time.

The Hell Lord just faintly replied: If you can get this eternal killing of God, I will say nothing.

Immediately, the decayed Demon God entered the eternal temple directly.


Then after a while, he came out.

When I came out, he looked trance and his face was depressed. This old Demon God who has lived in the dark Demon Realm now can be said to have lived the longest. Spirit is in a trance, his origin is broken, and even the realm of Demon God almost fell.

After raising it for many years, it slowly recovered.

Furthermore, he didn’t reveal half of what happened in the Eternal Temple.

Just never stepped into the eternal temple again.

The only thing I said is:

“Fortunately, the deity can come back alive.”

Later, the Hell Lord told her what is in the eternal temple.

“The old bastard is ambitious. It is a pity that he is impossible to get the eternal killing of the gods. The eternal temple is another chaotic world connected, and the chaotic world cannot even be broken without this. Majesty’s password, he can only fade away in the endless chaos and eternal darkness, and the soul has to endure the dead silence that can’t perceive everything.”

The Hell Lord sneered and said to her at the time, “He has lived for the longest time without error. But living does not mean that he can bear the dead silence, nor the chaos of nothing.” p>

“Don’t talk about Demon God, even if you let those universe level lives, it won’t be so easy.”

After listening, the heavenly demon was full of horror at the eternal temple.

Sure enough, the eternal death of God, which has cost the Hell’s energy, is not so easy to obtain.

“Then, why are you doing this? If no one can get this eternal killing of God, what’s the point?” Heavenly Demon remembered asking himself at the time.

The Hell Lord was silent for a while, and then said with a little vicissitudes:

“There is a god who can get it. This seat is naturally prepared for him.”


“Demon God. Only he can break through the chaos.”

Heavenly demon remembers this deeply.

But now, she also knows that the Emperor who entered the Eternal Temple is not the real Emperor.

It’s the Wang Wu she has missed for a long time.

Actually, to enter the Eternal Temple, as long as there is a command from the Hell, even if you cannot bear to break through the chaos, you can still come out.

But the Yu sister, or the dying Demon God, might not tell him.

Then if he has been trapped in that place, he will die sooner or later.

“Wuhua, what on earth do you want to say?” heavenly demon said slowly.

“Do you want to go to the Eternal Temple, and save the emperor?” Demon Lord Wuhua raised his eyelids slightly, scarlet’s within both eyes with sharp rays of light, “Demon Lord, I don’t care What is your relationship with this’Diye’. But you have to be clear that you have the eternal killing of Gods, and are the successor of Hell. You bear the responsibility of the Heavenly Palace.”

“You know what it means to enter the Eternal Temple. The Hell’s password is not omnipotent. There, even if the Hell’s password is used, the cultivation base will be greatly damaged. Demon God is the best. Examples.”

“Once anything happens, the Heavenly Palace has no owner, what should the Dark Demon Realm do?”

“Now that the Demon Gods of the four major Demon Domains have been removed, it is exactly your deeds, have you forgotten to promise the Hell Lord?”

“Furthermore…According to the news of the Demon Army, although we did not find the Demon God in the Wild Sea…but in the dark borders of several large Demon Domains, some Nothingness lives appeared, and the dark cave plane began to stir…”

The words of Wuhua Demon Lord silenced the heavenly demon.

She is a little confused in pupil light.

Hell Lord, to her, is a both teacher and friend.

She met in the dark Demon Realm. There are few powerhouses that can get along with her.

In human terms, is it a girlfriend?

Although the status and strength were very different at the beginning, it is rare that they have the same concept.

For this reason, the Hell Lord took her to see the dark side of Demon Realm that is more Hongda than God World, expanded her horizons, and taught many cultivation methods.

After the battle of God, probably not long ago, Hell disappeared in search of the well of reincarnation.

Leave her sitting in Heavenly Palace.

But the responsibility is great.

The dark Demon Realm consists of nine Demon Domains, and countless wormholes and worlds have been established.

Every one on the list of the sacred world is simple.

Demon Realm is very strong, very strong.

But if it is placed in the universe, it is hard to say.

“There will be no accidents in this deity.” Heavenly demon deity indifferently said.

“Can you guarantee?” Wuhua Demon Lord looked at each other earnestly, “If you can guarantee, the old man can get out of the way and let you leave the Heavenly Palace and go to the eternal temple. If not, the old man can’t let Go to the Eternal Temple.”


Can it be guaranteed?

Heavenly demon can’t guarantee.

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