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Her eternal killing of gods can simply simulate the chaotic World.

She tried it herself and found that she couldn’t bear the loneliness.

Even if it can bear it for a long time, it can’t break through the chaos.

That is still the simulated Chaos World, and I don’t know how far it is from the real Chaos World.

“I want to see him.”

Heavenly demon has no guarantee, but he has not retreated.

The sound is sonorous and powerful.

hearing this, Demon Lord Wuhua knew that he couldn’t stop it.

At this time…

In the sky, the magic shadow flickered, and several soul magic warriors in armor appeared in midair.

The armor they wear is covered with various origin patterns, and each is a powerful Demon Lord.

Just a pair of armor exudes the breath of Heavenspan Danger Land.

Especially the axe blade carved on their helmet.

Devil army.

It is the most powerful force in the Heavenly Palace.

It is also the strongest official representative of the nine domains of dark Demon Realm.

Disagree with the various Great Influences within the Emperor Demon Army and their many roles.

The number of demon army is much smaller, their role is only to maintain the order of the dark Demon Realm nine domains.

In the past, that was the representative of Hell.

is also a strong representative.

Even the digital Demon God who is in charge of the Nine Realms, seeing these demon soldiers will hold 30% respect in their hearts.

However, at this time, these few demon soldiers were dying. After emerging from the palace in midair, they fell directly to the ground.

Only a few ancient magic words murmured in his mouth:

“Deep Sea Demon Domain…burst…Kuroshio…”

Hearing this, the pupils of both Demon Lord and Heavenly Demon shrank sharply.

The Kuroshio, the dark boundary formed by the Space Crack group erupted in chaos, and the dark hole plane existing in the void began to erode.

Those terrifying Nothingness lives rave the starry sky and the universe.

“The Space Crack group of Demon Domain in Yuanhai has always been very stable. Compared with the dark boundary of Demon Domain in Cheongna, it is more stable… How come… Demon God of Demon God!”

Wuhua Demon Lord’s body trembled slightly, “He must have done it! He obtained that wisp of demonic energy without entering other wormholes. He is definitely still in our dark Demon Realm, so as not to let us find him. , He must have secretly induced those Space Crack groups… to disrupt our dark Demon Realm, so that we don’t have time to search for him!

Anger, extreme anger.

The last time the Kuroshio appeared, it was many years ago.

In the history of Dark Demon Realm, every occurrence of the Kuroshio means that the countless wormholes of the Nine Realms of Dark Demon Realm will collapse and fall into chaos.

When the Demon God was still alive, the biggest purpose of forming the Emperor Demon Army was to deal with the emergence of the black tide.

Later, as the Lord took over the Dark Demon Realm, many dark boundaries gradually stabilized, and the God Demon Army also had the Night Demon Lord, so the Kuroshio almost never appeared.

无花Demon Lord looked towards heavenly demon 尊.

Only a sculptural face can be seen, without any expression.

“The devil, there is a dark tide at this time, whether to go to the Eternal Temple…”

Speaking of this, Demon Lord Wuhua didn’t say anything, but took a deep look at her and disappeared in the temple, “I’ll ring the bell of the gods and demons first…”


An ancient bell rang from inside the Heavenly Palace.

Like a bell in the evening, awakening countless powerhouses…


Wang Feng and Yan Mengyao traveled the Great Desolate, which was first opened in this world.

The more you wander, the more Wang Feng can feel the power of this World.

Born strong.

Take an example.

For example, Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, the Martial spirit of this Wang Feng ontology, is also derived from the powerful Chaos World.

And later can be divided into countless Supreme Treasure.

In this World, Wang Feng perceives a lot of these Supreme Treasures…but they are still gestating, so they are not strong.

But if there are hundreds of thousands of starting rounds, these Supreme Treasures will take shape, I am afraid that compared to the real Innate Supreme Treasures made by Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, it will not be worse.

Wang Feng certainly understands what this means.

It’s just that it takes a long time to conceive.

Apart from this, so are creatures.

At this time, the chaos began to open, Heaven and Earth was born, and the eternal slaying of Gods, as Heavenly Dao, is located in the center of the World and controls everything.

The birth of many lives cannot escape the perception of eternal death of God.

“This chaotic World will definitely be born in the future and extremely powerful existence!”

Wang Feng was deeply moved.

As the owner of Heavenly Dao in the ancestral world, Wang Feng feels very embarrassed.

If this is so awkward, even if you don’t realize Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, don’t realize Pangu Axe, and guard this chaotic world, you are afraid that you don’t know how powerful you can become.

It’s just that the time it takes is probably astronomical…

It’s just, there are some difficulties in this.

“Master, how many suns do you think are better in the Ancestral Realm?” Yan Mengyao and Wang Feng walked somewhere and suddenly looked at the sky and asked.

“Ten first.”

“That’s not good, Master, I may have forgotten to tell you.” Yan Mengyao said solemnly, “Eternal Killing God is connected to this World. I am Heavenly Dao in the ancestral world, and I am sure to download Heaven and Earth Rule Dao is closely related to your strength. Ten suns are not a burden for eternal killing of Gods to manage, but it is not easy for you to bear the power of these Heaven and Earth Grand Dao Rule.”

“Why not easy?”

“For example, if you want ten suns in the sky, you have to have the ability to tear ten suns with your bare hands. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to lift this World.”

“It shouldn’t be difficult, right?” Wang Feng pondered his current strength.

trifling ten suns…

“It is not difficult, but ten suns are only a very small part of the ancestral world. sun, moon and stars, mountains and rivers, everything in the ancestral world, you want to endure…Together, it is still difficult for you Yes. And as the world becomes stronger, the greater the power you have to bear. Of course, your servant will share part of it for you. After all, I am Heavenly Dao.”

Yan Mengyao’s words, not at all any questions.

Wang Feng did not consider this before.

“Of course, you can also produce and sell yourself. It’s no problem to bring hundreds of thousands of first rounds in the ancestral world, and then use the resources of the ancestral world to improve yourself. However, the ancestral world is not a stage where chaos is unopened. It is derived from chaotic energy. Time flows. Even if it flies slowly, a long time has passed for you from the outside world. Moreover, you will have to rely on you to support this World.”

This sentence plunged Wang Feng into deep contemplation.

The Ancestral Realm is very special because it is connected with the eternal killing of the gods.

Yan Mengyao, who is Heavenly Dao, rules the direction of the ancestral world.

Where does the energy of the Ancestral Realm come from?

Wang Feng broke through the chaos, and the chaotic energy of Heaven and Earth derives everything, and it has the vigorous life force of the ancestral world today.

The chaotic energy will eventually come to an end. To explain the energy between Heaven and Earth, you can only rely on Yan Mengyao, Heavenly Dao, to input.

Although Yan Mengyao is Heavenly Dao, the real owner is Wang Feng.

In essence, we still have to rely on Wang Feng.

Wang Feng can treat the ancestral world as a one-off World, wait for countless years, and when it matures, harvest the resources and life of this World.

That is the exhaustion of chaotic energy, the surging energy will disappear and enter Dharma End Era.

No more powerful creatures will be born.

It becomes an ordinary little World without any effect.

Relying on these resources, Wang Feng can easily become a life and a greater existence at the Universe level.

There is no risk.

It just takes time.

Endless time.

Another way is to keep developing the ancestral world.

While waiting for the chaotic energy of the Ancestral Realm to be exhausted, Wang Feng needs to inject more powerful chaotic energy into this World.

Keep the development of the ancestral world stronger.

It’s just that for Wang Feng, he needs to withstand the mighty power brought about by the slowly growing strength of this World.

So, Wang Feng does not need to stay in the ancestral world. And you need to go outside and slowly become stronger. The stronger he is, the stronger the ancestral world.

If necessary, you can also grab resources from the ancestral world.

At the same time, you can cultivate powerful lives in the ancestral world.

Wang Feng doesn’t think it is suitable for him.

He doesn’t intend to stay in the Great Desolate where Heaven and Earth was born.

Wang Feng shared his thoughts with Yan Mengyao.

“Well, it’s the man Mengyao’s fancy.” Yan Mengyao nodded with a gratified expression, “Master, don’t worry, I will report the situation in the ancestral world. But well… I suggest you now Return to the Eternal Temple… There may be a major event outside.”

“oh?” Wang Feng glanced at her, “Do you know everything?”

“Of course!” Yan Mengyao said proudly, “The master is too underestimate the eternal God-killing. When I wake up, I instantly perceive the dark Demon Realm almost all the God-killing terminal. With the highest authority, let these terminals kill God and share information with me.”

“Other exclusive godslayers, when they see me, they all have to give up!”

Wang Feng looked at her arrogant appearance, had several points of in his heart, left the ancestral realm in doubt and returned to the eternal temple…

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