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“How long has it been?”


Yu Xiaoxiao asked Yu Jianxin next to her from time to time.

“hundred breaths are not enough. You have asked dozens of times.” Yu Jianxin looked at Yu Xiaoxiao earnestly, “Didn’t the Venerable Lord say that there is no Time Rule in there, even if you have a good time inside.” Over time, our time will hardly change much, at most for a while…”

“Brother, do you think he can come out?” Yu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but ask.

“If it is true, then it will definitely come out…” Yu Jianxin forgot the Venerable Lord on the throne and glanced at it, “If it is false, it should not be possible.”

The question has no meaning, and the answer has no meaning.

Waiting is particularly worrying.

Even if they have guessed that the other party is not Demon God.

It stands to reason that the other party is impossible to come out alive.

Think about it, this mysterious powerhouse, who pretended to be a Diye, has destroyed Demon God and received the Netherworld River from Yun Customs to the present…every deed is impossible.

What if a miracle happened?

This feeling has nothing to do with position.

It’s just a feeling of the other person that’s all.

Above the throne, the silhouette is dim, watching quietly.

Suddenly, Yu Xiaoxiao and Yu Jianxin were complexion changed at the same time.

“What happened?”

The silhouette on the throne frowned and asked.

“Venerable Lord…According to the news from the branch, there is a Kuroshio riot over the Demon Domain in Yuanhai…”

Yu Xiaoxiao whispered a word that greatly changed the latter’s expression.

“Kuroshio? Confirm?”

“It has been confirmed that part of the Yuanhai Demon Domain has been shrouded in darkness, all black, no daylight…”

Yu Xiaoxiao’s expression is extremely grim, and his attention to the Temple of Eternity has been diverted.

“The Kuroshio, the Kuroshio… The Demon Domain in the Deep Sea… So, it’s the guy in the Desert… Oh, it’s really ruthless. He has ruled the Demon Domain in the Deep Sea for so many years, didn’t expect to use this method to stop Jing Heavenly Palace is looking for him. In order to break through the devil breaking god realm, Huang Hai has already been by fair means or foul.”

The silhouette on the throne sneered again and again, “Want to let us secret Demon Realm to bury him? Do you think the Kuroshio can stop Heavenly Palace?”

Yu Xiaoxiao and Yu Jianxinxin said that the history of the Kuroshio Dark Demon Realm all means the beginning of disaster.

At least in the history of the dark Demon Realm, there is no solution.

When the Demon God was still alive, it only blocked the spread of the Kuroshio, and then the Kuroshio automatically retreated.

For so many years, even if the Dark Demon Realm enters the age of magic weapons, with the Night Demon Lord, most of the Kuroshio can be predicted in advance, and the damage caused by this kind of universe level disaster is minimized. So basically, the Kuroshio has not spread.

However, it would be hard to tell if there is a Demon God in it, deliberately spreading the Kuroshio.

“There is no need to watch, continue to look here. At most half a day, if you don’t leave for half a day, the emperor has fallen inside.”

The silhouette on the throne did not intend to leave, and continued to look at the Eternal Temple Road.

Yu Xiaoxiao and Yu Jianxin looked at each other. Since the Venerable Lord said so, then…

At this moment, the old voice sounded above the eternal temple:

“Smelly girl, this Kuroshio is not simple. The Demon God of the Wild Sea was set up in advance… The spread is extremely fast, and the Night Demon Lord who guarded the Demon Domain in the Deep Sea disappeared silently. Net Heavenly Palace It rang the Demon Bell, and issued a Demon God order to the other eight domains, calling all Demon Gods to the Demon Domain in the Deep Sea.”

“Evening magic clock, Demon God order? Is it such an exaggeration?” The silhouette on the throne was taken aback, and his tone was a bit incredulous.

“Nonsense, old fogey, I have received the Demon God order from the heavenly demon. Think about it, since the Arakawa Demon God intends to use the Kuroshio to buy time for him, how could it be so simple Heavenly Palace handle the dark tide?” The voice of the mortal Demon God kept coming, “In addition, the heavenly demon asked me to go to the eternal temple to wake up the emperor. Girl, you also know the Hell’s command, go Wake him up inside. Since it is the request of the heavenly demon, this false emperor will forget it.”

“oh?” The silhouette on the throne was stunned again, and then looked thoughtful, “No wonder this heavenly demon would choose to shoot in the spirit demon Holy City at that time. Obviously it was not the emperor who showed up…huh, However, I don’t want to enter the Eternal Temple, you want to wake up, you go, I don’t want to go. That place, I don’t think I will go back a second time.

“Smelly girl, really good-for-nothing.” A foul-mouthed voice came from in the sky, “Then you take the Demon God order, instead of Laozi, I will go to Yuanhai Demon Domain. old fogey There is nothing left of my lifespan. If I go inside again, Demon Soul must return to heaven.”

“Then ignore the order of the heavenly demon. She is not the real hell…”

“…Where is that many nonsense?”

The silhouette on the throne murmured a few times and flew towards the eternal temple.

Yu Xiaoxiao and Yu Jianxin looked at them, not daring to say more.

Venerable Lord, only the dying Demon God can hold one or two.

This promised dark Demon Realm can convince the Venerable Lord, probably only half of the Hell Lord.

The silhouette on the throne. The demonic energy of the throne is overwhelming. The throne seems to be covered with mist, flying towards the eternal temple, hesitating.

Something bad seems to be remembered.

When he flew not far from the Temple of Eternity, he turned back.

This goes back and forth several times.

After struggling for a long time, I clenched the teeth and prepared to step into this eternal temple.

May be at the next moment.

The imposing manner magnificent eternal temple, the closed white door, suddenly uttered an ancient tremor.

As this trembling sounded, in an instant, the entire space of the gods began to crack.

Inch cracks appear in the space.

The breath of fear of the world came from the door that was gradually opening.


In the sky, the mortal Demon God uttered a suspicious echo.

The silhouette on the throne suddenly stopped.

The Yu’s siblings looked at the door in amazement, staring at it without blinking.

one silhouette, walked out slowly from the door.

The dazzling white rays of light form a time-space waterfall, which becomes the background behind the silhouette.

The silhouette gradually became clear, so that a few pairs of eyes burst into incredible rays of light.

“He really came out? Why do you feel much older?”

Yu Xiaoxiao rubbed his eyes and looked at the silhouette coming out of the door of the Eternal Temple, “Has he succeeded? Or, he failed?”

The question mark appeared on my forehead, but I didn’t know it.

Not just her, but the owner of the other pairs of eyes is also unclear.

“With a flick of your finger…”

Wang Feng looked at the outside scene for a short period of time.

It seems a little unacceptable, I have been in that chaos for so long, but…the outside world only passed for a while…

“Who is this?”

Wang Feng looked at the silhouette on the throne, slightly frowned.

The silhouette is shrouded in clouds and mist, and can only see the general appearance, which seems to be a powerful soul demon.

It’s just that Wang Feng’s mood has changed at this time, which is not at the beginning.

He glanced at Yu’s siblings below, as if he already knew everything.

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