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“It should be…The Demon God behind the Chamber of Commerce. It is estimated that he should let Yu’s siblings lead me…dressing up as God, playing the devil.”

Wang Feng glanced at his eyes, a triangular prism flashed across his eyes, and rays of light suddenly appeared.

In an instant, the origin of Hongmeng was cast.

The divine force is like boundless chaos, covering the entire space of the gods.

There is nothing to hide.

The silhouette on the throne was instantly revealed.

The soul demon.

Is a soul demon about three meters tall, with a rare silver white skin.

The body shape of the five sense organs is very similar to that of human beings.

With this skin color, there is only one in the entire Dark Demon Realm.

That is Hell Lord.

Hell Lord is among the soul demons, and is also a family of moon soul demons rare in the ages. In the history of the Dark Demon Realm, only a dozen moon spirit demons have appeared.

And this one is obviously not Hell.

Wang Feng has no impression of this soul demon.

But at this time, under the analysis of Hongmeng’s origin, he not only knew the opponent’s strength, but also learned the source of the opponent’s bloodline, as well as analysis and judgment.

“Is the Lord’s relative…and according to the strength of the bloodline, and the strength, and even the similarity of the imposing manner, it should be the Lord…younger sister?”

Wang Feng stared at the Moon Soul Demon, the triangular prisms in his eyes seemed to reflect the universe, and the latter’s pattern appeared in the center of the prisms.

Demon God realm, powerful original aura.

Killing the Spine, the fifth generation dedicated to killing the gods.

This Moon Soul Demon is very powerful.

To be honest, Wang Feng has been in Demon Realm for so long, and he has never heard of Hell’s relatives.

Maybe the halo of Hell is too dazzling, almost no one will pay attention to who his relatives are.

“White hair…”

The silver white hair makes the moon soul demon look not like a soul demon, but rather like an elf.

Apart from this, Wang Feng also discovered a feature of this moon ghost.

It seems very similar to Yan Mengyao.

It’s just that the facial features are very similar, but temperament and body shape are completely different things.

And Yan Mengyao is more perfect than this Moon Soul Demon.

‘Yan Mengyao’s inflatable doll shouldn’t be modeled after this moon spirit demon? ’

Wang Feng Xindao.

At this time…

“The younger sister of Hell, the Demon God behind Jubao Pavilion…is you? And let these two siblings lead me here…”

Wang Feng looked at the latter calmly.


In an instant, the pupils of the Moon Soul Demon on the throne bloomed with shocking rays of light.

He saw through my identity… He saw through my phantom cloud and mist?

Impossible, the magic cloud is the law cloud arranged by the Hell Lord, even Demon God is also impossible to see through my identity.

The only one who knows my identity is old fogey.

How could he see through my identity?

“Are you… the real Emperor? You got the eternal killing of God?”

She trembled in her voice.


Wang Feng took a slight step forward, and came into the void in an instant, stared at the latter, and shook his head disappointedly.

This expression is almost like looking at the goods, and then finds that this batch is unbelievable, and then shook his head and said to change to the next batch.

Almost nothing was said, and the Moon Soul Demon on the throne was enraged.

To be honest, as a Demon God, you generally don’t get angry easily.

The latter is different.

For some reason, this expression made her very angry.

As if poking a sensitive spot in her heart.

“What do you mean? Even if you really get the eternal killing of God, you are not Demon God, what does it mean to show this expression?”

She calmed down, and the anger in her heart would never be easily noticed by outsiders.

“It doesn’t matter if I am or not, I got the eternal killing of gods, which means that I am the real emperor. Doesn’t it mean that your hell has laid this eternal temple?”

Wang Feng said without thinking, “Do you want to know what I mean by shaking my head? I can tell you, it’s very simple. The Lord’s imposing manner.”

“And, it looks a little ridiculous.”

How powerful is the origin of Hongmeng?

Especially when the other party saw Wang Feng appear just now, they were unsure.

Wang Feng directly used the Hongmeng origin to analyze it. It is necessary to know that the Hongmeng origin itself comes from that set of models.

In this analysis, Wang Feng not only knows the identity of the latter, it can be said that everything about the latter is pretty close.

I even know the weakness of the opponent’s mind.

You don’t need to do it, it’s convenient.

“You impudent!”

Sure enough, Wang Feng’s words are like adding fuel to the fire.

Almost instantly, the Moon Soul Demon on the throne could not restrain the anger within the body at all.

The feeling of being poked in the secret of deep in one’s heart, let alone Demon God, it’s not good to be someone else.

The moment the voice fell.

The moon soul demon’s eyes shook, and nine holy magic rings on his body burst out, like the stars in his palm, and the powerful source is still surrounded by countless energies, gathered in the center of the palm, followed by simple ordinary punch moved Towards Wang Feng Boom.

Demon God gave an angry punch.

The space shattered, and the huge energy flow turned into a hurricane, shaking the entire space of the gods.

If before, Wang Feng would take this kind of angry blow from Demon God and take it seriously.


‘so that’s how it is …’

The origin of Hongmeng appeared in Wang Feng’s eyes. The triangular prisms resembled a copy, outlining the void model of this fist. Numerous origins and rules were all solved in the origin of Hongmeng in Wang Feng’s eyes.

This is a special attack technique that combines the true meaning of Source Power and other World Martial Dao.

Because the inside of the palm of the fist has a loop of magic equipment, there are some magic equipment skills in it, as a powerful amplification effect.

This kind of powerful attacking technique is replaced by another Demon God, let alone whether it can be seen, even if it is seen, it can only be hardened.

However, for Wang Feng at this time, it is simple: it can be broken with a finger.


Wang Feng flicked his finger in the void to draw a talisman, facing the menacing Fist of Origin, his fingertips beating, even his own divine force within the body was useless, just using the energy spilled from the space, he was free Outline a strange pattern.

Then the dots were in the center of the pattern, and the energy pattern instantly turned into countless giant fists of the same kind, rushing towards it.

There was a fleeting and disdainful expression in the eyes of the Moon Soul Demon on the throne.

But at the next moment, she was stunned.

Two punches were made.

Wang Feng stays where he is.

The giant fist, which was arbitrarily sketched out by Wang Feng, disappeared at the moment it hit his original magic fist.

At the same time, my original magic fist, which contains Extreme anger and powerful Source Power, also shook violently, as if inflating a balloon about to explode. At the moment of the explosion, the air was released, and all the energy was lost.

It turns into a hurricane of endless energy, moving towards all around.

It was broken like this?

The moon soul Demon God on the throne, his face flushed, and his eyes were filled with disbelief, anger and shock.

Her strength, this fist.

Don’t even touch the corner of the latter’s clothes?

Is it broken so simply?

The other party didn’t move, and he barely felt the original breath!

It’s like moving her fingers randomly… It makes her unacceptable…

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