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The Yu’s siblings below stared at this scene blankly, unable to help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Venerable Lord is not an ordinary soul demon!

Although the Venerable Lord is not the Demon God in charge of the Nine Realms, the status and strength of the Venerable Lord are no worse than any Demon God.

Even, stronger.

Because, the Venerable Lord is the leader of the demon army at the Clean Heavenly Palace.

As a powerful legion established by the Hell Lord to guard the order of the Dark Demon Realm, the Demon Army can be imagined and not simple.

As a military leader, the responsibility he carries is even stronger than that of the Nine Realms Demon God.

The leader of the demon army, blazing smoke.

This is the name of on the surface.

After the Hell Lord went to find the Well of Reincarnation, the army master left the Jing Heavenly Palace and wandered around the nine regions.

He doesn’t even care about the order of the dark Demon Realm nine domains.

But she is still the leader of the Demon Army, and her powerful strength is that any Demon God in charge of the Nine Realms dare not fight head-on.

Otherwise, I can’t afford the position of the demon army leader.

However, didn’t expect now…

“Through his hand… This Demon God… It seems that he really got the Eternal God Killing… No, even if he got the Eternal God Killing, he didn’t use the trace of the Eternal God Killing just now. How could it be so easy? It broke the original Wangquan of Venerable Lord. It is the Wangquan that combines the supreme martial dao deep meaning…”

Two siblings have been following the blazing smoke for a long time, and they are known as one or two.

At this time, I was shocked.

Because it can be seen from this point that the Demon God really got the eternal killing of God, even if he did not use it.

But there is no loss of strength.

On the contrary, it seems that there is a profound mystery in the universe, and even the powerful Source Power of Demon God can be easily broken.


This is completely different from the previous opponent’s battle.

What did the other party go through in the eternal temple?

It’s not just the two of them.

At this moment, the Moon Soul Demon sitting high above the throne, the commander of the Demon Army, could not be calm in Flaming Smoke’s heart for a long time.

Anger, shock, incomprehension, all kinds of emotions flooded into my mind.

The battle between Demon Gods can often be seen in one stroke.

The blazing smoke has already been seen, and the other party seems to have touched her thoroughly!

Even her moves can be easily deciphered, and she knows her emotions and origins.


This is impossible!

As the Supreme Treasure that she has cultivated for countless years, and the law of Hell, it is impossible that any Demon God can penetrate the magic cloud and get any information about her.

Moreover, even if you know her identity, how can you know her so much?

Vaguely, Flaming Smoke thought of something.

“It’s the heavenly demon! Is the heavenly demon revealing my information to you?”

Every word of the flaming smoke seems to pop out between the teeth in the middle, and the eyes are fiercely looking at Wang Feng.

The words that Demon God said just now are very obvious. Heavenly Demon has a very close relationship with this human pretending to be a Emperor.

After leaving Jing Heavenly Palace, the only one who knew her identity was the heavenly demon.

That woman is the successor of the Hell Lord after all, and she knows herself more clearly.

Wang Feng looked at her with a weird look: “Is it difficult to know your origins? Heavenly demon… Her, just let me pay attention to you Chamber of Commerce. As for you… .”

Wang Feng knew that the other party probably misunderstood.

So too.

Hongmeng Origin has shown its edge, and the opponent will not know that Hongmeng Origin has done it.

Sneered by flaming smoke, of course I would not believe Wang Feng’s words.

Because even if the heavenly demon told him the information, the other party really easily broke his powerful original king boxing.

In terms of strength, although Chi Lingyan was unwilling to reconcile, he had to admit that the opponent who had been eternally killed was much stronger than he thought.

Eternal killing of God.

There is no doubt about the flaming smoke. The Demon God who got this thing will get a qualitative leap even if it is weak.

even more how, the opponent is not weak at first, but now it is definitely stronger.

She just made the move. In addition to being surprised and angry in her heart, she also wanted to test whether the other party would get the eternal killing of God.

Now it seems…

“Have you got the eternal killing of God?”

The flaming smoke sat back on the throne, breathes deeply, suppressing all the emotions in my heart, indifferently said.

“Now that I know, why ask more?”

Wang Feng replied.

Wang Feng was too lazy to do anything if the opponent didn’t make a move.

Heart’s relatives, with this identity, Wang Feng is also impossible to kill because of the eternal killing of the gods.

“Now that I got it, then you are Demon God.”

The flaming smoke swept Wang Feng, “You know, why did the Lord of Hades stay and make Eternal God Killing, put it here, and wait for Demon God to come and get it?”

Wang Feng said nothing.

According to Yan Mengyao’s words.

Because the Hell Lord created the connection between the chaotic ancestral realm and the eternal slaying of the gods, creating the power of the eternal slaying of the gods.

But because of this, she couldn’t break through the chaos, so she left it to Demon God.

Because she knows that Demon God may be able to split the chaos.

Then Hell’s original purpose of creating eternal killing of the gods was naturally for the renewal of magic weapons, so that Demon God could truly break through this realm.

Become a universe level life.

This is the ultimate goal of Hell’s eternal God-killing.

“The eternal killing of Gods has exhausted Hell’s hundreds of years of effort. It is He’s painstaking effort, and this set is completely physical. You get such a huge benefit, this dark Demon Realm, except Hell , Almost no Demon God is your opponent. Have you ever wondered, why did the Hell create such a terrible powerhouse? Di Ye?”

Flame Lingyan stared at Wang Feng, his tone slowly calmed down, “Do you know what you should do?”

“has anything to do with me?” Wang Feng shook his head and said, “Since you know my identity, then I don’t have to hide it. I am not Diye, although I have a relationship with Diye, but I am not the real Diye Hell is still an enemy to me to some extent. I pretended to be Diye and came to the dark Demon Realm, but I didn’t come to help you. As for here …”

Wang Feng looked at the Eternal Temple, and could not help but said with a smile: “Do you think that if I got the set of eternal killings left by the Lord, I have inherited the kindness of the Lord? Funny. You tempted me to come Therefore, I wanted to use this eternal temple to test me. If I did not pass the eternal killing of God, I would die in it.”

Wang Feng paused slightly, and continued: “You are welcome, this eternal killing of gods is placed here, it is the treasure of no owner. I admire the Lord He can create this thing, but you have to say that I get What should I do after this thing. Sorry, that is my business.”

“I didn’t put a heavy hand on you just now, it was already on the face of Hell Lord.”

Wang Feng doesn’t think he has to be the Lord of Hell if he gets eternal killing of God.

He pretended to be a Demon God, and was lured here by the latter, through the chaotic world in the eternal temple.

If there is a Time Rule in it, it would have experienced a first round of struggle, 120,000 nine thousand years, before comprehending the origin, creating a simple model of Pangu Axe barely broke through the chaos.

This was a chance to come out.

Furthermore, during the first round, I was really struggling, struggling painfully.

A little carelessness, it will be gone.

He got the eternal killing of God, relying on his own ability.

It’s that simple.

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