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Flame Smoke’s expression was slightly stagnant, and didn’t expect the other party to speak so directly.

Simply so that she didn’t know what to say.

She wants to use this to get the other party to help solve the black tide.

Or let the other party, in the name of Demon God, take over the dark Demon Realm instead of Hell, and resist many unknown dangers.

After all, after the Hell Lord went to find the Well of Reincarnation, the news would eventually leak out, no matter how long it was hidden.

Such a powerhouse against the sky, if it does not appear for a long time, it will definitely leak the wind, no matter how camouflage is, it is useless.

As for the heavenly demon, she felt that she was still a bit hotter, plus some contradictions, so Flaming Smoke did not think that the heavenly demon could stabilize the dark Demon Realm at this time.

It’s just that this guy didn’t expect that he forgot the attitude of the well digger after drinking water.

Wang Feng naturally heard the latent meaning of the words Flaming Smoke.

Fortunately, it was straightforward. The latter is not given the opportunity to persuade.

He planned to go to the Heavenly Palace to see the heavenly demon, and after asking what was going on, he set out to find the well of reincarnation.

Where can I take care of this dark Demon Realm?

Use your own to conceal the purpose of Demon Realm, it is good not to destroy the disturbance.

Thinking about it, Wang Feng will leave.

Seeing this, Flaming Smoke changed her expression and stopped directly in front of Wang Feng: “You can’t go!”

“en? Are you still planning to stop me?” Wang Feng raised his eyebrows, “I will not keep my hands this time.”

“Let the old man come.” At this time, in the sky, there was a lofty voice, “Smelly girl, step back and let the old man talk to him.”

The voice of the mortal Demon God came.

Wang Feng stared away, and included all the sound in Hongmeng Origin to analyze the existence of this sound.

In fact, even without Hongmeng Origin, Wang Feng can guess a little bit.

The decayed Demon God.

The boss of Beiti Demon Domain, the oldest Demon God.

A bit older than the Hades.

Wang Feng is still very wary of this kind of existence.

The older you get, the better you are.

The flaming smoke retreated unwillingly.

“Does little friend Diye know the Kuroshio?” The voice of the mortal Demon God came from the void.

But Wang Feng seems to have seen the body of the other party.

Under the origin of Hongmeng, there is nothing that can hide Wang Feng’s sight.

Wang Feng stared at the void, nodded.

Kuroshio, he has been in the Demon Realm for so long, impossible not to know.

That’s the things in the dark border.

But the name of the other party is very interesting.

Wang Feng has confessed his identity, but the other party still shouts Diye.

“Since he already knows, the old man will make a long story short. Now Jing Heavenly Palace is vigorously arresting the Demon God of the deserted sea. In order to distract the attention of the Heavenly Palace, the deserted sea Demon God created the Kuroshio in his own Demon Domain Now it has spread to most of the Deep Sea Demon Domain. The Heavenly Palace has issued a Demon God order, calling on the remaining Demon Gods to go to the Deep Sea Demon Domain to solve this matter.”

“But just this is not enough. The old man has been fortunate enough to experience the Kuroshio. Those void lives will not retreat so easily.”

“You have got the eternal killing of the gods, and the eternal killing of the gods is the painstaking effort of Hell. I hope you can help.”

Hearing this, Flaming Smoke laughed disdainfully, this Old Guy, just saying that, wanted the other party to agree that it was completely impossible!

“I refuse. How do you secret Demon Realm? It has nothing to do with me.”

Wang Feng said, “I didn’t hit a person when he’s down, it’s pretty good.”

hearing this, Flaming Smoke smiled, laughed angrily.

“It seems that you and we have a dark Demon Realm, and there are grudges.” The voice of the mortal Demon God came, and then heave a long sigh, “In this case, there is no way. It is a pity that one Heavenly demon, I’m about to rise to power. It happened that four Demon Gods fell. It was originally a good time for the power. Encountering this dark tide, now under the order of the Demon God, the rest of the Demon Gods hardly responded, only her alone. Go to the Deep Sea Demon Domain and guard this place.”

“I’m afraid I won’t end up with Soul Destruction.”

After speaking, the voice faded away.

“…” Wang Feng.

Demon God order, that is an order that only Jing Heavenly Palace can issue.

Under the order of Demon God, all the Demon Gods of the Nine Regions must obey the order.

But, that’s the right of Hell…

Heavenly demon…

That won’t work.

‘This old bastard…’ Wang Feng cursed in his heart.

What the other party said is absolutely not true.

But if it is true or false, it is most doubtful.

Especially what the other party said…

‘Kuroshio…It seems that I have to go and see… Heavenly demon, Bibi Dong… just to see her situation…’

Wang Feng pondered in his heart.

From what I saw in the spirit demon Holy City at the beginning, the heavenly demon is very strong.

Furthermore, if Yan Mengyao’s words are to be eradicated, there are two pairs of Eternal Killing of Gods, and the one on the side of Eternal Killing of Gods is complete.

But the eternal killing of Gods at the Heavenly Palace is a test product, not a complete one, and it will take a long time to cultivate.

Seeing Wang Feng, he pondered.

The flaming smoke knew it, it was done.

‘I forgot, you can use this layer… It seems that this guy and the heavenly demon are not an ordinary relationship. Cangwu grandfather…How do you say that mortal saying… Is ginger still hot? “Flame Smoke thought.

Wang Feng is not in a hurry, but only grabs it by moving towards the eternal temple behind him.

Without any source fluctuations, the eternal temple shrank instantly and turned into a halo into Wang Feng’s within the body.

“Yan Mengyao, can you now link to the God Killing Terminal on the Demon Domain side of Yuanhai to learn more about the specific news?”

After entering the Eternal Temple, Wang Feng immediately shouted in the heart.

“hehe, I knew the master would ask this question.”

Yan Mengyao’s voice sounded in Wang Feng’s mind, “Master, after you went out, I have been connected and the situation is also known. I have a total of Demon Domain Five Continents in Yuanhai, covering 3000 in 108,000 cities Six hundred God-killing terminals have been docked one after another. It is certain that the Kuroshio has occurred.”

“Moreover, the situation is not optimistic. Of the 3,600 God-killing terminals, only more than one thousand responded, which means that the other two thousand God-killing terminals have completely lost their signal. Kuroshio covers…the area is close to 2/3!”

“Master, the heavenly demon you care about the most, I also contacted the other Demon Domain’s god-killing terminal, she is on the way to the deep sea Demon Domain. But the situation is not very good…”

Hearing this, Wang Feng heart startled and immediately said: “What do you mean?”

“She may be ambushing in the Deep Sea Demon Domain before she arrives.” Yan Mengyao continued, “After I successively docked with the surviving God Killing Terminal of the Dark Demon Realm, I found several Demon God Is very suspicious.”

“At the same time, the outbreak of the Kuroshio is not only in the Demon Domain of the Deep Sea. It is the largest eruption site. The Demon Domain near the Deep Sea, and the Demon Domain of Qiye… both have the outbreak of the Kuroshio. , It’s just that the outbreak seems to be under control, very slowly. However, it spreads towards the Demon Domain moved towards the Demon Domain in a siege.”

“This means that as long as you enter the Demon Domain of the Deep Sea, all directions will be surrounded by the Kuroshio for at most one day!”

I heard this.

Wang Feng woke up suddenly.

The Demon God of Arakawa is not the Kuroshio that was planned after receiving the demonic energy.

It was planned before!

To be precise, it was planned jointly with Qixiao Demon God and Hunyuan Demon God.

After they planned to obtain the demonic energy, they gave up the Demon Domain, directly absorbed the demonic energy breakthrough, and then broke through the Demon Realm!

Thinking of this, Wang Feng felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

Not for myself, but for Bibi Dong.

Without any hesitation, Wang Feng left directly…

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