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“What’s the matter?” The heavenly demon was about to set off to the distant sky in the front of the abyss, and he couldn’t help but ask.

“Things are not so good.” Wuhua Demon Lord turned and looked in the other two directions, and his voice became deeper: “We misestimated the Demon God in the wild sea, not just him, Qi Xiao and Hun Yuan. Demon God had secretly arranged to destroy the dark boundary and let the dark tide descend before the joint attack on the spirit demon Holy City.”

“How is this possible? What about the Lord of the Night Demon guarding over there? Even if they are two Demon Gods, destroying the dark boundary… Wouldn’t the Lord of the Night Demon find it?” Heavenly Demon was shocked.

“Demon God wants to cause Space Crack to be too simple.” Wuhua Demon Lord said hoarsely, “As long as you use strong energy to continuously strike the space, you can create a large-scale Space Crack group. Over time, It will form an unstable dark boundary, and then trigger the Kuroshio, it will not be difficult… The three guys have been planning this secretly after knowing that the Hell Lord disappeared.”

Heavenly demon’s eyes flash with rays of light.

These Demon Gods are really cruel.

“Wuhua, what do you mean, we are now…surrounded by the Kuroshio?” A Demon Lord behind stood up, with a somewhat dazed voice, “I remember a good word, mixing the Demon Domain and Qi Xiao Demon Realm, is it near the Abyss Demon Realm?”

“Almost…probably more.” The Demon Lord Wuhua looked at the Demon Lord who belonged to the Heavenly Palace. “After the return of that Diye, there are already four Demon Gods in the Demon Realm, either falling or disappearing, and the rest Several Demon Gods of the Demon Realm, even if they are dull, must have known the news of the disappearance of Hell. We dark Demon Realm of the Nine Realms of Demon God, but none of them is someone who is easy to deal with.”

“At this time, they might be behind the scenes to add to the flames.”

Speaking of this, Wuhua Demon Lord finally looked at Heavenly Demon Lord.

The voice was a bit desolate.

“It’s up to you to decide, after the Hell Lord, the net Heavenly Palace will eventually experience this disaster.”

Heavenly demon can feel the Demon Lord who has lived for countless years, and the sadness in his heart at this moment.

After pondering for a long time, she said slowly:

“Then…kill it.”


“Kuroshio, Demon God… It seems that our heavenly demon has not yet risen, and I am afraid that it will fall on this vast land. Unfortunately, after the Kuroshio, there are only the three demons of the desert and the deserted sea. The beast… is really… beyond the deity’s expectation.”

Above ten thousand meters in the sky.

A majestic mountain-like magic ship floats leisurely.

Above the magic ship, under an umbrella with a moiré pattern.

A sturdy soul demon sits in a rocking chair, leaning on one side, looking at the demon land in the distance.

The flanking show of the magic ship is engraved with a few large characters.


This is a magic ship from the Nanhuang Demon Realm.

Nanhuang Demon Realm, one of the nine realms, is located at the southernmost part of the Dark Demon Realm.

Among the nine domains, the forces of the Nanhuang Demon Realm rank in the top three.

Very powerful.

As the master of Nanhuang Demon Domain, Nanhuang Demon God is a very unique Demon God.

Generally speaking, the naming of the demon domain, most of the Demon God will not use their own titles to avoid confusion.

At the same time, I also think that it is a shameful event to name the demon domain with the honorable name.

At most, only one word will be used to connect the honorable name and the demon domain name.

The Demon God of the Deep Sea, the Demon God of the Desolate Sea. Hun He Demon God, Hun Yuan Demon God, Qi Ye Demon God, Qi Xiao Demon God.

Qingyang Demon Realm, Qingluo Demon God.

Wait, it’s all true.

After all, Demon God has reached a very high level.

Even the mortal emperor must pay attention to his own face and image. As a Demon God, he generally doesn’t care about those, but he won’t be too high-profile.

The meaning is fine.

Nanhuang Demon God is different.

“Little eight, where are we now?”

The spirit demon on the rocking chair asked the guard next to him.

“cough cough, um…yin and yang coexist, we should be in the Hunyuan Demon, you see, on the left is the sun star of the solstice, and sometimes the moon star of the yin. This is unique to the Hunyuan demon Weather.”

The guard pointed to the horizon.

To the south is the sun emitting hot rays of light, and to the north is the moon star emitting glowy and cold aura.

represents two completely different atmospheres, appearing on this magical land at the same time, but forming a stable energy.

Hunyuan Demon Territory is the demon territory with the most stable dark demonic energy and the most stable space among the nine regions.

“Oh, Hunyuan Demon Territory, it turned out to be this place… the deity said, why is this place so familiar. Wasn’t that sun star found by the deity back then? Hunyuan’s soul bastard is really stupid. Just like that, I was given a moment by that idiot, Huanghai, a cultivation base, and put it down…”

The soul demon on the rocking chair sighed, “Even such a stable Demon Realm has been brought out by the Kuroshio Current. Hun Yuan is afraid that he has also worked hard… It’s a pity that he made a wedding dress for Huang Hai. The trifling is a demonic. Energy, is it that important? As a veteran Demon God, it’s hard to get an exclusive God-killing and take charge of a domain… It’s a shame.”

“Xiao Ba, how long has Hun Yuan been in charge?”

“After two thousand 320 years.”

“Tsk tsk, the Hell Lord gave him this Demon God experience card. How could it be 10,000 years to start, and he was scrapped for 2000 years… It was really blind that He was kind.”

The soul demon on the rocking chair stood up and looked into the distance, “If you want to break the devil, why do you need demonic energy? The time has come, it will soon be over?”

The guard known as Xiao Ba was silent. He said in his heart, when he learned that the Demon God of the Wild Sea had received the wisp of demonic energy, don’t you know how sore it is?

Where is as open-minded as it is now.

“Xiao Ba, you brat is silent, do you slander the deity in your heart? Huh?” Nan Huang Demon God turned and looked at the guard sharply.

“Don’t dare, to respect your style and talent, the first devil of the year is not one or two as you. The devil breaking god, for you, is just a blink of an eye. If you want, You can break through at any time. Where do you need any demonic energy? The wild seas of mixed elements, for you, are the same Demon God, but the size is small and there is no comparability at all.” The guard said immediately.

“en.” Nanhuang Demon God slightly nodded, patted the guard’s shoulder, admiringly said, “Xiao Ba, do you know why I picked you as my personal demon guard among the soul demon? I know that your strength and talent are the bottom of the original soul demon.”

“I don’t know, the subordinates are also panicked and confused.” The guard bowed.

“Because you have a rare and precious quality.” Nanhuang Demon God said with a smile, “That is honesty! I always like to tell the truth!”

“…” Guard.

“By the way, those guys should be coming soon, right?” Nan Huang Demon God looked into the distance, with a smile on his face, with a certain expectation, “I don’t know about this game, she, a heavenly demon, respects her. How to break it.”

“Only when I come to beg you, will I have a chance or two.” The guard said immediately.

“hahaha…Yes, only if you come to me, you have one or two chances. Only my Nanhuang Demon God can rescue her safely from the dark tide.”

Nanhuang Demon God suddenly rejoiced.

He looked down from the sky.

As far as I can see, there is already boundless darkness in front, and moved towards the center is surrounded.

Not long.

He suddenly sensed a dark light and shadow, as if going to cross the dark darkness and enter it.

“Hey, there are still people who are not afraid of death at this time, and want to force the dark tide and enter the encirclement. This is the Demon God?”

Nanhuang Demon God stared at that light and shadow, slightly frowned, and it didn’t feel good.

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