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“Let the deity count, Hunyuan, Qixiao, and Huanghai are gone. Yujiang is gone for a long time…Qingluo has a very good relationship with Hades, but this heavenly demon has a very general relationship with her. Even if there is friendship, she will not risk the Kuroshio to rush in… and, it would be nice if she can protect herself.”

Nan Huang Demon God pinched his chin and watched the light and shadow moved towards the boundless black tide flying away, “The remaining three, except for the deity, the other three demon realms, Beiti Demon Realm. The lowest-key Cang There hasn’t been much news about the old bastard in these years, but the old man has several points of awe to the hell. This heavenly demon is not worth his rescue.”

“The Demon God of Qiongming in Feiqiong Demon Realm…the Demon God of the new school is a little closer to Huanghai. But it is also the Demon God of the new school promoted by the Hell Lord…but this guy is extremely arrogant in his heart. The Hell Lord can convince him. Now He has disappeared in the Jing Heavenly Palace, and he is even more impressive. At this time, he should hit a person when he’s down. How could he go to this heavenly demon?”

Nanhuang Demon God slightly frowned, “The last Tianying Demon Realm is the westernmost Demon Realm, far away from the Demon Realm of the Wild Sea. Yinghe Demon God is the most honest of the nine Demon Gods. Looks the most honest, heavenly He may follow the Demon God order issued by the demon demon. But the Tianying Demon Realm is very far away from here, and it is impossible to come so quickly. Unless Yinghe Demon God uses the Demon God secret technique to come at a certain price. p>

“But heavenly demon is not worth it.”

Nanhuang Demon God has washed the Demon God of the nine regions.

I think no Demon God will rush into the area surrounded by Kuroshio on three sides at this time.

“I forgot…the leader of the demon army in the central demon realm, blazing smoke.”

Nan Huang Demon God seems to think of something, “This guy, second only to the deity, in the Nine Great Demonic God, almost no one can beat her head-on. It’s just that she left the Demon Army and the Heavenly Palace. , Logically speaking, the relationship with this heavenly demon is also normal…”

After much deliberation, Nanhuang Demon God couldn’t find it.

At this time, the guard on the side, Xiao Ba reminded: “My lord, with your wisdom, how can you miss the Demon God?”

Nanhuang Demon God suddenly came to a sudden, then patted Xiaoba’s shoulder, said with a big smile:

“The deity has already known that it is the dilemma who is indistinguishable from the real. Didn’t expect you brat and guessed it. Not bad, not bad!”

“Diye, Diye…The relationship between Diye and the Hell Lord was irreversible. Heavenly Demon is the successor of Hell, and he will definitely be saved. However, the Kuroshio can not be forced through.”

Nanhuang Demon God murmured a few words, “Let the fleet stand on the edge of the Kuroshio and not advance. At the same time, turn on the Void Mustard mode and don’t touch the dark energy in the Kuroshio.”

“Yes, respect the wise.”

The vast three devil earths of vertical and horizontal millions and millions li, accompanied by the scattered clusters of the peripheral zone, are covered with dark light and shadow, as if covering these three territories with a black and secluded roof, large tracts of soul demon Formed a long team, luckily evacuated from the city covered by the Kuroshio, and evacuated to other cities in the Demon Realm.

For fear of being caught up by the rapidly spreading Kuroshio.

There are already many dark tides that have never appeared before, even if there is a gap in the era, the soul demon will not forget it now.

Every soul demon entering the age of magic weapons will receive 18 years of education.

The Kuroshio is a world-destroying disaster in the textbook, and no soul demon dares to take it lightly.

“The Kuroshio is so powerful, why is there no actual record?”

“Because the soul demons who entered the Kuroshio Records are already dead.”

“Then, what the hell is Kuroshio? Does the no soul demon know?”

“There should be, but everyone who knows about the Kuroshio has died in it.”

Disaster is no stranger to the dark Demon Realm.

As a powerful creature that can survive in the dark Demon Realm, Soul Demon has gone through many disasters.

However, the disaster that can rise to Universe level may only be the Kuroshio.

Because…According to the historical records of the major wormholes of the modern dark Demon Realm, the Kuroshio is not only the dark Demon Realm appearing.

It has appeared in other Worlds.

Even many Worlds on the Sacred World List of the Heavens have recorded the birth of Kuroshio.

However, each World has different civilizations, and the names of disasters may be somewhat different that’s all.

The nature is the same.

“The Kuroshio is in front. I can’t go in with you. I can only take you here. I sensed the breath of several other Demon Gods. I’m afraid that they will be tampering with them in secret. I have to deal with it first.”

The flaming smoke and Wang Feng turned into a black streamer, traveling through the space, rushing to this place from Beiti Demon Realm.

At this moment, since the Kuroshio has appeared, Wang Feng does not need to estimate that the space is stable and unstable.

Shuttling through the void directly, coming from Beiti Demon Territory, separated from millions and millions.

Until the edge of the Kuroshio Current, the blazing smoke that led the way stopped.

“You one, can you do it?”

Wang Feng paused, glanced at Flaming Smoke with uncertainty.

On the way he came, through Yan Mengyao connected to many other Demon Territory terminals, he also got the news of Demon God begin to stir.

As you can know right now, there are at least three Demon Gods, namely Nan Huang, Yinghe, and Qiongming, and they are all likely to make secret moves.

There is only one flaming smoke. The decayed Demon God was seriously injured and did not walk with him.

Naturally, it is also impossible as a helper.

Behind the Demon God, in addition to Demon God, there is also a huge fleet, as well as Demon Lord, the demon Lord.

And you have four generations of Demon God who have four generations of Demon God to become Demon God.

“You don’t care about this.”

The flaming eyebrows resemble a sword, showing off one’s ability, “You should see if you can solve the Kuroshio, or if you can save the heavenly demon. Your own danger is comparable This seat is quite large. So, you should take care of yourself first.”

“You just got Eternal Killing of Gods, but you haven’t fully understood it completely. You are not familiar with the function of Eternal Killing of Gods. You don’t even understand all the functions of this divine object. You just fell into the dark tide, and you are blind The Hell’s painstaking efforts.”

After that, Flaming Smoke turned and left.

It turned into a stream of light, but disappeared from sight in a second.

“Kuroshio…Let me take a look, what the hell is this.”

Seeing this, Wang Feng also has no longer paid attention to, and now it is best to find Bibi Dong first.

As for the Demon God who made trouble, wait to get out and clean up. I only hope that the flaming smoke hasn’t died yet.

“The earth doesn’t have any vitality. The dark demonic energy seems to be run over by a strong air pressure…it can’t penetrate at all.”

Wang Feng looked at the Kuroshio tide ahead and rushed in.

On the road, Wang Feng can also see the bodies of many souls, demonic beasts, and Fiend.

And it is decayed and disappeared at an extremely fast speed.

Into a piece of Nothingness.

Wang Feng looking thoughtful.

Wang Feng felt it after entering the Kuroshio.

A strong pressure, like a tide, came from all directions.

This kind of pressure is not aimed at demons.

It is aimed at the soul, and there is also a terrifying destructive power.

It feels a bit familiar.

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