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With an axe in the air, he split the Tianxin Island ahead.

The waves are two points, and a powerful Soul Aura slowly rises from below Tianxin Island.

Feeling this aura, Wang Feng looked at a delicious meal in his eyes.


The angel warrior did not respond for a long time.

However, after the reaction, the brain is blank and completely speechless.

“There are not many angels on Tianxin Island, and my axe did not hurt the souls of you angels.”

Wang Feng said, “This Demon God sealed by Tianxin Island is not easy for you, right? Watching with fear every day, although your angels have your own beliefs, you will not be deceived. But keep this one side. Demon God, it is a great burden for you.”

Wang Feng picked up Pangu Axe.

His decisive shot is that he does not intend to give Huanghai Demon God any chance to escape.

Not even a chance to argue.

After opening Tianxin Island with an axe.

The seal under the island was revealed, and this axe not only split the Tianxin Island, but also broke the seal directly.

Wang Feng looked at the soul demon all around and said: “Although you angels say that you have cleared away your relationship with humans, you have settled on Tianxin Island and are not bewitched by the Demon God in the deserted sea. The strength of the angels is enough to rush into the Soul Sea and enter the cycle of reincarnation.”

“But you still didn’t leave, and you still wanted to keep the Demon God. Don’t let it harm humanity, but your angels should be disappointed in their hearts, because the holy priests and Immortal Cultivator were all bewitched by the Demon God and did secretly Something that makes you angels shameless. So you are very disdainful of human beings.”

Wang Feng tells the secret of this angel warrior deep in one’s heart in one sentence.

According to what the angel said, they were not at all bewitched by the Demon God of the desert sea.

Then, they simply don’t need to stay here, just leave.

The souls of these angel warriors are not weak. It is not difficult to break into the Soul Sea. If there are souls of high-level angel warriors, there is even the possibility of entering the well of reincarnation.

They didn’t leave, to put it bluntly or for, they wanted to watch the Demon God of the deserted sea here.

“hmph, the evil should be suppressed.” She not at all admitted Wang Feng’s words, and her eyes looked at Wang Feng very vigilantly, “You destroy the seal of Tianxin Island and release the soul of that Demon God, What do you want to do? You are a human soul, how do you collect the soul of Demon God? The weapon in your hand is very special, but it cannot conceal the fact that your soul is weak.”

“Also, we are now being attacked by the soul demon from the Netherworld River, and we are in a bitter battle. The Tianxin Island is gone, which means that we have no base camp. You humans are really arrogant and have the ability to directly kill these soul demon. It’s solved!”

The angel warrior is still very arrogant.

“You are right, it is a fact that my soul is weak.” Wang Feng felt that the character of these angels always reminded Qian Renxue directly.

No matter what World universe an angel is in, it is really a bird.

“However, it is not my soul absorbed, but it.”

Wang Feng threw the Pangu Axe out of his hand slightly, “As for these spirit demons, it is you who are caught in the hard fight, has anything to do with me. You angels boast of the executors of the justice of the universe, if I help you to get these The soul demons are solved, don’t you look down on you.”

“You should do it yourself.”

“You!” The angel warrior was stunned, probably didn’t expect this human being to be more arrogant than their angels, she was coldly snorted, “You seem to be able to solve so many spirit demons.” /p>

Wang Feng ignored her, driving Pangu Axe with his soul to fly to the top of Tianxin Island in the distance.

hong long!

Under the sea, the ancient seal slowly disintegrated.

The huge magical shadow turns into a towering magical shadow accompanied by the extremely dark soul energy.

“Humans! Do you really want to be so awesome?”

The roaring sound of Demon God in the deserted sea came from a distance.

With extreme unwillingness and anger.

“You and I will join forces, and I will give you that demonic energy. Don’t you want to know the purpose of Hell’s entry into the well of Samsara?”

The voice of the Demon God in the wild sea, the slightest bit of ear, seems to want to do the last bit of struggle.

“If you let me go, the deity will tell you a great secret! This secret is not only related to the well of reincarnation, but also related to the universe! It even has several points of relationship with your God World!”

“Sorry, I’m not interested.” Wang Feng shook his head, but said casually.

Wang Feng doesn’t believe a word of wily old fox like Demon God.

After that, Wang Feng directly mobilized the origin of Hongmeng, mastered the void, and hacked it away with an axe moved towards that demon dao shadow via Pangu Axe.

“Heh…you…will…regret it!”

The magical thoughts of the Demon God in the deserted sea, finally uttered a sentence, with a somewhat desolate laugh.

Play, just continue.

Wang Feng laughed, this Huanghai Demon God still has the mentality of engaging people.

Wang Feng is not in a hurry, it is him who is anxious.

Huanghai Demon God is now a lamb to be slaughtered, and he is not qualified to exchange terms with him.

He is a Demon God. It is normal to have a few big secrets, but Wang Feng can guarantee that these secrets are nothing to him.

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