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“You…you just left?” Angel Mo looked at the fellow angels who were still struggling in front of him.

The axe light just now smashed Tianxin Island and released Demon God, which caused many angel warriors to think that a powerful soul demon came again, and their fighting spirit dropped a lot.

Fortunately, after the Demon God came out, he was killed shortly after he came out, which made the fighting spirit of these angel warriors rise again.

It’s just that two fists are hard to beat four hands.

There are countless densely packed soul demons.

“Why, do you want me as a human being to help?” Wang Feng step one stopped, squinting at her, “This is not your angel style. My purpose is just that Demon God.”

“The angel doesn’t need anyone’s help! You go.” Angel Mo shook his head, “We will solve these spirit demons. The King of Heaven will bless us.”

Let’s say, her soul suddenly exudes a strong soul fluctuation, and her mouth is even more loud:

“To cast the sacred with the body, burn the darkness with the soul, justice and the light of darkness will shine on every World! The King of Heaven will certainly bless our angel family!”

Wang Feng eyelids twitched, this angel wants to burn his soul to fight.

Yes, just.

And who is the King of Heaven? And what is the light of justice and darkness? This slogan is not quite right.

Since it is the successor to the throne of Holy Kesha, shouldn’t it be called the Heavenly Blade King?

is it possible that that angel Feng changed even the king’s title?

Thinking of this, Wang Feng suddenly said:

“Wait, let me ask you a few questions. If you answer me truthfully, I will kill these spirit demons.”

Wang Feng is talking about destroying these spirit demons, not at all, he said to help you destroy these spirit demons.

Otherwise, given the rigidity of these angels, I guess they will not accept it.


Angel Mo was stunned. The soul flame that had just burned all over his body was drowned before it started burning.

Since a while, she said:

“What’s the problem? If you want to find out the secrets of Angel Nebula, you don’t have to, you just leave.”

“I am not very interested in your Angel Nebula.” Wang Feng waved his hand, “But, who is the Heavenly Cultivation King in your mouth?”

“hmph, it seems that you are not the Human Race of our universe at all. You don’t even know this.” Angel Mo seemed to understand something when he heard this question, raised his head slightly, and said proudly, “Tian Xiu Wang He is the supreme leader of our current angel civilization, and the fourth angel king with an independent king after taking over as Queen Kesha. Her life, only 10,000 years, is that every angel of us needs to look up all the time. A lifetime of learning.”

“Is it better than your sacred Queen Keisha? Only ten thousand years old.” Wang Feng said with a smile.

“What do you know!” Angel Mo was angry. “Queen Keisha is the pioneer and founder of our angel civilization. It is the ultimate ideology of justice and the symbol of the most powerful in the universe.”

“That is to say, there is no Divine Keisha as powerful.” Wang Feng shook his head, “I thought it was so powerful.”

This little angel is very tender.

“You, you, you…” Angel Mo pointed to Wang Feng, speechless, “Tianxiu King is different. When she was born in our angel civilization, the universe had a natural phenomenon of’Cang Yao Emperor Star’ The stellar energy inside the Angel Nebula exploded several consecutively. Less than a hundred years later, she became a high-level angel! She became the guardian angel of Queen Keisha, and her talent was even worse than Queen Keisha’s.”

“And then?”

Angel Mo calmed down a bit, lightly snorted, “Later, she realized the sacred ideology of angels and believed that in addition to performing justice in the universe, angels should take the initiative to wipe out all evil. So she left Angel Nebula , Went to every corner of the universe alone, participated in countless wars, nearly 5,000 years ago, almost killed all the Fiend Race in the universe.”

“…” Wang Feng.

“Not only that, all lives related to evil are either purified, expelled, or wiped out. Let the name of angels spread throughout the universe. At that time, except for some problems within the Angel Nebula… Unfortunately.”

Angel Mo whispered, “Later, King Tianxiu returned to Angel Nebula and became the new generation king of Angel Nebula, King Tianxiu under the will of Queen Keisha and Hexi King of Tianji. The entire Angel Nebula regardless of age How old angels dare not refuse.”

“Sounds great.” Wang Feng nodded.

That’s right, it must be a transmigrator.

However, depending on the situation, it should be a female transmigrator.

Of course, men are also possible.

However, this transmigrator is obviously not good.

Since we have all gone, how can we let Divine Kesha hang up? Didn’t you read the original?

No, Holy Keisha shouldn’t die. According to Holy Keisha’s setting, Life Level is too high to kill.

Like those Universe level lives.

After they die, their bodies and souls will turn into countless particles, which will dissipate in every World in the universe. Until a certain day, there may be reorganization.

It’s just that the probability is too small.

Those void lives are formed by the fusion of the particles and soul energy of these Universe level life after death.

“Of course!” Angel Mo expressed satisfaction with Wang Feng’s approval.

“What then?” Wang Feng asked, “Is it gone?”

“Of course there is!” Angel Mo loudly said, “After King Tianxiu succeeds to the throne, a dark order will be established on top of the justice order of Queen Keisha.”

“Dark Order?” Wang Feng was taken aback.

That’s not right.

The order of angels is similar to a theory of thought.

It’s like angels believe in justice and execute justice.

What is the Dark Order? Can angels tolerate this order?

“Yes, dark order.” Angel Mo spoke solemnly and looked holy. “After King Tianxiu succeeded to the throne, he has calmed down the turmoil in the universe several times. She discovered that although justice shines on the entire universe, the universe , But there is no absolute justice, darkness is born all the time. It can never be wiped out intact.”

“Destroyed the demons, as well as the soul demon of the dark Demon Realm. Even the angels themselves will give birth to some darkness. Therefore, she established the dark order in the justice order. Since it cannot be completely eliminated, Tianxiu The king thinks that we must completely control the darkness.”

“This…isn’t it apostasy?” Wang Feng pondered, “This Tianxiu King should be abolished?”

“not at all, I just left the Angel Nebula temporarily.” Angel Mo shook his head and said, “The King Tianxiu wiped out countless darkness. She knew the darkness in the universe very well. At the beginning of the establishment, many angels opposed . But then, a large number of angels took the initiative to join the ranks of the dark order. And these angels are called dark angels.”

“They have different powers. But they are performing angelic justice in another way. Unlike our angels of the righteous order, they are warlike, bloodthirsty, cruel to the enemy, but more powerful. But they all believe in King Tianxiu.”

“So, your angels are split internally?” Wang Feng was surprised.

“In the beginning, it was split for about 300 years.” Angel Mo slowly said, “But then, once the Angel Nebula was so dark, the old angel of Heavenly Palace Order attacked Angel Nebula, and then left Angel Nebula and went The heavenly repair king who developed the dark order in the universe was not there. Hexi, the heavenly king, could not rival the leader of the Heavenly Palace order, Hua Ye. At that time, the heavenly repair king who created the dark order returned in time…”

“What made us Angel Nebula didn’t expect is that King Tianxiu led the dark angel who only developed the dark order for 300 years. He not only saved the heavenly King Hexi, but also crushed the angels of the Heavenly Palace order. The move killed Hua Ye’s Divine Physique.”

Wang Feng nodded praised: “Awesome.”

“After that, the Angel Nebula established two orders. The universe called the dark order the other side of justice. In the later galactic battle with the dark Demon Realm, the dark angels who believed in the dark order became the main force.”

After Angel Mo finished speaking, his tone was unabashedly worshipped.

“Yes, it has the style of transmigrator.” Wang Feng nodded, agreeing that the Tianxiu King has several points of the same transmigrator.

Have the opportunity to get to know each other.

“Tian Xiu Wang, it is Angel Maple.” Wang Feng said with a smile.

“Yes.” Angel Mo said, and then added, “The full name is: Feng Yuxiu.”

“Feng Yuxiu…” Wang Feng subconsciously hummed.

Then the smile gradually solidified.

Huh? No, this name…how I am a little familiar…

And those dark angels…

This Tianxiu King…could not be…

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