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“Hu Liena should be Heaven helps the worthy… got the approval of the red god Tianhu… I think I should have a good time.”

Wang Feng’s gaze falls ahead.

An island neither too big nor too small was densely packed and distributed in the front Sea Territory.

Wang Feng closed his eyes and sniffed gently.

‘This smell of soul is a bit special… there are humans… but more of a kind of other soul…’

Wang Feng is very sensitive to the breath of the soul at this time.

Because he didn’t at all along the way, he stopped using the Hongmeng origin to deduct the progress of the soul cultivation technique and system.

On the contrary, it has been using Yuan Gong to exchange energy, keeping Hongmeng Origin in operation.

The more deductions, the more insights into the soul of Wang Feng.

“This magical thought should be in the island in the middle of the front.”

Wang Feng looks forward.

The speed is not at all down.

Not long after, he finally saw a soul that was very different from humans.

It’s Demonic beast.

Yes, these strange-looking souls are not human souls, but Demonic beasts.

“A sin, how many Worlds this dark Demon Realm has invaded, and there are so many beast souls.”

Wang Feng exclaimed.

speaking from a certain perspective, the not at all of Demon Realm is wrong. The resources of Demon Realm cannot support the cultivation of those souls.

Cultivation can only be done by plundering the resources and lives of other Worlds.

Especially for smart weapons like Killing Gods, the resources that are often consumed are all in World.

“It seems… uh… and Spirit Beast from Douluo World?”

Wang Feng saw some familiar silhouettes.

The plane channel held by God World was cut off and the spirit demon invaded. These invaded Worlds, the souls of dead creatures, have also been emptied into this World.

Because the passage is blocked, normally, the plane that God World controls, reincarnation is the Ximoon tube.

After they die, they should be reincarnated in the sea of ​​reincarnation in God World.

And now, it’s all sucked into it.

But not many.

Because when the soul demon invaded Douluo World, Wang Feng just awoke and vigorously developed the Spirit Master.

The subsequent war, without accident, was also won by the human side.

Things are nonsense.

“Don’t jump in the line, little Demonic beast at your end! Just stay!”

On the island in front, a black boa constrictor with three snake heads spit out a human word, foul-mouthed against a young Demonic beast scolded.

I don’t know why.

From the small island in front, there is a long line.

In addition to human souls, there are countless demonic beast souls in the team, in long rows, ups and downs.

It’s spectacular.

At the end of the team, it was the island where Wang Feng sensed the magical thought.

“Hey, this Spirit Beast seems to be a variant of Golden light thunder leopard 10,000 years later.”

Wang Feng fixed his eyes and found that this Spirit Beast was very familiar.

Golden light thunder leopard was the contributor to the first spirit ring of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus.

10,000 years later, this Spirit Beast has been mutated and slowly evolved into silver light leopard, rapid light leopard and so on.

The shape has also become much smaller.

Time has passed, didn’t expect to see the soul of a Golden light thunder leopard here. It looks quite small.

This Golden light thunder leopard was scolded by the black python, and immediately cowering backed away from the front.

Obviously, it was not him who jumped in.

“Go ahead, go behind, don’t get in front of me.”

As soon as this small leopard retreated, many Demonic beasts behind him immediately drove it away.

It’s just step by step and it’s been driven to the end.

“It’s the Spirit Beast of Douluo World anyway, how could it be bullied by Demonic beasts of other Worlds? What a shame…”

Wang Feng watched this scene.

Thinking about it, if Qingqing saw this scene, they would probably be very angry.

After thinking about it, he walked over and looked at this golden light thunder leopard, who was only half of his height and looked just adult, and said:

“Are you Spirit Beast? The black python is in your team, so just forget it?”

Golden light thunder leopard lifts the head, he glanced at Wang Feng, but he was not surprised. He rolled his eyes and drwsily said:

“It turns out that it’s a human being. It’s hard to stand and talk. Those are three Dragon Snake. I’m a small leopard. I can’t afford to offend. What else can I do? Hey, wait, you know me. It’s Spirit Beast, are you a human Spirit Master?”

Golden light thunder leopard circled Wang Feng and said with a little surprise, “My fellow!”


As expected of Spirit Beast after 10,000 years, spiritual wisdom is still so high after death.

“Who is a fellow with you?” Wang Feng gave this small leopard amusedly, “I am a human being, you are Spirit Beast, and the races are different.”

“Oh, what…” Golden light thunder leopard gave Wang Feng a surprised look, “When did you die, human being? Before I died, human beings and Spirit Beast had already united and worked together. Deal with those spirit demons. We are comrades in arms! You don’t even know the Spirit Master, do you?”

Speaking of this, Golden light thunder leopard glanced at the sky in a daze, “That’s a pity, you missed a great era.”

“…” Wang Feng.

“But…I missed it too.” Golden light thunder leopard lied on the ground and said somewhat self-deprecatingly, “Before I had time to enjoy that great era, I was killed first. Hey, our group died. Spirit Beast in the battle with the soul is the worst. Didn’t expect to come to this World, become a soul and be bullied.”

“If I can enter the cycle of reincarnation, in my next life, I will definitely not be reborn as a Spirit Beast that is neither weak nor strong like Golden light thunder leopard.”

“…” Listening to this Golden light thunder leopard scolding himself, Wang Feng even heard a bit heavy.

“Then what do you want to be?” Wang Feng asked, “Do you become human?”

“Anything is good, anyway, don’t be Golden light thunder leopard.” He said, and then he took a look at Wang Feng, “You are the Spirit Master of the Human World? How did you die? You also die in humans and souls. Are you in the war of demons? No, you are not a Spirit Master.”

“I am the most powerful existence and self-destruction in the battle.” Wang Feng said.

Theoretically speaking, Motiance is the most powerful existence among the soul demons, and the only life among the soul demons that has become a universe level.

“Then you are still a hero among humans.” Golden light thunder leopard exclaimed, “But in that war, humans and our Spirit Beast died very few in number… You and I are both unfortunate. But you are better than us. Much better…”

This small leopard seems to not at all suspect that Wang Feng is lying to him.

“By the way, what are you doing here?” Wang Feng smiled nodded, squatting down and looking at the long line ahead.

Golden light thunder leopard looked at Wang Feng with a strange look and said, “Don’t you know? This is Fox Hill Island. On the island lives a red fox who knows yin and yang, can calculate heavenly secrets and have insight into marriage Zun, I heard that this white fox god was a very powerful god during his lifetime. It came from washing the Soul Sea. It could have been samsara reincarnation long ago, but it has not entered the legendary washing the Soul Sea. Instead, it stayed and stayed. Here to solve our lost souls.”

He pointed to the long line and said:

“These beasts all want to know how their friends and partners are doing after they die. The Red Fox Venerable can tell them to calm their hearts and seek peace of mind.”

“Red Fox Venerable?” Wang Feng looked at the small island in the distance, slightly frowned.

“You don’t know this. Are you here to do and so on?” Golden light thunder leopard poked Wang Feng’s soul, with a tone of respect, “This red fox is not only powerful, but also able to shelter One side. The three strongest beast kings in our area are all It’s much more powerful than 1,000,000 years Spirit Beast. But they all believe in and respect it, and its strength is even more profound mystery.”

Speaking of this, Golden light thunder leopard whispered: “I heard that under this island, there is a soul of a god among those soul demons, called Demon God! That is, the red fox is here exclusively. A small island, suppress it. Otherwise, all the souls in our area may have been swallowed up by this Demon God.”

“Really?” Wang Feng looking thoughtful nodded.

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