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Occasionally there are one or two humans.

“Go through the stairs in front, and you can see the Red Fox Venerable.”

Golden light thunder leopard said.

Wang Feng nodded.

He felt this magical thought of Demon God in the desert sea very clearly, right on this island.

However, this magical thought is more obscure than the previous ones, indicating that the seal is extremely stable.

Maybe this is really the credit of the Red Fox Venerable.

“My fellow, I am a little scared.” Golden light thunder leopard looked at Wang Feng who was about to step up the steps, and suddenly said with a little timidity.

“What are you afraid of?” Wang Feng looked at this small leopard in surprise.

“I’m a little scared. What if the Red Fox Venerable tells me that my friend and partner are in trouble?”

Golden light thunder leopard looked dazed.

“If everything went wrong, you should meet now.”

Wang Feng said.

“No, it’s not.”

Golden light thunder leopard shook his head, “I’m not talking about this?”

“What is that?”

Wang Feng asked.

Golden light thunder leopard held back for a while and said, “You know, our Spirit Beast partners are often not so loyal to each other. I’m dead. My wife and child will definitely be with other Spirit Beasts. This It’s always uncomfortable.”

“Look at the demonic beasts who walked down from above and lost their souls. They guess that is the case.”

Golden light thunder leopard points to the part of the Demonic beast soul that came down the steps.


Wang Feng pondered a few words, “That’s fine if you don’t know. As long as you don’t know, you won’t be uncomfortable.”

“How can it work?” Golden light thunder leopard shook his head, “I came here just to know how they are doing.”

Wang Feng laughed.

moved towards Move up the steps.

The steps are not high, more than two hundred steps, reaching the top, you see a huge old purple tree.

Under the tree, there is a graceful fox shadow.

Below the head, it is similar to humans, except for the head, which is the head of a red fox with red pupils.

It is the red fox in the mouth of Golden light thunder leopard.

In front of the Red Fox Venerable, there is this Demonic beast, which seems to be asking something.

At this time, the red fox master both hands forming seals, moved towards in the sky and hit one after another light curtain.

Immediately, it raised its hand and moved towards the ancient purple tree and gently swept a flower leaf, moved towards the front and threw it out.

It’s like using some ancient Soul Secret Technique.

In an instant, the light curtain in front presents a real picture of one after another.

The content of the screen is that two Demon Beasts are racing in the forest, and there are two ghost shadows behind them, chasing after them.

The Demon Beast looked very angry when he saw this scene, and fiercely’s moved towards in the sky smashed out.

It seems that I want to break the picture.

“Your wife and children are in a very bad situation. As you can see, they are being hunted down.”

The red fox speaks slowly, the kind of neutral voice that cannot distinguish between men and women.

The Demonic beast knelt down and bowed:

“Venerable Red Fox, I beg you, can you help them escape the chase of those soul demons? Even if I donate my soul, it doesn’t matter if I never return.”

Venerable Red Fox was silent for a while, then shook his head and said: “Sorry, the difference between yin and yang is not something I can change. I can only let you know what you want to know. That’s all. In this world, it’s not easy. .”

Hearing this, the Demonic beast suddenly stood up, its eyes in the form of soul, red.

His tone was trembling with a bit of anger:

“In that case, why do you want to let me know! What’s the use of just letting me know? Then you might as well not let us know!”

After speaking, he turned around, moved towards the island and ran away.

“My fellow, look!”

Golden light thunder leopard had a feeling in the heart, watching this scene, his voice was a little trembling, “Although this red fox master can understand yin and yang, can calculate the secret of heaven, but after all, it can’t change anything. Of course, I know, can It is not easy for us who have died to know these things.”

“Interesting.” Wang Feng said simply.

He paused, but didn’t come forward.

“My fellow, I suddenly don’t want to ask.” Golden light thunder leopard took two steps back, “Or go, I just watch.”

Wang Feng still did not come forward.

“Why don’t you afraid right?” Golden light thunder leopard asked.

Wang Feng did not answer.

“Your Excellency came from a long way and shouldered a heavy responsibility, why stop here?” At this moment, the Red Fox Venerable suddenly opened the mouth and said.

Wang Feng is familiar with this kind of magical tone.

He stepped forward and took a look at the Venerable Red Fox.

From the morphological point of view, it is impossible to tell what kind of breed this red fox is.

The soul energy fluctuates strongly, which is stronger than the Great Yan Golden Tiger Emperor I encountered before.

“Your Excellency is a human being. It is not easy to come here.” The Red Fox Venerable continued, “I have been waiting for Your Excellency for a long time.”

“Do you know what I want to do?” Wang Feng asked.

“Yes.” The Red Fox Venerable pointed to the ancient tree behind him, and said, “This is the Ziying Soul Tree, the soul treasure of my soul energy. Below the tree, it suppresses the Demon God Magician.”

“Do you know me?” Wang Feng asked again.

“I know, but I don’t know.” The red fox said indifferently.

“Speaking of people. Don’t leave me playing riddles here.” Wang Feng waved his hand.

“…” The Red Fox Venerable.

It was silent for a long time, and slowly said: “The Demon Soul of the Demon God in the Wild Sea was cut to 60% by that person and sealed in six locations outside the Netherworld River. I knew the location of every demon mind. Later. Mankind was driven out by the Yujiang Demon God who washed the Soul Sea. This Demon God himself wanted to create a cut open seal for the desert sea Demon God through mankind.”

“So, I came here to suppress the magical thoughts here. At the same time, I calculated that the’magic star rushes to the light’, which means that the Demon God of the deserted sea is about to fall. But I don’t know that the magical thoughts of the deserted sea Demon God will How to fall. Until I saw the location of those magicians in the distance, a rays of light appeared that could suppress a sky.”

“I think it may be related to this.”

“You know so much.” Wang Feng said, “What else do you know?”

The Red Fox Venerable hesitated a bit and glanced at Wang Feng, “You, in this World, there is still a catastrophe.”

“What tribulation?” Wang Feng asked with a smile, “Is it related to the Sea of ​​Reincarnation?”

“No.” The Red Fox shook his head and said, “Yes…Peach Blossom Tribulation.”

Wang Feng looked at her in shock.

“How did you calculate this?” Wang Feng asked.

“Your soul…” The Red Fox pointed at Wang Feng, “There are too many emotions. You may not see them, but I see these emotions.”

“Let’s listen.” Wang Feng looked at the red fox with great interest.

Don’t tell me, there is something more.

“Emotion is a kind of ethereal cause and effect. It is one of the causes and effects in the universe. It is also one of the thousands of origins derived from the yin and yang will of the universe.”

The Red Fox Venerable has a serious tone, “Most of the life in the universe cannot see these causes and effects.”

“These causes and effects will accompany the soul of life, even if death will not change, only Samsara Reincarnation will slowly grow new love and cause and effect.”

“The emotions on your body are densely packed, very much, and most of them are very strong, which means that your soulmate is very strong. It is difficult to cut off your previous emotions.”

Wang Feng looked at the Red Fox Venerable with a serious look.


The ability to link with the will of the universe means that even if Wang Feng wants to deny, he can’t deny it.

Because he has not yet come into contact with the extremely mysterious and abstruse cosmic will.

“Do all the lives of your Red God and Tianhu clan have this ability?” Wang Feng was silent for a while before saying.

“…Do you…know the Red God Sky Fox?” The Red Fox Venerable looked at Wang Feng in surprise, “No wonder you have a thread of love in your body…obviously disturbed…the only one who can have this ability is… so that’s how it is …so that’s how it is …”

It seems to understand something.

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