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After absorbing the soul energy transformed by this magical thought, Pangu Axe Martial spirit has a clearer form.

“I should leave.”

Wang Feng didn’t intend to stay. He glanced at the small leopard behind him and said, “Excuse me, you can solve this small leopard. Although you can’t change the reality, I think it’s like you The strength of the fox clan should be able to slightly change the emotions, at least the life of the small leopard this level is not a problem for you.”

“You…” The Red Fox Venerable slightly startled.

“I probably understand the cause and effect of your marriage.” Wang Feng said slowly, “So just now you said you can’t help the Demon Beast, I know, you should be able to do it.”

When he calculated his love thread with the origin of Hongmeng just now, it also involved this kind of marriage.

Although the Hongmeng Origin cannot calculate the higher cosmic will, the calculation of the origin is sufficient.

Red Fox Venerable is similar to the kind of moon in the myth Celestial Court, and he can control the love relationship.

It’s just that the stronger the life, the heavier the karma she needs to bear.

For example, for herself, the Red Fox Venerable cannot change her own feelings, because she can’t bear the changed karma at all, and may instantly let it fly ash annihilation.

But, for the little Spirit Beast of Douluo Continent like Golden light thunder leopard, it is not a problem for it to change the emotions on the other party a little bit.

The Red Fox Venerable was hesitant to speak, but in the end it was nodded.

“Actually, I understand that you don’t want to change, because you are afraid of being contaminated with this kind of marriage, which will affect the curse of your family.”

Wang Feng said, “Actually, only when you change can new cause and effect occur. The reason why you can’t solve the curse is because you are too afraid of the karma brought about by cosmic cause and effect. But in fact, Only new causes and effects can be changed.”

“even more how, you are here to tell these souls what happened before their bodies, they are already touching the karma of marriage. Why cover one’s ears whilst stealing a bell, ignoring the cause and effect?”

After saying this, Wang Feng said to the small leopard separately and left here.

Red Fox Zunlue has several points of standing sluggishly in place.

It took a long time before he came back to his senses.

“You come forward.”

It looked towards that golden light thunder leopard.

Small leopard cautiously walked up, first glanced at a distance and found no silhouette returned, then said:

“Red Fox Venerable, can I not ask? It was mainly the fellows who pulled me up. Actually, I don’t care much about my life.”

“…” The Red Fox Venerable gave this small leopard a strange look.

It moved towards Golden light thunder leopard’s body and scratched lightly, as if it was extracting something.

Golden light thunder leopard subconsciously stepped back, only to find that the hand of the red fox did not touch him.

“Don’t be afraid, you were just an ordinary beast before you were alive.” The Red Fox Venerable said, “You had a partner in your life, and she gave birth to a litter of offspring. Because you died in battle, where you are The humans of World have given them very good treatment.”

While speaking, it retracted its hand, and took a leaf from the big purple tree that was split in the distance, and placed it in its hand and gave a light breath.

The picture appears in front of you.

In the picture, there is a smaller silver light thunder leopard lying in a nest built in the forest and resting. From the regular nest and three young Golden light thunder leopards quietly sucking breast milk, It is not difficult to see that they are in a good environment.

It seems to be aware of something, this silver light Leibao suddenly eyes opened and all around took a look.

Seeing this scene, Golden light thunder leopard eyes immediately felt sour.

“Look, they are actually doing pretty well. Your worries are unnecessary.” The Red Fox said.

“Thank you…thank you…” Golden light thunder leopard crawled on the ground, moved towards the red fox respected.

After speaking, its soul energy trembled, and it seemed to be more solid.

The Red Fox Venerable waved his hand slightly, indicating that it could leave.

Golden light thunder leopard stood up, his expression gradually calmed down, took a deep breath and walked down the steps.

The Red Fox Venerable looked at the sky, moved towards the bottom of the steps and patted countless souls of the team, opened the mouth and said:

“Today is over. Come back tomorrow.”

The sound blew down like a breeze, until a continuous sigh was raised under the steps, and then dispersed.

The Red Fox Venerable walked to the purple tree and pondered for a long time.

It thought of the state of the soul when Golden light thunder leopard left.

It has been here for a long time and has studied the soul deeply.

That is a very special state of the soul, similar to the state of no regrets and soul sublimation.

The experience of that small leopard during his lifetime was not that complicated. Even if he died, the only regret was that.

After learning about this, it knew that it was dead. But its partner and child, not at all suffering from any catastrophe, were protected by humans instead.

Enough to let its soul leave no regrets.

“The feelings are fading, and the cause and effect are over…This unique soul state can protect his soul from the erosion of the river even in the Netherworld River. It can easily enter the Soul Sea…”

Red Fox has been here for so many years. In this case, the number of times encountered can be counted on one’s fingers.

But she didn’t expect anyhow, she just changed it a little bit, and she could prompt…

At this time.

Being thinking.

In that big purple tree, countless leaves suddenly flew automatically.

The Red Fox Venerable hurriedly bowed down on the ground and said respectfully:

“Emperor. He has gone.”

The leaves gradually rise, and then form a fuzzy silhouette.


The silhouette spoke lightly.

“Can’t understand.”

Red Fox Zun said in a low voice, “He should have believed most of everything I said on the grounds of love. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s just…I didn’t expect, he seems to be able to change the cause and effect of marriage. From the unsolvable catastrophe, he found a trace of life. I don’t know whether this is good or bad.” The Red Fox shook his head.

“Oh? He is now a Remnant Soul, so weak, and still has this ability?” The silhouette was quite surprised.

“Yes, so the subordinates didn’t expect to encounter this situation. Moreover, I don’t know the vitality, how did he find it, and what else does he know?” The red fox stood up.

“It’s okay, this is a good thing. Originally just let you tell him that there is a disaster, but now he can find a glimmer of survival himself, he is indeed the man Nana never forgets.”

silhouette The leaves on the face moved, revealing several arcs.

“Also…” The Red Fox Venerable hesitated a bit, “Although he is a Remnant Soul, his soul seems weak, but the weapon transformed by soul energy is very powerful. Even Demon God’s magical thoughts can be easily Beheaded.”

“Perhaps, it can break through this evil world.”

“hmph, that’s all plot against that’s all.” Silhouette sneered, “Although you know a lot about this place, there are many things you don’t understand at all. The well of reincarnation here is important. This time The source of the first round of the robbery, those Old Guys were in the layout 10,000 years ago, and they are waiting for this moment. Trifling Demon God, his destiny has long been determined.”