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“Then he…” The Red Fox Zun whispered.

“Since he can find a chance to live, your mission is considered complete. Find a chance to return to the clan, no need to waste time here. The person you have to wait for is already samsara reincarnation. Are you yourself? Didn’t you find that the love thread on your body has become black?”

The casually voice makes the red fox respect slightly nodded.

But it said again:

“Since he is already samsara reincarnation, what’s the point of me not going back. Emperor, forgive me for being bold, I want to stay here and spend the rest of my life with what I have seen and heard.”

“Interesting, you didn’t think like that before. Did that human say something to you? Why, so easily persuaded by the other party?” The silhouette made of leaves trembled slightly and narrowed, “dignified Great Yuzun of the Red God Sky Fox Clan, in such a sinister world, do you still want to save the souls of these other races? When did you become so good?”

“I just feel that it has entered the cycle of reincarnation. I return to the clan, which means I continue to bear the love spell. Even if I find its reincarnation, the love spell will still exist. Then what is the point of returning to the clan? What?” said the red fox, “I might as well entertain myself and breed animals here.”

“hahaha…then it’s up to you.” silhouette indifferently said, “Since you don’t plan to return, you should stare more at that human being. If he is really gone, Nana that girl, I will feel sad.”

“Emperor, did you want to cut off the thread of love on him?” At this moment, the red fox suddenly asked.

“That’s right.” Silhouette directly nodded, “But I cut the love thread directly, which will also have a big impact on Nana, so I changed my strategy. I cut off all his other love threads…no surprise, He should have forgotten the other opposite sexes in his heart, only Nana in his heart…”

Speaking of this, the silhouette stopped abruptly.

Some blind spot seems to have happened.

“Wait, you just said that he believed most of what you said on the grounds of Qingjie? What does it mean? How could he believe in Qingjie? He only has Nana’s love thread. Where did it come from? Love Jie let him believe?” The silhouette stared at the red fox, “I just let you remind him that he will meet great calamity in this world.”

The red fox sighed said: “The love thread on his body has not disappeared, and there is no one, quite a lot. Not surprisingly, he has not forgotten the other partners in his heart. Moreover, I really learned from him. , I found the love robbery. Even, the great calamity you mentioned, it is most likely…”

“Impossible!” Leaves are flying all over the sky.

The tone was shocked.

“But what I saw is true.” The red fox said slowly, “The emperor, you have made a mistake. He may have thought of this kind of experience a long time ago, so he made preparations in advance… this human being There are all secrets. You should know something.”

“It is the magical power of the first wheel.” The silhouette has some gnashing teeth.

The Red Fox Venerable glanced at the flying leaves in surprise.

“This guy actually has cultivated first chakra magical powers, what I cut off is only the love thread on the doppelganger derived from his first chakra magical powers…otherwise it’s impossible to hide it from me! Damn it! This human being…the emperor at a loss has kindly helped him…”

“What should I do now?” The Red Fox looked at the sky with an expression that didn’t matter to me.

“Let’s see if he can survive this catastrophe first… I’m mad at the emperor, no, I have to go back and reprimand Nana. Such a cunning human, this girl is no wonder that this girl is so fascinated and obsessed… Go away! If his soul is gone, remember to tell the emperor earlier.”


The leaves fell and the dust settled.

“Really interesting.” The Red Fox Venerable seemed to think of something.

I want to laugh.

But he became serious again and warned himself not to laugh.


At this time, Wang Feng left the position where the Red Fox Venerable was, and continued to move towards the next position.

However, it took a distance.

Suddenly a few souls appeared in front, blocking the way.

The leader is the Great Yan Golden Tiger Emperor who jumped in the line before.

According to Golden light thunder leopard, this beast soul is the three One of the Overlords in their area.

Being a god-level existence before his death.

Douluo must have no such beast gods.

Then he can only be the gods of other Worlds.

“Why, trouble?” Wang Feng squinted at these guys with solid souls and imposing manner.

“No.” The headed Dayan Golden Tiger Emperor shook his head.

“What do you do in front of me?” Wang Feng asked.

“I saw it all.” said the Emperor Dayan Jinhu.

“What did you see?” Wang Feng was taken aback for a moment.

“You cut the axe light on the island and the heavenly demon shadow of Demon God.” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu coughed several times, “I can see it clearly.”

“What about then?” Wang Feng nodded, “Do you want to get an axe too?”

“Senior, you have misunderstood.” Dayan Jinhuhuang said solemnly, “I’m here to ask Senior if he can do me a favor.”

“No time, no help.” Wang Feng waved his hand, “Get out of the way if there is nothing wrong.”

“Senior, if you do me this favor, I will definitely work extremely hard to repay you in the next life.” Dayan Golden Tiger Emperor pleaded.

“Not rare. Also, the terms of repayment are too outdated, and I am not interested in it.”


“Senior, why are you willing to help the weak small leopard for free, but refuse to help me wait?” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu said with a rich expression and a look of disappointment, “Is it true that only the weak deserve to be helped? Is it? Powerhouses like me can’t be helped? What is the reason?”

“I am familiar with him and come from the same World. I belong to Old Yu Township, so I am interested and I can help if I want to.” Wang Feng said casually, “As for you, I’m not familiar, why help you?”

“You will be familiar with one group, once you are born and then you will be familiar again!” Dayan Golden Tiger Emperor licked his face and said.

Wang Feng looked at him a little strangely, “You little Old Hu, you were a god during your lifetime, how can you die without any dignity? You all beg me for help, I don’t help, you are almost the same Come on, isn’t it good to leave yourself some decent?”

“Yeah, you are dead, what dignity do you need? Senior, don’t you think?” Dayan Jinhuhuang said disapprovingly.

“…” Makes sense!

“Then I just don’t help?” Wang Feng said.

“Then I only have…follow you. I guess Senior, you should go to the vicinity of Luoyun Island next. Because this place also suppresses a Demon Soul of Demon God.” Dayan Jinhuhuang thought After a while, he said, “The humans on Luoyun Island advocate the Martial Dao style. Their souls are so powerful that everyone is warlike. It just so happens that I killed a lot of these martial artists before I was alive… They hated me very much because they were dark Before Demon Realm invaded…It was me who led the orcs to invade their World, but unfortunately, a dark Demon Realm was killed in the middle, which destroyed us and humans.”

“But I should occupy the top three on the hatred list in these human hearts. If they see me, they will definitely be a Senior. You are with me. When the time comes, you are in trouble.”

“Then I will kill you now.” Wang Feng took out Pangu Axe and said, “This way there will be no trouble at all.”

“hahaha…Senior, do you think I would be so stupid? Since I told you about this, I must prevent it.” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu smiled confidently, “Before I came, I had already sent it first. Demonic beast went to Luoyun Island and told them that the lord of the emperor, that is, you, is going to Luoyun Island and let these human souls roll out of Luoyun Island. Otherwise, let them Their souls are gone.”

“In this way, even if you go to Luoyun Island, you will have a lot of trouble. It is not clear at all.”

“Sorry Senior, in order for you to help me, I can only resort to these other methods. Bind you and me first. As long as you help me, I promise you will not go to Luoyun Island There is a trace of trouble.”

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan looked at Wang Feng with a serious face.

“It’s okay, I don’t care.” Wang Feng still waved his hand, “Any trouble, in front of me, it is an axe matter.”

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan was slightly startled, and suddenly looked at Wang Feng a little bit not knowing what to do.

It feels like the other party has no gaps in the iron plate, even air can’t get in…

Wang Feng patted the shoulders of the Emperor Dayan Golden Tiger, walked over.

Dayan Golden Tiger Emperor clasped a pair of tiger palms tightly, followed along, he didn’t believe it!