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The Sea Territory to the east has gradually deviated from the location of the Netherworld River waterfall.

But there still seems to be no end.

The gradual sky changes from blue to gray as Wang Feng advances.

There is no wave on the still calm sea.

This kind of scene feels like dead and still.

Of course, Wang Feng has become accustomed to this kind of scene, and he is not surprised.

After a day or so, suddenly, waves appeared on the sea.

This surprised Wang Feng very much.

Also made him realize that it should be here.

It was not unexpected to Wang Feng. When the waves on the sea were getting bigger and bigger, a group of small islands appeared in Wang Feng’s sight.

The center of the wave comes from the group of small islands.

It seems that a certain small island is undergoing some kind of vibration, which shakes out a circle of waves, spreading out infinitely.

“Very rich soul energy.”

Wang Feng looked into the distance. The islands in the distance were the places with the strongest soul energy among the places he had seen.

This is actually quite abnormal, because the area outside the Netherworld River waterfall is very weak in soul energy, even if there are a few places where the soul energy is very strong, it is not here.


Not yet close, I saw a few soul shadows walking on the waves, and at the same time there was a loud shout.

Wang Feng paused, looking at the people coming.

He felt a powerful wave of blood energy and Soul Willpower.

This kind of powerful blood energy and Soul Willpower must be a generation with extremely powerful fleshly body strength and supreme will before death.

Even after their deaths, their souls are infected with some powerful blood energy and Soul Willpower.

Of course, this kind of strength is still much inferior to those soul demons.

But as a human soul, it is already very good.

The Great Yan Jinhuanghu who had been coming up from behind also stopped and followed all the way here. It seemed that the moment of witness had come.

It knows that these martial artists are very stubborn. Once they recognize something, they won’t change it easily.

Stepping on the waves in front of us, there are three tall and upright human souls.

It is difficult to feel this imposing manner from the form of the soul so strongly.

It is obviously different from those extraordinary and refined Immortal Cultivator.

“No souls are welcome to enter here, please go back.”

The headed man stood up and looked at Wang Feng coldly.

The hostility is extremely high in his eyes.

Wang Feng thought for a few seconds, looking at the distant island.

He has already felt the magical thoughts of Demon God in the desert sea.

“Why not welcome?”

Wang Feng asked.

No soul can enter?

Wang Feng frowns saying, is it so eccentric?

is it possible that is because of the strong soul energy in this place?

“If you are not a different species of my race, your heart must be different. Since you are associated with these Demonic beasts, in my eyes, you are no different from those spirit demons.”

The leading man closed his eyes.

“It’s all dead, do you still care about it?”

Wang Feng could not help saying curiously, “It’s just souls that’s all. Whether it’s humans or beasts, you were rushed here for the purpose of entering the well of reincarnation. To put it bluntly, in the eyes of those spirit demons, you are all A kind of fodder. The enmity of the past should have been understood before your death, and now you can’t reincarnate, what does it mean to you to care about it?”

“Although the body is dead, the will is not resolved.” The man shook his head, “You don’t understand, you are not the martial artist of our World, and you will not understand the enmity between our World and these Demonic beasts. In short, it depends on you. For human sake, you can leave.”

Wang Feng cannot refute this.

Indeed, humans in each World have different encounters.

He couldn’t empathize.

“Yes, master, let’s leave.”

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan stepped forward and said respectfully, “These humans are impossible to tell good from bad, you want to help them, and take away the Demon God on Shengwu Island. They are so peaceful and peaceful. , They don’t know much about it themselves, so let’s not be nosy.”

Wang Feng glared at the Old Hu sideways.

“The Golden Tiger Emperor of Great Yan!” The headed man shouted sternly, “You have such insignificant ability, we have long seen through. This human being is not your master at all, and has nothing to do with you. If you have Master, it’s been passed over a long time ago. Would we not know? Although we don’t know why you made such a gesture in front of him, you and him, we are both impossible to let you in!”

“I advise you to die sooner!”

Hearing this, Wang Feng looked at the latter in surprise.

“Since you see that it is such insignificant ability, you understand that he has nothing to do with me.” Wang Feng asked a little strangely, “Why don’t you let in?”

“hmph, since the Emperor of the Great Flame Golden Tiger behaves like you, he obviously wants to get in touch with you and use the force to push people. For us, humans who have a relationship with Demonic beasts are not good things. “The man shook his head and said, “Besides, as I said, the souls of non-my race cannot enter.”

Wang Feng looked back at the Emperor Dayan Jinhu, and said, “What do you want me to help, is it going to the island?”

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan’s expression stagnated, as if he didn’t expect the other party to have expected it so soon.

“That’s why you use this method. You seem to want to bring me to the same camp. In fact, whether I refuse to reject you, as long as you follow me and provoke these human souls to do something, you can take the opportunity Island?” Wang Feng continued, “The method is good, but it’s a bit smart.”

“Senior is really gaze as if a torch, this can’t be hidden from you.” The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan bluntly said, “Yes, I do want to go to the island. It’s just that my strength will definitely be blocked by them. But. Senior, you must go to the island.”

“You brought that small leopard with you earlier, and you will not hesitate to go to our island, not to see the red fox, but to that Demon God. Then you will definitely not hesitate to do so. Island.”

The Big Yan Golden Tiger Emperor analyzed well.

Wang Feng nodded, although this guy was in the team at the foot of the mountain, he only had one face-to-face with himself.

But being able to analyze these, and then take advantage of the situation, still has several points of leader’s style.

“Are you not afraid that I will kill you directly?” Wang Feng asked.

“Fear, but as long as you are not these human beings.” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu pointed at the man and said, “You and I lacking hatred and enmity, you will not destroy me. And if Senior is that kind of vicious and merciless People, then they would not just use the axe to shake the three Dragon Snake, but directly use the axe to smash it out.”

pa pa pa.

Wang Feng applauded.

The Great Yan Golden Tiger Emperor observes carefully.

He did use the axe to blow the three Dragon Snake that had bullied the Golden light thunder leopard.

It did not kill the opponent directly.

Is an animal talent.

“Why are you going to the island?” Wang Feng asked.

“Because of love.” Dayan Jinhuhuang said.

“…” Wang Feng.

“The shameless beast!” At this time, the man angrily said, “Who has love with you? You Demonic beast who has no shame, you are the king of beasts! It is shameless! We Martial God Show mercy back then, I just didn’t want you to die, those Demonic beasts went crazy and suffered from both sides with humans, so I spared you a dog! You are still being passionate here, it’s ridiculous!

“You know what a fart.” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu crossed his hands, looked at the man in front condescendingly, on a tiger’s face, sneered: “You said Senior is not a human in your World. I don’t understand. Your hatred with our Demonic beast. You are not Martial God, let alone the emperor. How do you know how I feel with her?”

“You humans always like to use one set of standards to prescribe others, and another set of standards to prescribe yourself.”

The disdainful smile of the Golden Tiger Emperor.

Wang Feng nodded, double standard, any World is inseparable.