Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1609

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“I don’t understand?” The man was extremely angry and said, “No soul is allowed to step into Sacred Martial Island! This order was given by Yu Martial God! You said I don’t understand? Yu Martial God has revealed it so obvious. You said I don’t understand Wu Jueyun?”

“Child, do you have a wife?” Dayan Jinhuhuang asked.

“No…mind your own business!” The man was taken aback first, then coldly said.

“At first glance, it didn’t happen.” The Emperor Dayan sneered twice. “She doesn’t let me go to the island, it means she doesn’t have me in her heart? With ability, you let her come out and see me? What a Xiaoer, as a man, he doesn’t even understand the minds of women. He deserves to be without a wife, he is a bachelor when he dies.”

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan spoke very sharply.

Wang Feng was a little amazed by this.

What didn’t expect was that this beast king actually has a section of emotion relationship with humans.

Tsk, sure enough, in any World, the love between humans and beasts… exists.

See the beast and think about the beast.

Wang Feng couldn’t help thinking of Qingqing and the others.

Now I don’t know what is going on in Douluo World.

However, judging from the situation of that small leopard, it should be good.

“That’s it.”

Wang Feng waved his hand.

Understanding the whole story, Wang Feng does not intend to continue to struggle.

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan was overjoyed, knowing that this Senior should do it directly.

Let’s listen to Wang Feng instead:

“You can just let me in alone. As for this Old Hu, since the Martial God on your island doesn’t let him in. Just stop it, but I’m always a human being, all of the same kind. Let me There should be no problem in entering, right?”

“…” The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan.

“No!” the man named Wu Jueyun said flatly.

Seeing this, Wang Feng was too lazy to speak, and Pangu Axe appeared in his hand.

Without a word, just use the axe to give a light shock.

In an instant, the sea was surging up, and a huge force shook the space from the back of the axe, condensing into a powerful force, directly shaking the two companions of the man by his side.

“Good, good!” The big Yan Jinhuhuang behind was overjoyed, “I’ve seen these humans upset for a long time, and the Senior style is really a role model for our generation.”

“You.” Wang Feng turned around and looked at the big-yan golden tiger emperor, “Stay here, you are not allowed to go in. Otherwise…”

Wang Feng picked Pangu Axe, the threat was obvious.

Da Yan Jin Huhuang’s face suddenly stiffened, “This Senior, isn’t it?”

“Why not?” Wang Feng said, “Since the Martial God doesn’t let you in, what do you do? If you want to enter, you can enter yourself. With my power, you are a hero. ? If I were that Martial God, I would definitely be disappointed in you.”

“People might just wait for you to call in and see her. Use this method to follow me in, what’s the matter?”

The huge body of the Emperor Dayan Jinhu shook suddenly, as if he was awakening from a big dream, looking at Wang Feng.

“Senior is really amazing! I see!” It suddenly realized.

“Just understand.”

Wang Feng continued to move towards and flew forward.

In those remarks, he was just talking nonsense, it’s just that the Great Yan Jinhu Emperor wanted to use him to enter the island, and Wang Feng was not that easy to talk.

Naturally, he will not fulfill his wish.

As soon as the episode is over, Wang Feng has arrived in the middle of the archipelago in just a moment.

However, the islands are very tightly guarded. Wang Feng has repelled several batches of human souls like the Wu Jueyun before.

Although these human souls are strong, the actual battle strength is not very strong.

They are good at Martial Dao Fleshy Body power, and they are not very good at Soul Spirit. Now the fleshy body is annihilated, leaving only the soul, and the battle strength is very low.

Compared to those Immortal Cultivator, it is much weaker.

The Immortal Cultivator on Yunlai Island is always quite powerful.

Of course, most of them are like this, and a few of them are also very good at and capable of soul attacks.

Moreover, because this place is rich in soul energy, it means that their souls can survive longer.

Shengwu Island, not surprisingly, is the island that suppresses one of the Demon God in the desert sea.

The island is not high, and there is only one statue on the island as far as you can see, which is very eye-catching.

“That is the statue that originally existed on this island. This statue has always existed since we came here.”

At this moment, a voice sounded from a distance.

On the island, a total of five silhouettes flew down from above.

It was a woman who spoke.

The appearance may seem ordinary, but there is a kind of difficult demeanor and charm.

In the form of soul, her hair is tied with a purple phoenix feather, which is especially eye-catching.

The souls of these five silhouettes are extremely special. The blood energy stained by their souls can’t be overstated.

in the depth of one’s soul is also condensed with a round core the size of a millstone, exuding a powerful Soul Aura.

“Are you Yu Martial God?” Wang Feng looked at this woman.

Of these five people, this woman is clearly the head.

Her Soul Aura is also the most powerful.

“Are you here for the statue?” She was slightly nodded, her voice calm.

“Not bad.” Wang Feng nodded.

In that statue, the magical thoughts of Demon God in the desert sea are suppressed.

“We can’t let you destroy this statue.” Yu Martial God said slowly.

She knows why Wang Feng is here.

“Oh? You should all understand, right?” Wang Feng looked at them in surprise, “In this statue, there is suppressed a Demon God’s magical thought. It is a time bomb for you. I have to destroy this. A statue, and then accepted him. Don’t let me destroy it, is it possible that you worry that I can’t do it?”

is it possible that the Immortal Cultivator in Yunlai Island faces the same situation?

Yu Martial God shook his head and said: “Do you know why don’t we let other humans in?”


“When we first came to this island, we found that the soul psychic energy of this place is stronger than that of other places. We thought that it should make the soul survive longer, so we got our heels down.”

Yu Martial God whispered, “But I didn’t expect that things are not as simple as we thought. As you said, inside this statue, there is indeed a demon mind suppressing a Demon God, the Demon God of Demon Realm , We will not forget.”

“In the beginning, we thought that since we were suppressed, we just had to take a good look. Moreover, with the passage of time, the magical thoughts inside the statue became weaker and weaker…Did you find out?

Speaking of which, she paused.

Wang Feng nodded.

This magical thought is much weaker than the previous ones.

It’s strange.

“His magical thoughts are getting weaker and weaker, of course we are happy…”

Yu Martial God continued, “Not long ago, we estimated that with our five abilities, we planned to enter the interior of the statue, and then directly kill the magical thoughts to eliminate the trouble. Unfortunately, at this time, our island The human soul of the world has disappeared in large swathes.”

“It turns out that this Demon God forcibly weakened his soul energy, almost using a self-immolation method to burn his own magical thoughts. For this reason, he himself became much weaker, but the burning soul energy was also because of this. Spread to the island, making the soul energy of this island very abundant.”

“The soul energy we inhaled, the soul gradually filled. But it was just that he didn’t expect that these soul energy was subjected to his powerful sorcery…so that his magical thought, and our range, all absorbed those souls. The human souls of energy are all linked together.”

“Do you know, what does this mean?”

Yu Martial God looked at Wang Feng, “I don’t know if you can destroy this magical thought, but even if it is destroyed. All human souls on our island will quickly disappear.”

“So, we prevent the foreign Human Race from entering this place. We don’t want the foreign Human Race to inhale the soul energy of this place and be controlled by this. Humans in other places don’t know this secret.”

“But I can’t let you destroy that magical thought, because all our souls will disappear.”

After listening, Wang Feng was silent for a long time before slowly saying:

“What a deserted sea Demon God.”