Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1610


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As Demon God.

The Demon God of the Wild Sea is definitely the most cunning and cautious of the several Demon Gods Wang Feng has seen.

From the beginning of the spirit demon Holy City, this dog thing used his own hands, except for his two alliances, Demon God, until the dark tide was laid out in the back, almost every step was very difficult.

Wang Feng himself guessed that he was in the Well of Reincarnation, and he is here now.

It was sealed, but still cunning.

Although he had only lost four of his magical thoughts for a few days, he was killed by himself, but each one was not simple.

Two times, this guy almost escaped.

This time, the method used by the Demon God of the Wild Sea is even more ruthless.

It is very difficult to say that Wang Feng doesn’t care about these human souls, he just splits the statue and then takes away the magical thoughts of Demon God in the deserted sea.

He and these human souls on the island are lacking hatred and enmity, and Wang Feng cannot do it if they want to be buried with the magical thoughts of Demon God in the deserted sea.

To make it clear, Huang Hai Demon God prepared this trick, which was reserved exclusively for himself.

Put yourself in a dilemma.

“Has it communicated with you?”

Wang Feng asked.


Martial God slightly nodded, “Before we entered the statue and wanted to eliminate it with all our strength, we were threatened by it.”

Wang Feng looked towards them.

From the outside, there is no difference.

Even if it is induction, it cannot sense anything unusual.

“Have you absorbed the soul energy produced by its self-immolation Demon Soul?” Wang Feng slightly frowned.

The self-immolation of Demon God’s soul energy is very different from ordinary soul energy.

After he used Pangu Axe to slash the magical thoughts of Demon God in the deserted sea, he usually needs to inhale it into the origin of the Harmony, and after some quenching, it becomes pure soul energy before importing it to Pangu Axe Martial spirit.

The main reason is that Wang Feng himself is also defensive, and Huang Hai Demon God will play tricks in his own magical thoughts.

So I used the Hongmeng origin to perform deduction and refinement, and found that there was no problem before it could be used.

He himself is cautious enough.

Knowing that Huanghai Demon God is extremely cunning, maybe he will do something in his own magical thoughts.

It is even possible to cut open seal by the soul.

Wang Feng has considered both.


These humans are not him.

They know too little about Demon God.

Not to mention the extremely cunning Demon God like the Demon God of the Wild Sea.

“Yes, we can’t feel it at all, we are unconsciously caught.”

Yu Martial God whispered, “We have a crystal nucleus in the depth of one’s soul, and this crystal nucleus is condensed from the absorption of the soul energy and fuse together with our soul. So, basically Nothing changes. But this crystal nucleus is controlled by Demon God.”

“If he wants to detonate, our soul will die immediately.”

Wang Feng closed his eyes and felt the soul energy in this range.

Then sucked into the soul.

After entering the soul, there is no clue for this soul energy.

But once you touch the Hongmeng source, the source will immediately issue a warning.

In these soul energy, there is indeed a subtle but already formed Source Aura.

‘No wonder, it’s the origin. Could this be the origin of the Demon God of the Wild Sea, Demon Soul self-immolated, and then the origin soul energy. These human souls are simply impossible to detect. ’

Wang Feng perceives.

This is not the witchcraft of Yu Martial God at all.

If it’s just a sorcery, Wang Feng can use the Hongmeng origin to easily deduct and solve it.

But even if he didn’t find anything unusual at first, it meant that this was not a witchcraft at all.

It’s just the original ability.

Based on Wang Feng’s guess.

This should be a special source related to the soul.

It can divide one’s own soul into countless soul energy through its origin, and dissipate it between Heaven and Earth.

As long as these soul energy can gather together one day, it means that his soul can reappear in the world.

It is a very powerful source of survival.

Huang Hai Demon God only talks about battle strength, Wang Feng does not think it is very strong, and his origin seems to be the same.

Very stubborn.

And Yu Martial God, these crystal nuclei in their souls are symbols. If one day, the soul crystal cores they absorbed will give birth to even a strand of consciousness that carries the Demon God of the deserted sea, and Yu Martial God will be the carrier Will die slowly, and then these Soul Crystal cores will fuse.

Form the incomplete Demon Soul of Demon God in the desert sea.

equivalent to He escaped the seal of Hell.

But this time will be very long.

Even so, this is already amazing.

That is the seal of Hell.

Thinking about it, at this time, the soul energy absorbed by Wang Feng suddenly turned into a phantom of Demon God in Wang Feng’s meaning of Sea of ​​Consciousness.

“Humans, if you have the courage to destroy these human souls, the deity will convince you!”

Gui Mei’s voice sounded slowly, with a slight smile.

“What is your origin?” Wang Feng asked.

“Oh? You can see it? It’s okay to tell.” The phantom of Demon God in the wild sea laughed heartily a few times, and then slowly disappeared, “This is what the deity realized, called’Return to Origin’. This origin Fuse together with my Demon Soul. As long as the source is immortal, the deity will eventually have the moment when Demon Soul is reborn!”

After speaking, its silhouette slowly disappeared.

The soul energy absorbed by Wang Feng has gradually disappeared.

Obviously, the magical thought in the sculpture already knew that Wang Feng was coming.

The origin of the Demon God of the Wild Sea is entirely for life saving.


The source of understanding is used to save lives. One can imagine how afraid of death is this Demon God of the deserted sea?

Of course, from another angle, this guy is really cautious.

If there is a solution, Demon God himself has said it.

Just annihilate all these human souls, and then absorb the remaining soul energy of this heaven and earth into the origin of the Harmony.

This magical thought also disappeared.

Because these human soul bodies already have that Soul Crystal core, it means that the seed of Return to Origin has been planted.

And these Soul Crystal cores are fuse together with their souls.

Only by destroying them all, otherwise these original seeds cannot be destroyed, this magical thought of Demon God will really be preserved, waiting for some time to wake up.

‘Huanghai Demon God This move is also considered cutting off one’s means of retreat. Self-immolation Demon Soul, decompose the source. I want to die and live. ’

Wang Feng’s mind is slightly shaken.

It can be said that this action of the Demon God in the wild sea is similar to his previous Self-destruction. If the soul enters this place, it has the same effect.

It’s all the kind of practice of putting it to death and resurrecting.

Thinking of this, Wang Feng has several points of the feeling of finding a confidant…

“Actually we know…”

Yu Martial God saw Wang Feng not speaking, and suddenly said, “If this continues, this Soul Crystal core is still in our soul, and sooner or later we will die.”

“My soul can die.” Yu Martial God looked at several companions around him, “They can too. But we can’t make decisions for our tens of millions of human souls on Shengwu Island. Their souls are not as powerful as ours. It may not last long, but once the soul disappears, it means the real disappearance.”

“Even if you don’t ask for samsara reincarnation, you can even deprive you of the right to struggle on whilst at death’s door. We can’t do it.”

The Yu Martial God said this calmly and calmly, as if he was saying something ordinary.

Wang Feng felt the helplessness of seeing through the world, but unable to escape the fetters of the world.

“Even if we are just souls, no longer exist and reality. But they all have the right to survive and reincarnate.”

Wang Feng slightly nodded.

Heavenly Dao Samsara, although the soul is no longer a life level, it is one of the origins of life and a symbol of intelligent life.

For directly destroying so many human souls, Wang Feng may not be contaminated with any scourge, but it will be contaminated with cosmic cause and effect.

For example, the curse on the Red Fox Venerable, from the point of view, is cursed because it cannot penetrate the yin and yang will of the universe, but wants to interfere with the cause and effect of the universe.