Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1611


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“I have a way.”

Wang Feng pondered then said, “Need to try it. You don’t know how Demon God does it, but I know.”

“The way?” Yu Martial God took a moment to look at each other, then asked, “What way?”

“First of all, you have to let the big flame golden tiger emperor outside come in.”

Wang Feng said.

“?” Yu Martial God is startled again.

The remaining four remained silent, seeming to follow Yu Martial God’s opinions.

“Let him come in.”

After a child, Yu Martial God mouth loudly shouts, seemed to sound transmission.

But it hasn’t been out yet.

Along with a roar, one after another human souls flew over from a distance.

“feather! I’m coming!”

roaring sound coming from a distance.

A question mark popped up in Wang Feng’s mind, and then he suddenly came across.

The only Old Hu do not really listen to my words, incoming, right? Wang Feng thought.

Wang Feng, the great golden tiger emperor Wang Feng, knew about it when he jumped in to the island before.

On the outside, it looks like a cow, but it’s actually half a bullshit.

looked like stiff gas, saying that gas is also very hard, is to act very counsels.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t give him a direct way at the beginning, and I just had a wave with myself.

Didn’t expect was really beaten in by myself.

Hearing this voice, Yu Martial God’s expression was also stagnant, and he looked forward in surprise.

The rushing beast shadow.

After a moment.

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan rushed to them in front of them with great vigor.

“What are you doing?” Yu Martial God looked at all around the soul that had been beaten by the Golden Tiger Emperor, and asked with a beating.

“I…I’ll call in to see you!” The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan stagnated and said quickly.

“Didn’t I say not to let you in?” Yu Martial God asked with a frown.

Dayan Jinhuhuang complexion slightly changed, how does it feel different from what Senior said.

She is not at all very happy?

He looked towards Wang Feng on the other side.

Wang Feng looked at the sculpture on the island with an expression that he didn’t see.

He didn’t expect this guy to be beaten in by a direct fool.

The Golden Tiger Emperor of Da Yan turned his eyes, and brace oneself said: “Then I don’t care, I will come in to see you.”

“…” Yu Martial God.

She was expressionless, looked at the Emperor Dayan Jinhu, and laughed: “I didn’t see it, you still have the guts to do such a thing. I really underestimated you, Yan Zhenhu.” p>

She looked very kind with a smile, but she was actually a bit cold.

“That’s okay, just keep your eyes open in the future.” The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan shook his body and said proudly.

It seems that Senior is right. He thought.

“…” Yu Martial God.

Wang Feng couldn’t help but glanced sideways at the Emperor Dayan Jinhu. He is also a model of our generation.

I have the style of my time.

“Since it’s here…” Yu Martial God expressionless glanced at the Emperor Dayan Jinhu, then turned and looked towards Wang Feng, “Then what are you going to do?”

Wang Feng slightly nodded, walked over and looked at the Emperor Dayan.

“Senior, you see, Yu’er smiled at me, and she was really satisfied with what I did in her heart.” The Emperor Dayan said in a low voice with a smile, “You are right! Didn’t Expect that you know women so well. It’s amazing. To be honest, I think human women are really hard to understand.”

“You are so experienced, you must have had this experience many times, right? Then there must be many soulmates around you.”

“…” Wang Feng’s eyelids twitched.

This Old Hu, don’t you think he is stupid? He seems to be stupid.

But if he is smart, he is a bit smart.

But after another thought, he is a beast after all, and he doesn’t understand human nature, so his personality is naturally incomparable with humans.

Wang Feng patted the shoulder of the Emperor Dayan Golden Tiger, and simply said the matter.

After listening, the Emperor Dayan Jinhu went silent.

After a while, in a very happy voice, he said in a low voice:

“In other words, the reason why Yu’er didn’t let me in was actually that I didn’t want me to absorb these soul energy, and that Demon God controlled life and death?”

“Instead of not wanting to see me?”

Wang Feng glanced at him in surprise, and then at Yu Martial God, nodded.

The focus of humans and beasts is really different.

“Very good, very good!” The Emperor Dayan was even more happy, “Senior, you see, she really has me in her heart.”


It should be true love. Wang Feng said in his heart.

“Can you stop yelling!” Yu Martial God couldn’t help it anymore, shouted, “Do you think I can’t hear it?”

” Yu Lingjia, do you dare to shout at me?” The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan suddenly became hardened at this time, “What are you hiding from me for this kind of thing? Do you know how I came here these days? How can it be controlled by Demon God? If you are gone, do you think I will drag out an ignoble existence?”

Yu Martial God slightly startled, probably didn’t expect this guy to be so hard-hearted, but his brows were immediately embarrassed, but he hid a bit of tenderness, staring at the Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan, “en?”

The Golden Tiger Emperor of Dayan quickly turned his head and immediately looked towards Wang Feng, loudly said: “Senior, you told me just now, you have a way to unlock the control of Demon God, you just need my help! Say it , What should I do to help you?”

“It’s very simple.” Wang Feng didn’t want to pierce this guy’s psychology, said with a smile, “Since you don’t want to drag out an ignoble existence, you just entered here. That’s right, you absorb this place with your soul The soul energy quickly condenses a Soul Crystal core out, and it can be controlled by that Demon God.”

“???” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu looked at Wang Feng with question marks in his head.

What do you mean?

“Satisfying your wish, isn’t it good?” Wang Feng faintly smiled and said.

The Yu Martial God frowned next to him couldn’t help but feel a feeling that the other party might be a gang with that Demon God.

“Senior, shouldn’t you be in the same group with that Demon God? Can’t it!” The Emperor Dayan Jinhu simply said the thoughts in his heart. “I believe you are lying to me.”

“No, I didn’t lie to you.” Wang Feng said seriously, “I need to see the process of the Soul Crystal core condensing in order to find a way to crack it. The Soul Crystal core is not the ordinary evil you think Technique. It’s Strength of Source. Your previous life may involve a bit of origin, but it’s far from enough.”

“I am different. The origin of Demon God cannot work for me, so I can’t condense the Soul Crystal core.”

“And your soul is strong and the absorption speed is extremely fast, which means that the speed of condensing is also very fast. The process of Soul Crystal core condensing will also be much faster. It does not need to consume too much time for me. Moreover, this place is also I can’t find a human soul that hasn’t been condense Soul Crystal core yet.”

“If you disagree, you can go out right now. While the time is not long, you will not be disturbed by this kind of soul energy. If you agree, let’s start.”

Wang Feng finished speaking slowly, then looked at the Emperor Dayan Golden Tiger.

The Golden Tiger Emperor Dayan stagnates slightly. Even Yu Martial God was stunned.

However, Wang Feng did not lie.

He intends to use Hongmeng origin to analyze the origin of Demon God’s ‘Return to Origin’.

Although the origin of Hongmeng can be analyzed, the energy of the origin is too complex and powerful. Normally, it will take a long time for the current origin of Hongmeng.

Not to mention, it will take more than a few months.

For such a long time, Wang Feng doesn’t know how long reality will pass. He doesn’t want to delay.

However, if you have a sufficient understanding of this source in advance, the deduction and analysis will be much faster.

If we can observe the changes in the origin of the Soul Crystal nucleus when the Soul Crystal condenses, Wang Feng is confident that he can complete the analysis within a day or two.

Because Demon God decomposes its own origin and integrates it into the soul energy of Demon Soul’s self-immolation.

“So, little Old Hu, are you willing?” Wang Feng looked at the latter with a smile.