Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1612


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Life is always faced with choices.

At this moment, it is also a choice to lose in front of the Golden Tiger Emperor.

But he just glanced at Yu Martial God, and immediately loudly said: “I do!”

Wang Feng laughed, nodded.

Martial God expressionless on the side.

“Then start on the shore of this island.” Wang Feng said, “Don’t waste a minute and a second.”

The big yan golden tiger emperor clenched the teeth and fell to the shore, with a pair of tiger palms slightly propped forward, and began to absorb soul energy in a strange posture.

“didn’t expect this big-yan golden tiger emperor is really willing to do so.”

Next to Yu Martial God, an old man sighed, “When he led the Demonic beast army to attack my mankind, he was a blood feud with us mankind. After he died, he would still be willing to We humans do this kind of thing.”

“These Demonic beasts are no less intelligent than us, and they also have emotions…” Another middle-aged man glanced at Yu Martial God slightly.

“It’s just that this involves Demon God Strength of Source, is it so easy to crack?” The old man moved towards Wang Feng bowed slightly, although he was suspicious, his eyes were more of seeking to solve the puzzle.

Wang Feng will not explain anything.

Because it doesn’t make much sense, now that they explain it, they won’t understand it.

As for this big Yan Golden Tiger Emperor…

Wang Feng’s eyes showed the original model of triangular prism, which moved slightly.

The origin of Hongmeng flew directly above the Golden Tiger Emperor, and began to analyze and deduct it.

“Which World are you from?”

Wang Feng asked casually.

“Canglan Star.”

old man replied.

I haven’t heard of it, but it seems that there should be a lot of small worlds gathered, and they are not on the list of the dark Demon Realm.

“How are you fighting against the dark Demon Realm?”

Wang Feng pondered for a moment and asked.

Several people were silent.

Probably the problem seems a bit serious.

Wang Feng waved his hand slightly, not to mention it.

“We, Canglan Star, have a population of tens of billions. The Demonic beast, which was originally attacked from Beast King and mainly by the Great Yan Golden Tiger Emperor, has only fought with us Canglan Star for a few years, and the two sides are equal. Hand, no one took advantage. Until later in a certain historical battle, at least a thousand beast kings gathered, and when the same number of human Martial God battled with us, the dark Demon Realm appeared, bringing the high-end battle strength of both of us to catch everything in one net .”

Yu Martial God simply said, “It was that battle, when we Canglan and Beastmaster all fell. Most of the Peak battle strength on both sides fell, and a small part was struggling on whilst at death’s door alive, and Part of the dark Demon Realm was chosen. Our batch has already fallen.”

“How long have you been here?” Wang Feng asked.

This question made a few people’s eyes blank.

It seems impossible to calculate the time.

“It’s been a long time…” After a long time, Yu Martial God said slowly, “Even in this World, we have been fighting with those Demon Souls, and a lot of human souls have disappeared. Now what is left is The last soul seed of our Canglan Star Human Race.”

“However, when you enter the well of reincarnation, you are still not the Canglanxing Human Race, it doesn’t matter anymore.” Wang Feng said a question that suffocated them.

After speaking, he looked at the Big Yan Golden Tiger Emperor.

The origin of Hongmeng exudes one after another origin energy, which is in the form of filaments. It surrounds the whole body of the Great Yan Golden Tiger Emperor. Each thread seems to contain the change of a World, reflecting the flowing light and shadow of the Star River, endless changes.

“Even so, it is better than disappearing, turning into pure soul energy, and becoming the nourishment of this World.” Yu Martial God said.

“Nourishment.” Wang Feng laughed, “Interesting saying.”

“Don’t you see it? Our souls basically exist to keep the soul of this World abundant.”

Yu Martial God’s face is cold, exuding unwillingness, “It’s nothing more than to nurture these Demon Souls, so that these Demon Souls can absorb our nourishment and enter the cycle of reincarnation. The soul of the next life can still remain at a level. , Aptitude will be very good. This method is just like we humans feed those livestock with fodder.”

Wang Feng clapped his hands.

Having this consciousness shows that they fully understand their situation.

It’s like the Immortal Cultivator in Yunlai Island.

They may also know it in their hearts.

So, even if I knew that the desert sea Demon God was most likely to lie to them, he still chose to serve Demon God.

Because after all, I still want to enter samsara reincarnation instead of becoming the nourishment of this World.

After chatting for a while, Na Hongmeng’s origin was slightly shocked.

A huge stream of information flooded into Wang Feng’s mind.

Immediately, in his mind Sea of ​​Consciousness, a pattern converged by countless soul energy appeared, like Star River.

Begin to gather slowly, and finally gather in one point.

‘With the Great Yan Golden Tiger Emperor as a specimen, the speed of analysis and deduction is very fast. ’

Wang Feng slightly nodded.

We chatted with Yu Martial God for a while.

“By the way, we Canglan Star and those angels also have some relations. We belong to the same universe.”

Yu Martial God suddenly said, “Angel Nebula is also rumored in our Canglan star. After the dark Demon Realm invaded our planet, although we died in that battle, there were already Angel Legion vanguards before death. Arrived. Perhaps…the current Star Canglan has not fallen into the claws of the Dark Demon Realm…”

She hesitated for a few minutes, and her tone was very uncertain: “If we are not completely degraded, we will be reincarnated, and we may be reincarnated as human beings of Canglan Star.”

This is probably the deepest hope in her heart.

“Is that so?” Wang Feng was a little surprised.

“The new generation of angel kings, the king of heaven ascended to the throne, has crossed half of the universe and came to our northern galaxy. Probably after the establishment of the dark order, she created the light and dark universe alliance, calling on the whole All the lifeforms of the universe join it. Speaking of which, our Canglan Star is one of the first places to join the planet.”

Yu Martial God recalled.

Guy, is Xiaoxue so good?

Wang Feng Xindao.

This is to surpass her mother’s rhythm.

“But obviously it’s impossible.” Yu Martial God shook his head slightly, “We only joined it because we felt that many of the ideas of the King of Heavenly Cultivation coincided with us. However, the universe where we live is not small , How is it possible that all lifeforms will be added to it, 10% is not bad.”

“These news are very important to me, many thanks to tell them.” Wang Feng felt a little bit more in his heart.

“Your soul still has the breath of an angel. I must have stayed on Tianxin Island, so I think you may have several points of relationship with them.”

Yu Martial God nodded, “If you can really unlock this Soul Crystal core, for us, the kindness is too heavy. To say a little cliché, may only be reported in the next life.”

Wang Feng laughed and did not answer.