Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1701


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The storm gradually subsided.

Wang Feng’s soul awakened from the state of cultivation, his eyes seemed to reflect a long river of time, flashing one after another light stream.

“Not bad.”

Time and Space Storm subsided, and even the turbulence of time and space disappeared.

This long river of time in the universe has also returned to peace.

In a calm state, it is difficult for Wang Feng to move this long river of time and cause Time and Space Strength riots for cultivation.

After all, this long river is too large. Before Wang Feng was able to easily take advantage of the long cultivation of God World and Dark Demon Realm, it was because those long periods of time were too small in comparison.

With the support of heaven, it is naturally possible.

In this long universe, Wang Feng can’t fully pry, even if he can pry some parts, the speed of cultivation is definitely not fast.

It takes a long and long time to fully absorb the Time and Space Strength of this long river.

Unlike this time, there is a special giant beast, which is constantly motivating Time and Space Storm.

In a short period of time, a large amount of Time and Space Strength with no difficulty was absorbed by Wang Feng.

This time cultivation, in addition to bringing it up a level when the first round, the biggest benefit is that Pangu Axe has already condensed and completed the true soul.

“At least one-fifth of the Time and Space Strength of this long river was absorbed anyway. The Soul Power derived from the cultivation of the yin and yang complements the Remnant Soul of the last Pangu Axe and becomes a true soul. “

True soul, contains the complete will to open the sky.

But that’s just real soul.

It is not the real Pangu Axe. If you want to realize it, like Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, it may require countless divine force.

For Wang Feng, the only difference between Realization and True Soul lies in the amount of divine force consumed each time it is used.

The formidable power will not change much.

After actualization, Pangu Axe really exists, which means that Wang Feng can be used anytime and anywhere.

Innate Supreme Treasure made by Pangu Axe can also be used by others.

For True Soul, every time you use it, you need to temporarily consume a large amount of divine force to condense it. At the same time, the Innate Supreme Treasure transformed by True Soul is also the same, so it cannot be used by others.

Only you can use it.

Primal Chaos Azure Lotus is the same.

The Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, which is the true soul, can only use all the Innate Supreme Treasure that it has transformed into.

Because it was formed by relying on its own divine force.

After actualization, Primal Chaos Azure Lotus is truly real and can be given to others to use.

“Next, the three souls need to be merged into one, and then comprehend the will to become a universe level life, and then you can start the reconstruction of the ancestral world.”

Wang Feng took a deep breath.

He looked towards Xiyue and Yan Qingjue beside him, the two souls have separated, their souls are shining brightly. Obviously this cultivation harvest was huge.

They are Heavenly Dao Incarnation. The stronger the soul, the stronger the rules of God World and Dark Demon Realm.

For God World and Dark Demon Realm, it is a good thing. It is even more good for them.

In comparison, the benefits they get are far inferior to Wang Feng’s cultivation.

“By the way, that giant beast?”

Wang Feng’s heart moved.

This cultivation, this giant beast has done so much, and it must not be let go easily.

Perceiving all around, Wang Feng quickly saw this giant beast.

I saw that giant beast, at this moment really lying on the edge of a stream of light, his eyes were dull and motionless.

Looks like dead…

“en?” Wang Feng was stunned, “The state is not so good. It seems that his body has become smaller.”

He walked over and looked towards this giant beast.

“roar! ~”

The empty-chewing beast seemed to have known that Wang Feng was coming, and it opened its mouth and moved towards Wang Feng and let out a silent roar.

It seemed extremely angry, but he didn’t even have an angry tone.

“Hey. You seem to be angry, but you are helpless.”

Wang Feng laughed.

This giant beast certainly didn’t come for no reason. He knew it after a little thought. I’m afraid it has a great background.

No accident, it must have been caused by the soldiers he had sensed before.

As for the intention, it is obvious that it will definitely not come to help myself.

80% are here to make trouble.

Because the Time and Space Storm just now is more powerful and troublesome than the turbulence of time and space, causing Time and Space Storm can only destroy one’s own cultivation.

But didn’t expect to be self-defeating, instead, he became himself.

“Little thing, give you a chance to mix with me.” Wang Feng uses his soul to sound transmission, directly letting this giant beast understand what he means.

“Abominable false god, get out!” The Skychewer replied angrily.

Wang Feng laughed.

He knows the current state of this giant beast.

A little bit of perception will understand.

It is hungry.

Why are you hungry? Wang Feng also knows.

A giant beast that can turn the tide in the long river of time must take Time and Space Strength as its food.

Unfortunately, the Time and Space Strength just now was completely absorbed by myself.

It’s strange that it’s not hungry!

It caused Time and Space Storm to be afraid of devouring Time and Space Strength.

Wang Feng spreads out his palm, pulls it gently, a ray of light hovering in Wang Feng’s palm, then begins to rotate tempering, and finally condenses into a pale-silver thread.

This thread is Time and Space Strength after tempering.

Suddenly, a covet burst out of the eyes of the empty beast.

“Want to eat?”

Wang Feng asked.

Time and Space Strength after tempering, for this giant beast, is a peerless delicacy.

The empty beast is nodded.

It is very hungry.

Wang Feng heard the answer and blew the silver thread lightly.


The Sky Eater was in a hurry.

But it doesn’t have the slightest strength at this time, it can only stare at Wang Feng.

“Pseudo-god, don’t go too far! You just used the Time and Space Storm that I caused to devour Time and Space Strength that should have belonged to me. How can I help you? Space Strength won’t be given to me. It’s too much!” The Space Strength was extremely angry.

“Joke.” Wang Feng shook his head, “The guy behind you who sent you here wants to deal with me, right? In other words, you are used to deal with me, not to help me. Only But you don’t at all think that Time and Space Storm not only did not hinder me, but helped me.”

“I didn’t kill you, I was very kind to you. Do you think I know nothing?”

The Sky Eater stopped talking immediately.

This is indeed the case.

It never thought that it would be able to fool this cunning pseudo-god with those words.

“You have only two paths now, either die. Or become a tool for my future cultivation.”

Wang Feng sneered, “Of course, I won’t make you hungry. You can grow in a long river of time. If others are afraid of you, I am not afraid of you. You can’t escape if you want to.”

Wang Feng said straightforwardly.

After speaking, Wang Feng’s palm again condense a hint of Time and Space Strength.

The Sky Eater stared at the wisp of Time and Space Strength for a long time before shook his head and said: “No, I already believe in a god. I have been imprinted with the imprint of a god. If I betrayed, I will be subject to the gods. The rules of the universe cannot escape death. Don’t you know the rules over there?”