Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1702


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“The mark of the gods? The universe?” Wang Feng slightly frowned.

“en?” The Sky Eater seemed to see Wang Feng’s doubts, surprisedly said: “You false god, isn’t it the Divinity of the Divinity Universe? Right, this long river of time and space is not the Divinity Universe. On the side…you guy, isn’t it the native pseudo-god of this universe? The pseudo-divine ability of the native universe enters the cultivation of the long river of time and space… This is only possible by the Heavenly God who transcends the long river of time… You are particularly this universe The indigenous Heavenly God?”

The last words of the Sky Eater were shocked.

Wang Feng was silent.

He roughly guessed who the god behind this sky-eater was.

It should be the god of another universe believed by those black clothed persons whom the subject on the Douluo World met.

Divine universe, multiverse.

“One beast does not serve the two masters.” The empty beast said, “You kill me.”

“…” Wang Feng.

Have a backbone.

“Then if I kill the god behind you, do you belong to the ownerless?” Wang Feng asked.

“…” The Sky Beast.

The Sky Eater thought for a while, and said: “I am the family of the gods. Once the gods die, the power we gained from the gods will disappear, and most of them will die with the gods. And I am more special and will not As the gods die…”

“No owner.”

“That’s good.” Wang Feng nodded.

“I advise you to stop messing around.” Skychewer reminded, “You are just a native Heavenly God of a unit universe. There are a lot of Heavenly Gods in the universe of Gods. Once you dare to kill The gods of the divine universe are equivalent to offending the entire divine universe. Unless it is a divine battle, dignified is beating the opponent.”

“oh?” Wang Feng smiled, “Is there any dignified statement?”

“Of course. Life on the other side of the universe is born as a god, replaced by a power level, which is a false god. The power level there is extremely high. Only when the god level is reached, it can barely be regarded as a powerhouse.”

Wang Feng understands.

Heavenly God in the mouth of this giant beast should be the universe level life.

It’s just a different name that’s all.

But in the universe of the gods, being born as a god is a bit powerful.

“You are a trifling aboriginal Heavenly God, if you want to forcefully kill the gods I believe in now, it is unrealistic. However, to launch a normal divine battle, both parties need to fight with the Divine Realm under their control. The divine universe is over. The system is complete, and the god I believe in is a rare genius god in the universe.”

The Sky Eater looked at the wisp of Time and Space Strength and coveted, “No, although you are a native Heavenly God, you are not from the system on the other side of the god system. Instead, rely on your own cultivation success as Heavenly God. The Divine Universe relies on its own Divine Realm and the will of believers to become Heavenly God.”

Wang Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He is not actually a Universe level life yet.

Because he hasn’t fully understood the will to open heaven.

But in the mouth of the Skychewer, is there any other way to become a Universe level life?

Only relying on what Divine Realm and the willingness of believers can you become a Heavenly God?


If this is the case, the Divine King of Douluo God World will not be stuck by the rules.

Because the gods in the Douluo God World mostly rely on the strength of faith condense God Position to become gods.

‘The Divine Universe…presumably this set has been developed to Peak. It looks similar to Douluo God World, but in fact the system of the difference between Heaven and Earth…’

Wang Feng Xindao.

However, what makes Wang Feng feel strange is that he can become a universe level life without comprehending the will of the universe.

If this is the case, then there might be a system on the other side of the universe.

Of course, it may also be that I don’t know much about Universe level life, not much.

To comprehend the will of the universe to become a universe level life, I am afraid it may be the most difficult and troublesome kind…

No matter what, what the giant beast said did Wang Feng see.

“Like what you said…” Wang Feng pondered for a moment, “Then I can’t make a strong move?”

Wang Feng thought he might be able to kill the god behind this empty beast.


Given a trifling of more than ten 1,000,000 years spirit ring to my family, dare to show off one’s military strength in Douluo World?

This kind of god is obviously not strong in true strength.

Death is Little San’s current strength.

It’s just that the opponent was born in the universe of the gods and has a different system. Compared with the Douluo God World, it is more high-end, complex and complete.

So it looks like very difficult to deal with.

“You can try.” The Sky Eater said nonchalantly.

The bitter beast said this, in fact, it was to make Wang Feng take care of it and not kill it.

“On the other side of the universe, except Heavenly God, it can only be regarded as a powerhouse. How about a powerhouse?” Wang Feng asked again.

“Heavenly God is Supreme God, and Supreme God is the universe god at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. Then there is no…” After the empty beast said, he added, “At least I don’t know. My god teaches The highest god system given to me is the universe god at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.”

Wang Feng eyelids twitched.

Supreme God Wang Feng doesn’t know.

But the universe gods at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty seem to be different.

The two characters at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty are not simple.

One yuan is equal to fifty thousand beginning chakras, and for a normal universe level life, the beginning of the universe ferry once a cosmic calamity.

Once you have lived through the beginning of the first Yuan, it is equivalent to 50,000 times of universe calamity…A Universe level life that can live to this point is not a question of strength.

Like the unit universe where Wang Feng is located, the other party estimates that it can be wiped out. Hundreds of millions of World bounced to pieces in an instant.

That magic sky strategy, has not even survived a cosmic calamity.

All belong to those who have just acquired the will of the universe and then step into life at the universe level.

‘The universe is not simple…no mess. ’Wang Feng thought to himself.

With his current position, once a confrontation arises, it is not just himself that will be affected.

It will be hundreds of millions of lives.

Wang Feng doesn’t care, even if most of them have nothing to do with him, but there are a lot of them.

‘The god behind this giant beast has repeatedly dealt with me, and I’m also impossible to do anything…’

Wang Feng thought for a while, and then he had cares.

He looked towards the soldiers on the other side.

In an instant.

The general headed by three hundred purple Blood Fighter was shivered fiercely.

But as the family of the gods, naturally you can’t be afraid.

The general’s expression remained unchanged, he suppressed the throbbing in his heart and looked at Wang Feng.


Wang Feng coldly snorted, in an instant, he has already come to these fighters.

“The giant beast, did you release it?”

Wang Feng looked at these soldiers lightly, “The gods behind you want to deal with me? That’s it?”

The general wanted to speak, but found that under the enormous pressure, he couldn’t convey a hint of thought.

An indigenous pseudo-Heavenly God in the wild universe, no, now it seems, I am afraid it is not as simple as a pseudo-Heavenly God.

The other party’s aura is stronger than my god.

This means that the other party has become a true Heavenly God!

An indigenous Heavenly God of the universe.

Aboriginal people are also Heavenly God.

Wang Feng turned his gaze on the Purple Gold gourd of the general, and he seemed to feel it.

The breath of this bottle gourd fuse together with that empty beast,