Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1703


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The Divine Universe.

In a Divine Realm, the Heavenly Palace is clouded.

The silhouette sitting cross-legged on the top of the palace can see that the rays of light recede.

An extremely handsome young man exudes a mighty spirit.

Not long after, outside the Heavenly Palace, one after another light gate appeared.

A warrior with a body of purple blood came out of the closed door.

“en? Are you back?”

The young man is slightly frowned, “It seems that something is wrong? Baiyun, can you do what I say?”

As a family member of the gods, the youth obviously knows that the situation with these Purple Blood Fighters is very wrong.

It’s like losing a battle.

Among the families of the wild species, the Purple Blood Fighter has the characteristics of never fearing death and infinite strength. It will not show a trace of timidity in the face of invincible enemies, and will never lower its head.

At this moment, it is obvious that the three hundred purple Blood Fighters, even the headless generals are bowing their heads.

Baiyun Spirit Venerable appeared at the feet of the youth, with a respectful expression: “My god, everything is in accordance with your instructions. I will hand the Purple Gold gourd to Wufeng, and let him call out the empty-eater , Set off a storm of time and space, deal with that false god…”

“But I didn’t feel the breath of Purple Gold gourd from him.” The youth coldly said.

Baiyun Spirit Venerable was taken aback, suddenly took a deep breath.

The Divine Realm of the gods contains the essence of Spiritual Qi. Between breathing, it should be enjoyment.

But Baiyun Spirit Venerable has a feeling of suffocation.

At this time, I saw the three hundred purple Blood Fighters outside the gate of Heavenly Palace.

The headed general’s eyes were godless, and he knelt down abruptly as he looked at the majestic and majestic palace standing above Qiongyun.


Not only did it fail, but even the Supreme Treasure temporarily granted by my god and the holy family members were all lost.

This sin was enough to make him die 10,000 times under Divine Punishment.

Knelt for a long time.

The young man at the top of the palace spoke faintly, with a magnificent voice, “It seems that not only did you fail the mission, but you also lost the Purple Gold gourd and the empty beast.”

The general knelt on the cloud, not daring to raise his head, as if he was a prisoner on the guillotine waiting to be executed.

“Get up.”

The young man said slowly, “You are not at fault.”

“no! ”

The general suddenly raised his voice and said with excitement, “My god, punish us! It is our fault, and it is our fault that brought such a great loss to my god!”

The youth was silent.

As family members who believe in Spiritual God, they will not have any doubt about the god they believe in.

The respect of the gods cannot be violated, and the gods cannot make mistakes.

The young man waved his hand, and a powerful force dragged the general up.

“No front, tell me what happened one after another.”

The youth did not pursue right and wrong at this time, but asked calmly.

The general wanted to continue to kneel down, as if he was able to redeem some of the mistakes he had committed, but he couldn’t kneel down anyhow. At this moment, he heard the instructions and immediately explained what he saw and heard, and finally what Wang Feng said. The words one after another said.

“It turned out to be a native Heavenly God…and it can also cultivate Time and Space Strength, even the space-time storm can’t help it.”

After listening, the young man was speechless for a long time. He looked at the sky of his Divine Realm, and an interesting expression appeared on his face, “The native Heavenly Gods are all promoted from their own universe, and they have powerful battle strength, their system It is often self-contained and does not fit in with my god system universe.”

“But it is precisely because of this that the native Heavenly God often thinks that they are invincible in the universe. They want to start a god war against me, this must be the sky-eater told the other party.”

Qingyoung laughed, “The special sacred family of the empty-chewing beasts has existed in the long river of time. It is extremely rare. I have used special means to obtain it. It must be unwilling. On the surface I believe in me, one’s heart It only believes in the will of time. It wants to take this opportunity to use this native Heavenly God to escape from my control…”

“Instigate God to fight? A native Heavenly God?”

The youth’s expression is plain, unnemotional, and there is no trace of contempt or grim in his eyes.

Baiyun Spirit Venerable whispered: “Enlighten God, do you need me to call back the other three Spirit Venerable, and the battle will start. It’s about Divine Realm…”

“Summon it back.” The young man said indifferently, “After all, he is a Heavenly God. If he dares to start a god war against me, let him know the rules of the universe. As for the sky-eater, how can it be? Can I escape the palm of my hand?”

“Baiyun, you go to the star of the gods in the center of the universe, and tell this to the Donghuang gods where I am. An indigenous Heavenly God wants to activate God against me, a false god of the universe. War.”

Baiyun Spirit Venerable slightly nodded, and then I understand the intention of my god.

This is to expand the impact of this matter.

Under the universe of the gods, there are many universes, and these universes occasionally give birth to one or two native Heavenly Gods.

It’s just that, the indigenous Heavenly God is difficult to be absorbed by the God-based universe, and it’s hard to know the God-based universe even before becoming a Heavenly God.

Once you know the universe of the gods, they are all invincible existences in this universe, and you naturally think that your universe is invincible, and you don’t look at the universe of gods at all.

Moreover, the indigenous Heavenly God became a Heavenly God because of unimaginable hardship, and only one exists in the entire universe.

The heart must be extremely awkward. Many native Heavenly Gods even dare to directly pick the War God universe…

The result… I originally wanted to absorb these indigenous Heavenly God’s divine universe, which is naturally impossible.

If we talk about the battle strength of a single body, there is not much difference between the indigenous Heavenly God and the god Heavenly God, and the indigenous Heavenly God may be stronger because of its particularity.

But the god-system universe has the rules of the god-system universe.

Solo combat is not a measure of a Heavenly God battle strength.

Divine Realm, family members, and their own strengths add up to measure the battle strength of a Heavenly God.

Naturally, many native Heavenly Gods rely on their own strength to pick the War God universe.

The results are mostly miserable.

The original aboriginal Heavenly God’s choice of the War God universe is unreasonable, and against Heavenly God in the War God universe with their own strength, they will end badly regardless of whether they win or lose.

The aboriginal Heavenly God who appeared later knew a little about it, and respected the divine universe.

There are others who want to pass the rules of the God-system universe and use the rules of ‘God War’ against Heavenly God in the War God System universe.

But unfortunately, so far, no native Heavenly God can succeed.

There are too many reasons.

Baiyun Spirit Venerable knows the reason why my god did this is to use this native Heavenly God to warn those native Heavenly God again.

Don’t talk about challenging Heavenly God, the indigenous Heavenly God challenged a pseudo-god of the divine universe through ‘God War’, and they were all impossible successes!

Baiyun Spirit Venerable acted immediately.

Enlightenment is the universe of the gods. The youngest and most powerful young gods of the East Huang gods are one of the few false gods. It is very likely that they will become Heavenly God at the age of 10,000 years.

extremely renowned.