Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1704


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But Baiyun Spirit Venerable, as the Spirit Venerable closest to Qi body, naturally knows.

In addition to the Donghuang God System, there are hundreds of different God systems in the God System Universe.

The Donghuang God System belongs to the lower one in the entire God System universe, and its reputation is not obvious. Qishen wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen the reputation of Donghuang God System, as well as his own reputation.

After all, the false god defeated Heavenly God and crossed a distance like a moat, which was a major event enough to make the entire god system talk about it and be shocked.

Even if this Heavenly God is a native Heavenly God.


Wang Feng looked at the Purple Gold gourd in his hand and held his chin for a moment.

“The Divine Universe, it should be very interesting.”

Wang Feng weighed in and thought for a while.

He feels vaguely.

Maybe, the disappearance of the Great Desolate World has something to do with this divine universe.

Even, Divine King of Divine Tribulation may also have several points of relationship with this divine universe.

Thinking about it, Wang Feng left for a long time.

Because of his impossible long-term cultivation in this long river, this sky-eater needs to rest for a while before it can be used again.

Otherwise, overworked, this giant beast will probably not live long.

You can never catch fish.

Come slowly.

The emergence of empty turbulence at that time not only brought an opportunity.

It also broke the long river of God World and the barriers of this long river.

Although this long river of time in the universe contains countless branches of time, the long river of branches symbolizes the direction of billions of Worlds.

The Time Flow Speed ​​of these Worlds is not equal to the long river of time of the backbone.

The flow rate is different between them, there is a space-time barrier, and Time and Space Strength are not the same.

Otherwise, the Time Flow Speed ​​of those Worlds will be exactly the same.

Now the emergence of turbulence in time and space has broken this barrier, which means that the Time Flow Speed ​​on the God World side is in line with this long river of main time.

There are good and bad.

The advantage is that Wang Feng can travel through the long river of God World time and swim into this main river of time for cultivation at any time.

What’s the downside? After Time Flow Speed ​​is benchmarked, the entire universe may be dominated by Douluo God World.

Douluo God World will be the center of this universe.

Douluo God World’s rules will be changed.

Divine King will no longer be the limit, the upper limit will be higher, but how high it becomes, you need to see the gods of Douluo God World explore on their own.

At the same time, the gods of Douluo God World will no longer be immortal in God World.

Their lifespan, which is the benchmark of this universe, can only live for one round at most.

Unless you become a Universe level life and survive your own calamity, it will be difficult to survive this number.

Wang Feng and Xi Yue returned to God World.

Telled the situation to Xiyue again.

“So, God World will change drastically in the future?” Xiyue asked.

“The big change will not be, but Time Flow Speed ​​is benchmarked with the universe.” Wang Feng said, “Do you benchmark, Douluo God World will gradually become the center of this universe. The rules of God World will change. , To be more specific, it depends on your own feelings, after all, you are the Heavenly Dao of God World.”

Douluo God World, Samsara Sea.

Xiyue felt it for a long time before saying: “It seems that nothing has changed.”

Wang Feng shook his head and said: “I will definitely not feel it for a while. After the Time Flow Speed ​​is the same, it will slowly change. If it doesn’t help, it will take several decades? How can it be so fast.”

Xiyue is slightly nodded, and several decades of time are actually very short for God World.

“Then you are next?” Xiyue looked at him, “Do you really want to fight with that pseudo-god in the universe?”

The universe of gods, Xiyue hasn’t heard of it much.

Never heard Yuan Jie Divine King say.

Very unfamiliar.

Yan Qingjue has never heard of it either.

Of course, it is possible that Divine King did not tell them about it.

Speaking of which, Wang Feng did not get the last special source of Divine King from Qian Renxue.

You can’t get all the inheritance of the Divine King of the Origin Tribulation. Perhaps the inheritance of the complete Divine King of the Origin Tribulation is about the Divine Universe.

Wang Feng wants to know more about the universe of the gods, the sky-eater only knows a little bit of fur.

“Otherwise?” Wang Feng said, “The pseudo-god of the divine universe covets this universe. I met a group of his family members in Douluo World before and wanted to sacrifice Land of Extreme North. Spirit Beast.”

“I can’t bear this kind of thing. If you don’t deal with him, the whole universe, including God World and the dark Demon Realm, may all become his family.”

Wang Feng said: “Do you want to become his family? In fact, the point is that the guy is not very strong. The power he gives you is also very limited. So I want to encroach on the World of this universe. Obviously impossible.”

Xi Yue was silent for a moment, which is the truth.

The dependents are religious.

Just think that God World has many planes. The gods of God World will spread their power among those small planes and let the mortals of the small planes believe in them.

There is nothing wrong with this.

But that a trifling false god wants to subdue them and become dependents and let them believe in a false god.

Isn’t this funny?

Do you really look down on this universe?

“Then have you been able to fight?” Xiyue couldn’t help asking.

“On the individual battle strength…” Wang Feng said, “I can kill the opponent with one axe…maybe…”

“…” Xiyue.

“So weak?” Xi Yuelue has several points of surprised, “This kind of strength makes us his dependents? Why not become yours.”

Speaking of this, a smile appeared on Xiyue’s face, “It’s better to believe in you.”

“You dignified a Heavenly Dao of the Great World. This is okay.” Wang Feng shook his head, “Divine Universe is different, if you believe in me. But I can’t give you stronger now Power, where does your faith come from?”

The essence of believing in this cultivation system is: You want me to believe in you, but you have to give me benefits that are useful to me, right?

You can’t just talk about it casually.

Just like a mortal making a wish like a god, once the mortal condenses the strength of faith, the wish is successful.

The gods can do it, and all people will believe in you, and this strength of faith will belong to you.

If you can’t do it, why should I believe in you?

The strength of Faith will naturally not belong to you.

I want her to believe in existence at the level of Xiyue, but she can’t just give her a little strength and save her life.

“If you can survive the cosmic calamity, I will believe in you.” Xiyueban cracking a joke said semi-seriously.

Wang Feng was stunned.

He knew that this universe was about to pass through the universe.

By then, the Douluo God World, as the center of the universe, will bear the brunt of it and will surely suffer a new blow from destruction.

This kind of cosmic calamity is generated based on the age of the universe. This universe has already had a first round of age, and cosmic calamity will occur. The universe level life itself is calculated based on its own age.

Formidable power levels…not one level.

“Are you serious?” Wang Feng couldn’t help asking.