Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1768


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“By the way, offerings…If you add suitable offerings, will you…”

Gui Li mused.

He has seen the sacrifice that borrowed another 10,000 years from the sky.

To be honest, those sacrifices are not worth mentioning for this World.

“blood sacrifice …sacrifice… celestial book…”

Gui Li thought, “Perhaps, the heavenly book and this Fire Burning Stick…Ancestral God should be able to fancy…”

The Book of Heaven is the cultivation secret technique of this World, the supreme scroll.

As Guili now knows, the secret scroll of the heavenly book contains the cultivation concept of the three most powerful factions in the world, Buddha, Demons, and Tao.

In other words, the demonic path of the Buddha, all the cultivation mental methods of these three lines are derived from the comprehend in this book.

Gui Li once thought that this should be a fairy law.

Fell into this world.

Raising his hand, Gui Li looked at the black round stick in his hand.

At the top, it was like a blood jewel-like bead, exuding breathtaking rays of light.

The Book of Heaven and the Soul Eater are the two most precious treasures in his body.

“I hope Ancestral God can be seen…”

Gui Li took a deep breath.

The so-called piety and sincerity are like this.

“Perhaps only in this brief moment.”

Thinking about this, Guili began to chant the chapter about calling the gods.

Almost at first, he felt a strong Spirit fluctuation.

In an instant, the entire in the depth of one’s soul began to be filled with a huge light and shadow.

An Ancient Eternal Supreme breath, coming like a vast universe!


The light and shadow fell, and the entire stone chamber seemed to be unable to stop the stalwart of this light and shadow.

Gui Li suddenly eyes opened, staring at the light and shadow in a daze.

The breathing started to be rapid.

“I know.”

In the light and shadow, there is a hungry tone that pierces in the depth of one’s soul.

“I, can resurrect the one you love.”

This sentence of Ancestral God made Guili feel the temperature of this World again in this brief moment.

“But, you can figure it out clearly.”

Ancestral God continued slowly, “Once she resurrect, what choice will you face?”

Gui Li gave a sudden stop.

“What do you…know?”

Ghostly muttered.

“I, I know everything.” Ancestral God said again, “Your original name is Zhang Xiaofan, from this World Cyan Cloud Sect. It was originally a dísciple, but by mistake, you are in the same way as the woman on the demonic path of this World. Love, later because of this demonic path woman sacrificed for you, you betrayed Cyan Cloud Sect. After many trials, you have the current you. At the same time, in your heart, besides this demonic path woman, there is another Silhouette of a woman.”

“Ugh, can you figure it out clearly?”

Gui Li choked back a few steps.

Where does this Ancestral God come from?

You know yourself so clearly?

However, thinking of Ancestral God’s possesses great magical power, Gui Li felt relieved.

Perhaps, for this level of great life.

Even this World is nothing but an Ancestral God a single thought thing that’s all.

“Do you still care about our mortal emotions?” Gui Li was silent for a moment, and asked in a low voice.

“I don’t care.” Ancestral God said loudly, “But, you call for piousness, and I respond to your coming, and you are my believer. For believers, God is tolerant and fraternity. Since you have a pious belief. My glory, then, God must know everything about you.”

Gui Li understands this.

“Also, emotions are the avenue of the universe. It is the source of life. There is no distinction between mortals and gods.”

Gui Li was shocked.

He has a deep feeling about this.

Realm seems to be a breakthrough at any time.

This makes Ghost Li startled.

Didn’t expect this Ancestral God didn’t do anything, just a few words seemingly ordinary, you can make yourself realm breakthrough.

“Then what should I do?” Guili knelt and asked piously.

“Recall the past and the future, and have a clear conscience.” Ancestral God said.

Ghost Li startled.

Seems to understand.

“Do you still want to resurrect her?” Ancestral God said.

“Yes!” Ghost Li without the slightest hesitation’s replied.

“Goodness, over there as you wish.”

The words fall.

divine light is coming.

Falling into the silhouette of that emerald green.

Suddenly, Heaven and Earth changed dramatically!

one after another white light, converging from all around.

Like three Immortal Souls and six Mortal Souls.

Reverse reincarnation yin and yang.

This is something even worse than repairing Daoist walk the heavens-defying road.

In an instant, this ice stone chamber was blown to pieces by this terrifying imposing manner.

Gui Li looked at the sky blankly.

Heaven and Earth changed dramatically, and the thunder flickered.

The God who is in charge of the lives of sentient beings seems to want to descend Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation and smash the heaven defier into pieces.

One after another terrifying imposing manner, brewing from Heaven and Earth.

Gui Li held his breath, shaking his head.

He used to borrow a divine tool, Qiankun Reincarnation Disk, in Tianyin Temple, a major Buddhist Taoist temple in the world, to save his loved ones.

It can turn things around and reverse yin and yang cause and effect.

has several points of chance to save the beloved.

But the monk of Tianyin Temple said that this is going against the sky.

If you modify the Heaven and Earth fate, you will definitely encounter Heavenly Retribution! !

That is more terrifying than flying through Thunder Tribulation!

The situation of ten deaths without life!

Gui Li was not afraid at the time, but for some reasons, he did not succeed.

At this moment, seeing this Heavenly Retribution come, I finally feel what it means to be ‘ten deaths without life’!

In the chat group, he knows that World is different.

The rules are different.

This World is not like the World where the world cannot bear me.

Here, resurrect the dead life.

Not only need to turn things around and reverse the mighty power of Yin and Yang, but also need to be able to withstand the punishment of God!

The rules of World are so terrifying!

Above Nine Heavens, the boundless thundercloud condenses.

It seems that Armageddon can destroy all living things in the world.

Almost at this moment, almost all the creatures in World felt an aura of destruction.

But only Guili knows that this kind of destruction is aimed at Ancestral God.

For the emerald green temperature on this ice bed.

However, at this moment, he only heard a flat voice.


That was a sound from the light and shadow of Ancestral God.

The sound is flat, but like a universe explosion, almost instantly, the entire sky trembles violently.

The boundless thundercloud, in an instant, disappeared invisible!

The Heavenly Retribution Thunder Tribulation, which seemed to be annihilated, disappeared.


Gui Lilue has several points of watching this scene dumbly.


Heavenly Retribution?

Is the World rule?

Heavenly Dao?

So fragile.

Gui Li suddenly felt a sense of fragility in this World.

Gui Li glanced at the light and shadow of Ancestral God silently.

Although I haven’t talked about the immortal of those soaring, but it should be very far from Ancestral God.

“Ur, good health disposal.”

Light and shadow gradually disappeared, and between Heaven and Earth, disappeared.

As if it never appeared.

Only the temperature in the palm of the hand tells Guili that all this is true.

“Xiao Fan?”

Slightly weak sounded softly in his ears.

At this moment, Guili looked at the shadow like a stone statue, with the brilliance of World in his eyes.


Ancestral world.

“Master, I look like you have several points of sadness.”

Yan Mengyao was recording the gains this time, and he meditated for a moment and said, “Master, how come I feel a little bit at a loss… In the World resurrect of Guili alone, or resurrect half a Child of Destiny, this consumes Source Power Compared with the strength of Faith produced by Guili, the price of sex is not high.”

Wang Feng smiled and said: “Complete the regret of your master and I once compared it. The strength of Faith produced by Guili is nothing. Even more how, in the face of emotions, it is impossible to talk about sex. Comparing prices. Besides…the World has great potential.”

“Don’t say anything else, there are plenty of babies.”