Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1769


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Wang Feng not at all talked big talk to Yan Mengyao.

There are indeed a lot of treasures in Zhuxian World.

Perhaps, those babies are nothing to me.

But after the amplification of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, it has greatly benefited the ancestral world.

“The special topography of the ancestral world is still too few. Although there is life, it is still empty.”

Basically, most of them are mountains, rivers and woods.

There are no rare and exotic fruits, and there are few resources.

This thing about resources, from a normal scientific point of view, requires years of accumulation before they can be gathered.

For example, basic mineral resources.

In the era of Great Desolate, such resources are estimated to be very few.

The Chi Human Race that Bibi Dong saw before, the minerals he went to dig, the soaring peaks are so small.

Resources are scarce.

However, the background of Zhuxian’s World is quite similar to that of Ancient Desolate Era. The resources there are all accumulated over a certain period of time.

After the amplification of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, it can be amplified to the same intensity as the ancestral world for the life of the ancestral world.

The resources of World at Yingzheng are relatively backward.

“Leave aside, the two distinct things presented by Zhang Xiaofan are good.”

Wang Feng spread out his palms, and five pale-gold papers appeared in front of him.

This is the heavenly book of Zhuxian World.

In that World, the concept of Heaven and Earth contained in this book of heaven gave birth to the Buddha demonic path Three Sects.

To some extent, it is the source of all laws.

Because the founder of the demonic path Three Sects of the Buddha, the cultivation methods are all comprehend from this book.

Of course, from Wang Feng’s perspective, this is a very powerful fairy tale.

It belongs to another Immortal World cultivation method that has never appeared in Zhuxian World, but does exist.

In Zhuxian World, there is a saying of soaring.

It means that the Immortal Cultivator in Zhuxian World will eventually enter another World.

And in fact.

Wang Feng felt it when the World Heavenly Dao descended on Thunder Punishment in resurrect Baguio.

Zhu Xian World indeed has this genus World.

Not surprisingly, it should also belong to a big World.

It belongs to the immortal dao civilization.

And the one who descended Heavenly Retribution Thunder Punishment was naturally the immortal creature that controlled Zhuxian World.

For the immortal dao civilization, how can the reincarnation cause and effect of Zhuxian World be easily changed?

Naturally it is not allowed.

It’s just that Wang Feng was scared and disappeared.

For that kind of big World, it is not so easy to learn the difficulty of faith.

immortal dao, the civilized Peak powerhouse, can also touch the existence of Universe level life.

With this kind of existence, it is difficult to believe in other gods.

Unless the divine universe is used, it is directly conquered by brute force, leaving a mark of divine force and giving strength.

Like the dead spirit god, in the super god universe, turning Karl into a family member.

Of course, for Wang Feng, as long as it takes some time, he can cultivate believers without using that set.

However, the most lacking at this time is time.

Furthermore, with the belief amplification of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, Wang Feng does not need to spend that many time to cultivate believers in the Great World.

Unless, good luck, encounter the kind of very weak Child of Destiny.

For example…

Ye Fan like this.

Wait for Ye Fan to enter the Eastern Wilderness World after pulling the coffin through the Nine Dragons, with endless resources.

As long as Ye Fan can sacrifice two things casually, after going through the amplification of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, the benefits are unimaginable.

“This Scripture from Heaven is just an ordinary cultivation method.” Yan Mengyao thought for a while, “What’s the use? Not as good as the Fire Burning Stick.”

“No.” Wang Feng shook his head slightly, “This five-volume book belongs to the method of cultivation enlightenment. Many of the cultivation concepts in it are very suitable for the newborn Human Race. It just so happens that the current Human Race has a very different personality Of different ethnic groups.”

“Then, I used the Hongmeng origin to analyze and modify the five volumes of the Book of Heaven, and place them in the Ancestral Realm to form a complete cultivation system. At least, it is suitable for the current Human Race.”

Today’s Human Race is full of power, but the cultivation method is hazy.

If this development continues, the three special spirits that Wang Feng bestowed the Strength of Faith will be able to reach a higher level.

But in fact, the cultivation method is very scarce.

Wang Feng used the Hongmeng origin to re-develop a set, which took a lot of time.

But now that there are ready-made ones, it basically doesn’t take much time.

Wang Feng only needs the ancestral world model and a lot of data, as well as various data of advanced Human Race.

Incorporating into the Hongmeng source, as a data basis, inserting into the five volumes of this book of heaven, and deduction and processing on them, can deduce a complete system.

Moreover, because it is an enlightenment cultivation method, Human Race in the ancestral world can also develop other cultivation methods on this basis.

It can quickly reach the point where a hundred flowers bloom and powerhouses emerge in large numbers.

Even, this kind of enlightenment cultivation method has a great impact on the Demonic beasts who have just awakened and possessed more powerful strength.

“As for this stick, its effect is relatively small…”

Wang Feng pondered then said, “This stick itself is a combination of Zhuxian World’s two heavenly materials and earthly treasures… It has no effect on me at all… Wait until the next time after using Primal Chaos Azure Lotus amplification Sacrifice, just return it to him.”

“As the Child of Destiny of Zhu Xian World, Guili is now awakened in Baguio, but his path will not stop. Training him is the right way.”

The activist, after Wang Feng made a plan, he immediately implemented it.

First, I adapted the five volumes of this book.

The concept of these five volumes has derived three cultivation concepts of Buddha’s demonic path.

Wang Feng made deductions on this basis, and added the life philosophy of special Shinto, Asura Path, Spiritual Path, Yin-Yang Path and Demonic beast.

Because these other daos are the nine reincarnations that Wang Feng will develop in the future, as well as the life races in the ancestral world.

So, the five volumes of this book of heaven have been strengthened into nine volumes.

Each volume contains an unintelligible concept of life, contains the profound mystery of the universe, and directly transcends the basic concept of Zhu Xian World.

Rising to the level of the universe.

The name has also changed from the five books of the heavenly book to the nine books of the universal book.

“Take the nine books of the Book of Universe, down to the Ancestral World World.”

Wang Feng said slowly.

“Good host.”

The gift of Ancestral God is for the entire ancestral world.

Ancestral world.

On the boundless ancestral world.

The mountains of Nine Dao and Heaven and Earth rise suddenly from the ground.

They are located in nine different directions in the ancestral world.

“What is that?”

At this time, at the center of the Human Race Tribe.

Human Sovereign Xi looked into the distance, the huge stone pillar that suddenly stood up almost straight into the sky.

This kind of spectacle has never been seen in his hundreds of years of experience.

“Xi, the Ancestral God statue shines!”

At this moment, a handsome man beside him shouted loudly.

The man has a burly face and a body like a giant. His eyes are calm and surprised.