Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1770


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This is the deputy of Emperor Xi, Chi.

Is also the ancestor of the Chi people.

Today’s Chiren clan is his bloodline.

“It seems that this should be Divine Vestige, the tribe I explored over there. I have heard Qianyintu sound transmission saying that in the far north, there is also this kind of stone pillar, which is the same as Heaven and Earth. Towering.”

Another man with a more peaceful face also walked over.

This is the other deputy of the Emperor Xi, Yu.

One of the most powerful races in the Human Race, the Human Race.

Protactinium Human Race has super endurance and speed, compared with Chi Human Race, which is good at climbing mountains and ridges, good at strength, and can be huge.

Human Race is agile, and is very good at concealing one’s own breath. It is as good as Chi Human Race in Human Race and can explore unknown areas.

“The Ancestral God statue is flooded, which means this is Divine Vestige.”

Human Sovereign Xi pondered for a moment, and said, “Call the leaders of the major tribes, and go with me to the stone pillar to climb and observe. If the Divine Vestige is given by Ancestral God, it is inevitable. The stone pillar is extremely profound mystery!”

The two deputies quickly nodded.

Then gather people and move towards the stone pillar with Human Sovereign Xi and rush away.


“It has been released. Human Race is very clever. You should be able to see the nine volumes of the book of Zhou carved on the stone pillar soon.”

Yan Mengyao observed.

Wang Feng slightly nodded, “As long as they can observe, with their wisdom, they should be able to comprehend their own cultivation method from the nine books of the Book of the Universe, and open up their own cultivation avenues.”

“And the nine volumes of the Book of Universe, is Master you created. Their cultivation will definitely have a stronger strength of Faith for you.” Yan Mengyao thought for a while, “It’s the best of both worlds. When the life of the nine ancestors is the same Ju, you can find your own cultivation method from the nine volumes of the Book of Universe. In this way, the life of the ancestral world, your belief in the master will become stronger and stronger.”

“The family members cultivated in this way are not only strong, but also safer and safer than those obtained through the divine force imprint. The growth is also stronger, and you don’t even need your strength later.

“So to say…Zhu Xian World, it is still good. By the way, Zhang Xiaofan’s strength of Faith, master, do you plan to…”

“Find a time to sacrifice and invest in Human Race. After all, compared to Monster Beast Race, Human Race only relies on those three. It is far from insufficient. Cultivate a special Human Race, sex The price is higher.”

Wang Feng pondered then said.

The life of the Demonic beast is built using the countless demonic beast models of the Great Desolate World inside Primal Chaos Bell.

Innate is too powerful.

It’s just that most of them haven’t woken up yet.

“It’s time to see the chat group… speaking of which, I don’t know how Ye Fan and Jingtian are progressing…”


In the chat group.

Fan Ye: “@Everyone, something big is not good!! something big happened to me!”

The young man at Yongan: “Fan Ye big brother, what’s the matter? Let’s talk about it?”

Tuoshe ancient emperor jade: “Great event? Isn’t your world very peaceful?”

As Fan Ye who often chats with the masses.

Shared many situations about the World of Earth.

The same goes for other group members.

So, each has a clearer understanding of each other’s World.

Plus, you can upload videos in the group.

Be able to see the appearance of each World, so the understanding becomes clearer.

People in the world can’t bear me: “Did the kind of’comet hit Earth’ that you talk about happened? Speaking of which, my situation is very good! @向天再 Borrow a 10,000 years, Old Brother, look for This is an opportunity to tell me how you did it after unifying the mainland. Share your experience with me. I should be fast too. I have also arranged the Ancestral God sacrifice here.”

Borrow another 10,000 years from Xiang Tian: “No problem! @凡叶, what’s the big deal? Don’t tell me, is it the ‘Spiritual Qi Recovery’ you told me before?”

Fan Ye: “???? No, it’s more terrifying than the recovery of Spiritual Qi! What’s so special, you dare to believe that my modern society has the wonder of Nine Dragons pulling a coffin! I am now in a coffin. Inside, what should I do if I ask for help online?”

The group of friends listened to Fan Ye seriously.

But the tone was quite relaxed. Obviously, this guy had a huge heart and seemed not afraid of this kind of thing.

On the contrary, the curiosity is even greater.


“Fan Ye uploaded a video.”

Everyone quickly downloaded it.

At the same time, Wang Feng, who just came to the chat group, also saw it.

‘Nine Dragons pull the coffin? This, could it be the beginning of the plot to cover the sky? ’

Wang Feng was taken aback for a moment, a somewhat interesting smile appeared on his face.

He opened the video and took a look.

Sure enough.

The angle of view is Ye Fan’s. Standing on the top of Mount Tai, he stared blankly at the nine flying from above the sky, like giant dragons poured in copper sauce.

It seems to be flying from Ancient Era, exuding the ancient aura that is ancient and distant.

And the giant coffin behind…

“The story begins, this Child of Destiny is about to get on track…”

Wang Feng pondered for a moment.

But, he has to join the process.

That is to help Ye Fan quickly become Celestial Emperor and reach a higher level.

If it is the speed that Wang Feng knows, even if the ratio of Time Flow Speed ​​over there is greater than here, it will not meet Wang Feng’s current requirements.

At this time.

Fan Ye said: “In addition to me, there are dozens of classmates in our class… The Nine Dragons pulled the coffin and hit Mount Tai. We accidentally entered the coffin to avoid danger… Now I feel like this The nine dragons will drag us to other places…”

The ancient emperor Tuoshe Jade: “Fan Ye, these nine giant dragons are very powerful, and they can drive this kind of life to pull the coffin. I don’t know what is in the coffin…it must be the work of a peerless powerhouse. I advise you. It’s best to wait quietly now and don’t touch it in the coffin.”

The young man at Yongan: “cough cough, I also want to say, let you see what valuable baby is in this coffin… you should listen to sister Yu.”

To borrow another 10,000 years from Tian: “It is recommended to ask Ancestral God. I think Ancestral God should know something…”

The people of the world can’t bear me: “I agree. We don’t understand your situation. Only the gods of the level of Ancestral God can understand your situation. It’s really weird.”

Fan Ye: “I want to ask too, but Ancestral God doesn’t have me! I can memorize the Great God Calling Chapter. Helpless.JPG.”

Seeing this sentence, Wang Feng pondered for a moment and sent a message out.

Ancestral God: “This is a small matter, no need to call me.”


Fan Ye: “Fuck, Ancestral God, you came out? Ecstatic JPG.”

Ancestral God Jade: “Ancestral God is here, hehe, how are you Senior?”

The other group of friends also gave respectful speeches from science subjects.

Fan Ye: “Ancestral God, I…what’s the situation? Is it a trivial matter? Well…it is a trivial matter for you, but for me…”

Ancestral God: “This is your chance. You can face everything with a normal heart. If you encounter danger that you cannot face, call me again.”

After speaking, Wang Feng disappeared.