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ancestral world.

wang feng double mold slowly open.

In front of a fragment, quietly floating in front of it.

The power of several avenues within the Long Longzhu is already absorbed by this cream.

but the crucial, it is also necessary for WANG Feng to understand a bit.

“Wanlong Zhu …”

wang feng slowly.

Although there are only a few avenues, it is unexpected to activate some of the micro-energy of this created jade disc.

has not yet been derived from the complete local channel.

The comprehension jade disc is one of the three Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure of the Great Desolate Universe.

“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is Primordial Chaos SuPreme Treasure …”

WANG Feng faces a smile of Looking Thoughtful.

The current ability is very monotonous. This thing has the power of the avenue, just like a city that is powered off, is injected into the first power.

Next, Wang Feng can use this creation of jade disc induction, the power of this Continuously.

Great Desolate Universe has already already shattering.

Supreme Treasure in Chaos also covented.

but there is a three thousand avenues, but it will not disappear, just dissipate.

dissipated in countless universe.

“The causality between this universe is really unlikely …”

wang feng has a closed eyes, meditation for a few seconds.

he got this created jade disc, this thought it took a long time to restore this cream.

Didn’t Expect, encountered this Dragon God Realm.

is so clever, this talent.

This is the power of a few avenues.

This is to activate this creamy saucer.

Although this is the origin of the jade disc, the Shen Ming Has Several Points Of of the Universe …

Thinking this, Wang Feng is in the heart.

is at this time.

The voice of Yan Meng suddenly came:

“The owner, the situation is not too wonderful. The dragon ball was stolen, the Wanlong Universe is like the Powerhouse coming …”

Wanlong Cosmic PowerHouse is it?

wang feng paused, waving his hand: “It is expected to come. If you don’t send Powerhouse, I don’t know where the Wanlong universe.”

梦 愣..

“Since it is here, then grab it, then ask the location of the Longchang universe, see what the universe is.”

wang feng indifferently said.

“then what do you mean, do you want to shoot?”

梦 Cautiously asked.

“me?” Wang Feng is moon laugh, “Now there are many major ethnic races in the ancestral world. Those Child Of Destin also has a bit of a bit of the big tree … That Long Dragon Universe is sent, Maximum value is a day god level Dragon Race. “

“Unless this Dragon Race has a real Universe Level Will, it has passed the beginning of the round robbery. Otherwise, simply doesn’t need me to shoot.”

“, Dragon Race, the one you created by your master, but the Great Desolate Universe Bloodline The most purectic Dragon Raceline.”

…… Why do you have your master? “

wang feng just finished, suddenly the heart is moving.

“Li Feiyu consumes 800,000 points, exchange the 弑 弑 武.”

Crisp tone sounds in the ear of Yan Meng and Wang Feng.

“You see, are they not quite a meeting?” WANG Feng Said with a smile.

A copy of the Activity Award pool, they are redeemed, Wang Feng naturally knows.

“It’s a big hand!” 梦 吐 道, “弑 弑 武 is master you simulate a set of exclusive SYSTEMs created by Eternal God.”

“This place, but only the level of dark Demon Realm Demon god is barely can be used. Where can they use? Even Strength of Source is not controlled … I really worked.”

is right.

This is the gods, and it is created when the WANG Feng is put in the event award pool.

Dark Demon Realm’s god, and the void engine of the super-universe, Wang Feng has all the data.

I want to create it, just need material That’s all.

and material, in dark Demon Realm is not lacking, it is in the supernatural universe, Wang Feng is not lacking.

Only, this Level is a weapon, and the ordinary people can’t use it.

There is only GOD King Level, or the magic god level other Powerhouse, after a long time, it can play the most powerful Formidable Power.

The reason is very simple, this Level’s weapon is started, it is necessary to do this Source Power.

Don’t say that follow-up Continuously energy is.

If you use it well, it is the Heavenly GOD of the universe of the universe, not that is very strong, and it is also one of them.

“Who said that there is no source?” WANG Feng Said with a smile, “Time doesn’t have this source? Question. “

“Collecting the power of everyone, it is possible to defeat the color Divine Dragon,” “

“is Child of Destiny, their wisdom is not low. I didn’t in the prize pool, put those treasures with powerful destruction, just want to see the enemy they encountered in this far exceeds they imagined. What will it do. “

“They are now the state of speed growth, and they still need some life and death, otherwise, the light is Spoiling Things Through Excessive Enthusiasm, and finally they can become a World era HEAVEN’s Chosen, but it is difficult to last long. Going out … “


“So, we only need to watch it in the eyes. If you can’t do it, let the Dragon Race in the ancestral world to clean up.”


Dragon God Realm, Dragon Palace.

“Don’t say it!”

The color DIVINE DRAGON above the sky exudes One after another, if you can destroy the entire Dragon God Realm-like Imposing Manner, “Don’t give yourself unable to find excuse! Even if there is a Powerhouse that exceeds Dragon God Realm, it is you Unobsitable! Why do you have a Dragon God Realm to recruit Powerhouse? Do you have any numbers? “

“Wan Longzhu gives you how long? If you can develop a hundred hundred years, your strength, don’t say this, you will not be too far. By, there is more than Dragon God Realm. Powerhouse hits, you are not here. “

“How to be alert to the thief!”

“Still not because you rank the Douluo God World battle?”

Multicolored Divine Dragon Dragon Cry bursts, such as sunny day, in the ear of Golden Dragon King.

Golden Dragon Wang Xin has died.

He knows that the Wanlong’s universe is definitely a quietness of their Dragon God Realm, all like a means of admiring.

When you give Wanlong Ball, it is estimated that Dragon God Realm has been monitored.

Otherwise, how can Dragon God Realm sent several Giant Dragon, entered the Douluo God World?

Wars have not yet been played …

I have been very hard to escape from dark Demon Realm … I found Dragon God Realm, and it’s hard to become the king of Dragon God Realm. I also got the DOULUO GOD World what … imprisoned me That Many year … If you can’t be shameful, what is the meaning of Wang as a? ‘

Golden Dragon King thought.

Of course, the inner words, he naturally can’t be said.

Goes Brace Oneseelf Word: “Divine Dragon Supreme, Douluo God World I know, I have been in countless years … I know the strength of the god world. It is actually extremely weak, and I was imprisoned to Demon Realm. These two worlds have gone, and Divine King disappeared several. There is only one Divine King Tang San. “