Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1841

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“His root IMPOSSIBLE is our Dragon God Realm opponent … So, it is not because I urge Douluo God World, but it is only caused by Dragon God Realm’s PowerHouse … definitely an accident …”

Golden Dragon King is obviously listening, this Divine Dragon resisted himself to provoke Douluo God World, which would have attracted the enemy that Dragon God Realm is not possible.

“It’s a idiot …”

However, the color Divine Dragon immediately issued a roar. “When the Dragon Emperor left, he said, let you control the dragon boat, and quietly develop Dragon God Realm for hundreds of years, and listen to him. Order, there must be big! What is the words of your truffle, is it just talking about it? “

“Douluo God World There is an indigenous Heavenly GOD, which is currently with another powerful universe. There is a weakness behind the douluo god world, it is not what you can imagine.”

“We have already shown the position, which has not interfered with each other. You are so embarrassment, so that the indigenous Heavenly God, which is staring at the universe, will be placed in Dragon GOD Realm, if he makes him aware … then, our Wanlong’s universe is a battle here. “

“Even the indigenous Heavenly God is not what our Wanlong’s universe. But the Dragon Emperor will never tolerate the same flow with the universe of the gods … Once you change, you can know this will involve this. How much fight? “

“For” It’s true to say so much, it is really useless. “

The color Divine Dragon seems to be a bit tired.

I don’t want to say it.

Golden Dragon king goes to hear some 懵.

God’s universe, indigenous Heavenly God, God battle, how can he know?

These things don’t know one.

Where knows, behind the original command, there are so many curved channels.

he asked Trembling with Fear: “Then, what should I do?”

The colorful god Dragon Body is solidified, and Golden’s dragon exudes a strong killing intent.

“Next, it is naturally in the cradle. Then directly discard the Dragon God Realm, pull away.”

say, multicolored Divine Dragon eye looks to the entire Dragon God Realm, it seems to be induced …

at the same time, the other place.

Piece of Mountain Valley.

嬴 嬴 and Ye Fan stand in a mountain, quietly waiting.

is almost a moment, a team like a large bay army, from the distance.

The speed is extremely fast, such as the rapids of the Jojiang, fast Moved Towards they act here.

“Come, Cao Old Brother is coming. Plus Ghost Brothers, Xiao Yu That Girl. Today is a small man.”

Ye Fan is drinking.

he Tone Barely Fell.

far away, ONE Silhouette pulled out the rapid movement in the cloud, pulled out a rainbow-colored tassel, but the blink of an eye was landed in front of them.

“Xiaoye is coming, is people all come together?”

Silhouette laugh, looked toard, Ye Fan, 嬴 嬴, 嬴 嬴, 嬴 h 嬴 激 激, 凡 凡, 天, 天 天? 天 天 天 向 向 向 天 天 向Sure enough, Imposing Manner is extraordinary, TSK TSK, all leaves, you are too much, feeling almost like me! “



as the first facial basis in the group.

Although the cause is to deal with a strong enemy, there is no atmosphere of the breadth, but the group friends who have exchanged in the group.

is still excited by HAS SEVERAL POINTS OF.

“Yes, when is Fei Yu Brothers? Now, it is missing from 10 million points.”

The sun is long enough.

Plan, they have already determined in the group.

Even things are completely redeemed.

“he may not come.” The sophisticated light is sinking, “he is in the edge of Dragon City, it is a long distance from us. Plus the pressure that is too Terrifying.”

Jing Tian slightly stunned: “The thing …”

“The thing he redeemed directly, it is temporarily handed over to the leaves directly. After using it, he will give him again.”

嬴 嬴 缓, “So, next, we need our Work with a common purpose. Go to Dragon City to return Fei Yu, and defeat the color Divine Dragon …”

Slightly Nodded.

li feiyu is trapped around Dragon City.

But points are still there, he directly exchanges things in the event award pool, and then via the chat *** is easy.

There is no one to extract from the chat group.

“Where is the place?” Asked in the scene, “This value of 800,000 points, I am coming, I have been thinking, what will be …”

Ye Fan Chuckled and Said: “is a, Very Difficult To Dear with something. Let’s go, you will go and see it.”

, Ye Fan walked with a scenic Moved Towards Mountain Withnin The Valley department.

The depths of the Valley Department of the mountain of the mountain, and the sake of the government has long reserved an air.

Jingtian passes through the heavy medicinal forest flower sea, but for a moment, this air ground.

In the eye, it is a round ball with a flush, and the whole body exudes the round ball of INK-Black metallic gloss.

looks flat.

“is this?”

Jing Tianyi, “This is the gods? Value 800,000? No, this is the ball of Palm-size? I remember the introduction of the gods.” /P>

弑 弑 武: Under the Universe Level, the most powerful 弑弑 weapon. Heavenly God Buddha, Huanghuang Yuyu, can be slaughtered. The power is weak, if there is no origin, it cannot be controlled.

short and terrifying.

Universes Level They don’t know what.

but I want to come and be very distant Realm.

Such a powerful weapon … The result is a pearl?

“You know a fart.” Ye Fan smiled, “Thanks to the birk of the pawn, there is no one bit. This thing needs to be activated. He belongs to the flying feathers. But Li Feiyu is not enough He has no source, energy is not enough, it is not activated. “

“This thing is very advanced, with our guess, it may be based on the ability of the origin,”

“then we …”

Jing Si, “Although I have the source, I am not skilled in the source of this source. There is no enough energy …”

“Who is not enough?”

The few sounds sound continuously.

is coming, it is really a few of the rest of the chat group.

“Birman, you are too small to look at us!” Xiao Xun smiled HEHE, “Don’t say we, there are two emperors, all leaves, ghost big brother li, and us, They are here. They have a military! How can it be enough? “

“Yes, in fact, energy should be enough.” Ghost also said with a smile, “Just look, your own source.”

“Teki, we will be together. Don’t worry, let’s try it first.” Cao Cao slowly.

Although a few people are met for the first time.

But the situation is very urgent, it is too late to know each other.

can only be heavy in the overall situation.

, etc., solves the crisis of this, and then it is not too late.

Nodded, his MOVED TOWARDS, the center of the air, the ball is going.