Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1842

It is gradually found that this is the origin of Ancestral God. It is relatively stable, which is very smooth, and there is not much blockage.

strength, but it is real rapidly.

Today, this source will be used, mirror this mysterious 弑 弑.

facing an unprecedented enemy!

Spirit High Centralization, the moment of In The Depth of One’s Soul This source starts to bring together in the palm of the scene.

He suddenly opened his eyes, but his palm was gently dark to the ball.

is almost in the moment of this beads in the amount of this Source Power.

Scenic is only a rapid flight of WITHIN THE BODY.

next moment, the ball bead begins to change.

ka ka ka …

Energy aggregate, such as water, surround the ball.

rays of light begins to extend.

is similar to changing.

Attached to the eyes, and the ball began to change dramatic changes.

is almost deforming at the velocity visible by the naked eye, and slowly elongation.

There are several blink of an eye, and it has become a foot foot and a hundred meters high, just like a mountain.

A Terrifying suction, from this Giant Sword, the moment is inhaled inhaled.

“弑 弑 武 1.0 started, accepted the weak local energy, fixed type … fixed, according to known local information, 弑 弑 武 will replace ‘Soul Cut’ 弑弑. Temporarily missing energy … Currently, the rest can be started … induction … induction fail … Please provide sufficient energy as soon as possible … “

The scenery is fascinating.

When you open your eyes again, I saw a dreamless space.

Before the front is a large outside view, surrounded.

can even overlook all the riders and the others.


In the heart of the sky, it is like it is to enter this is the interior of 弑 弑.

Listening to the crisp mechanical probes, the scenery seems to understand what.

is filled with Densely Packed on Dragon God Realm, as well as this World Giant Dragon power analysis.

The energy changes around, Living Things Aura, and various rare vegetation, Obvious at a glance, or even in addition to the surrounding terrain, etc.

The number of Dragon Race, the number of Dragon Race, the size, and the specific information, etc., all marked clear.

“This Level’s weapon …” is hesitant.

“This weapon …” Cao Cao’s eyes deep, “If there is enough energy, it should be easily destroyed the entire Dragon God Realm. We now have the power …”

Everyone heard this, and slammed SUCK I COLD BREATH OF AIR.

“Although there is no experiment, it is still the form of Formidable Power …” Can’t live in the sky, “I feel too terminal, as if I started a moment, I will scan the whole Dragon God Realm to the scan … I am afraid that the spirit will tell me a ‘whether to perform a devastating strike’ … “