Start Punch-in from Douluo Chapter 1882


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The yin and yang changes. Above the deep sky, four scarlet-like light sources are suspended, like the Golden Crow in the ancient mythology, shining down the gray earth that cannot be seen at a glance.

Around the scarlet’s light source, there are countless cracks.

It is said that it is a crack, but in fact, there are ancient patterns hidden in the crack.

Sometimes hidden in it, sometimes revealed.

The light suddenly appeared, as the pattern in the crack lit up, one after another shadow, split from it.

moved towards The gray earth below fell.

In the gray earth interior, everything is dull.

The hazy fog contains enough power to make all Law Sources ineffective.

I can’t see everything ahead, and I can’t perceive it.

Only when you look up to the sky, through the in midair that slightly dilutes the dark fog, you can see the red sun in four directions above the sky.

At this moment, somewhere in the gray earth shrouded in dark mist.

“Life in other universes has landed in this ruin.”

Yingying firelight can only shine within a few meters.

Surrounded by the firelight, a woman with a scarlet fox behind her back looked up and looked at the countless cracks in the middle of the four red suns through the slightly faint mist of in midair.

Her voice is like a chaotic whisper, ethereal, cold and hazy.

“This time the remnant of the will appeared, after more than ten thousand first rounds. Before the birth of the red god, the sky fox clan, this relic already existed… According to rumors, when the remnant of the will appeared, there were countless multiverse universes. The powerful beings entered the ruins one after another to compete for the will of the universe. All black, no daylight battles took place inside the ruins.”

She continued to talk softly, as if talking to herself, and as if explaining to the other two figures in the misty flames.

“Battle?” The dim silhouette in the firelight seemed to be puzzled.

“It’s been a while since you came to the ruins. Look at the four red suns above the sky.” The foxtail woman pointed to the four red suns above the sky and whispered, “It is said that those mighty lives, After falling here, my blood essence, origin, and will are all gathered by this relic of will, and finally these four powerful red suns that illuminate the relic are formed.”

“And in this dark mist, under the red sun, countless strange lives were born for it. In the dark mist, it is dangerous and strange.”

The foxtail woman turned around, with a bit of grim on her enchanting face, “And the powerful beings that left this and that at that time have become supreme powerhouses in all universes. Nowadays. In the universe of the gods, among the few universe gods in the early Yuan Dynasty, one of them left from this ruin.”

“Later, the ruins were closed because of this and the cosmic cause and effect, the multiple Dao Accumulation. The imperceptible, was located in this chaotic gap, and the Primordial Spirit universe god of Primordial Spirit did not seem to enter this piece again. Plans for the ruins.”

Speaking of this, the foxtail woman is no longer multilingual.

“Is there a restricted cultivation base for this kind of ruins?” Another silhouette in the flame asked softly.

“The way is not, this relic of will is currently the largest profound mystery in the multiverse. Every time the time opens, it is also unpredictable on the divine universe. This time we first discover it first, and naturally it will be ahead of schedule. Enter this ruin and get the chance.”

The foxtail woman looked at the sky, the light and shadow falling in the crack, and sighed, “But as the ruins appear, more life in the universe will surely come, and then it will be another fight and fight. Or die. The weird wraith in this dark mist… either died in the midst of seizure…or died… the red tide under the red sun…”

“I knew it was so dangerous…I won’t come.” The one silhouette in the fire light pouted slightly, “God World is very busy at first, but it is not so dangerous, and at least I can see that guy. …”

“God World?” The foxtail woman chuckled, “A world as big as that, although it can dominate the world in the unit universe. It can be in a corner, but in the end it is still reduced to a chopping board and let it be slaughtered.” [ 19459002]

“Besides, the Divine System Universe has been eyeing you a long time ago.”

“I don’t know why the Fox King brought you, but you are Princess’s friends, and you have this great opportunity to come here. Now you are still in the mood to complain… Yesterday, when you captured several sources, why didn’t you complain? ?”

The foxtail woman shook her head and looked at the two silhouettes in the fire.

Although these two gods of other universes have certain strength and aptitude, they can’t be considered in the universe of Honghong.

With the rank and status of the fox king, he would bring these two to this dangerous place…

However, the opportunity is not bad.

Two days ago, when I passed the Dark Mist Bridge, I was able to capture several original fluorescent fruits on the hundreds of thousands of li over the bridge.

It is true and rare.

That dark mist and underworld bridge is commonplace, and it’s all dangerous.

The powerful lives that died are hard to count, but they didn’t expect them to not only pass smoothly, but also get some chances.

“In the dark, there may be providence.” The foxtail woman coughed twice, “We have entered the dark night, and I will extinguish this burning flame in the dark night, according to what we have found The ancient book records about this ruin. Those wraiths in the dark mist will appear. It must be very dangerous… Remember not to leave the burning spirit flame within ten steps.”

“As long as you don’t leave the range of burning spiritual flames, basically, you only need to mention the force of other lives in the room.”

“But if you dare to act in the dark night, those guys are basically not far from death. If they dare to rush into, they will be even worse.”

said the foxtail woman.

After speaking, she walked to the firelight that was about several meters high.

A flame without any temperature can envelop the surroundings in this dark mist, forming a faint film.

Isolated from the dark fog outside.

“By the way, Yunhu elder sister, now that this relic has been revealed, will you encounter that kind of very powerful Universe level life? It is the kind of goal of our trip.”

In the light of the fire, the other one silhouette asked softly.


The foxtail woman pointed to the life of the four red suns on the sky, “Look, the cracks in the red dome formed by the four red suns are the passages of the ruins. And every powerful When life enters it, it will show different patterns and produce different cracks.”

“The larger the crack and the more complex the pattern, the stronger the life that comes.”

With that, the foxtail woman pointed to the silhouette where the crack building landed in the vicinity of Chiyang in the north, “For example, the one who came just now, the pattern is slightly simple, it can be outlined in a single stroke, and the crack is standing here. The position, but only the width of the little finger. It shows that the life strength of this coming will not be stronger than you.”

“Is that so?” The silhouette looking thoughtful in the fire.

“Qingqing, don’t care what those do, this relic will has just appeared now. As long as we are faster and get something more. Let these later guys all have to pick up the tatters.” Another voice laughed. “When we become Universe level beings, we won’t be afraid of them.”

“It can be that simple.”

At this time, the foxtail woman pointed to the southern red sun, the huge pattern that suddenly lit up, even in the distant gray fog, you could clearly see the pattern that appeared in the crack, “You Look, this crack is at our position, it is arm-wide, and the pattern is the size of a red sun. This is obviously a sign of the coming of life on the Universe level.”

“It shows that there are already powerful beings from other universes that have descended, and it may also be the Heavenly God of the divine universe.”

“If this is the case, their movements are really too fast…”

The foxtail woman shook her head, “Since yesterday, within an hour, there have been double-digit lives. Starting today, the lives that come at each time have reached three-digit numbers.”

“As time goes by, more and more of these universe level lives will come.”

“Even if this site is extremely large, you will encounter it after all, you have to be mentally prepared.”

“Fortunately, so far, this should be the widest crack I have ever seen. Although the true universe level life will be restricted in the ruins, it is much better than us.”

“If you encounter this kind of Universe level life, once you are hostile and murderous towards us. Our survival rate is less than 30%.”

“But if we encounter those weird things like this dark fog, our survival rate is less than 10%.”

At this time.

As the fire gradually extinguished.

All the whispers, coming from all directions.

“Turn off the six senses. This is the sound of the gray mist. If we listen for a long time, our soul will be lost. It is in the powerful Divine Physique, the soul, and all regret collapsed.”

Yunhu said slowly.

In the dark night, above the sky.

“It’s another day, and the red sun color has changed again. Compared to scarlet, I actually prefer this dark gray one.”

The flame disappeared, and the beautiful voice did not stop.

The red sun hanging above the sky has indeed changed.

By scarlet, it became dark gray.

The cracks in Zhou Zai gradually closed.

“Compared to the red light hour, the dark night hour is actually safer.”

The foxtail woman smiled and continued talking.

“Why?” Another voice asked in confusion.

“You have been here for a few days, don’t you find that as long as the cracks around the red sun close after entering this dark night, no life will come?”

Yunhu asked rhetorically, “Once the crack closes in the dark night, it means that the relics of will will disappear, and the channel connecting the chaotic gaps outside will be closed.”

“No other lives will come, as long as we don’t leave the range of the burning flames, we will put an end to the probability of those other lives coming near us.”

“The danger is naturally greatly reduced.”

A dark gray light source enveloped the earth.

The entire World seems to have entered the color of black and white.

“At the time of the night, won’t those powerful lives really descend?” The voice of laughter said mischievously, “What if there is?”

“Basically it’s impossible.” Yunhu said, “The ancient book records that the cracks are closed and the ruins are not appearing when entering the dark night. Those cracks are the rule barriers of the relics of will, and they are impossible to be broken.” [ 19459002]

“And when the ruins entered Chiyao again, the location also changed. If you want to come in again outside, you have to find the position of the ruins in the chaos gap again.”

At this time, the voice of Yunhu just fell.

The sound of gray mist around me began to aggravate.

One after another grotesquely shaped shadow, in the gray fog, shows a hazy outline.

“Not good!” Yunhu whispered, “It’s those gray mists, ghosts! Close the six senses! Damn, the burning flames have been extinguished, just entering the dark night, how did they appear this time? So fast!”

The other two women also seem to find that the situation is not so good. They are not in sound transmission and closed their six senses.

The low-pitched sound seems to be able to seduce and penetrate everything.

dong dong dong!

The beating of the heart began to intensify, so that the three of them did not dare to move.

In the past few days, it is not that I have not experienced this dark night, but only this time, I have encountered these gray mist and wraiths.

The humming sound of the underworld sounded in the soul.

The three of them felt slightly shocked.

In the gray mist, the surrounding shadows grew more and more, slowly enveloping them like a tide, eating away the thin film formed after the flame was extinguished.

Gradually approaching…

It was at this moment.

Suddenly, I saw a violent earthquake in the northern red sun.

Immediately afterwards, densely packed cracks began to appear around Chiyang in the north.

The color of the red sun that exudes a gray luster suddenly began to change.

The cracks all around began to increase gradually.

As the red sun changed at that moment, it seemed to cause a chain reaction.

Especially the color change, along with the strong light rebounding, the red sun in the north began to gradually turn into a scarlet.

hong long! ~

In an instant, Heaven and Earth changed, and the sound of the ghost in the gray mist stopped abruptly.

In the remains of the will, there is a set of Heaven and Earth cycle, the law of Yin and Yang.

Once changed, it will naturally cause a series of changes.

When the sound of the meditation ended, the phantom souls gathered around like sea shadows began to dissipate and recede.

“These ghosts have left!”

The surprise sounded with doubts.

“It is Chiyang that has changed.”

Yunhu looked at the sky with a shocked look, “What’s the matter, the dark night in the ruins has never changed… Is it because the records in the ancient book are out of date? Or is this relic of will changed? “

“Red Sun has changed? Hey, it seems to have changed, how did the color change back! What’s the matter?”

Perplexed eyes appeared on each of them.

Not just them.

At this moment, in this foggy land.

Many powerful beings in other locations watched this scene in amazement.

Then, as the red sun changed, the cracks reappeared.

A scene that shocked everyone even more appeared.

After the crack appeared, it did not disappear again, instead, it became bigger and bigger.

As if to be broken by something.

In the next instant, the crack was suddenly torn apart by a powerful force.

Around Chiyang in the north, the sky seems to have cracked a big hole.

“It’s coming!”

“There are other lives coming!”

“How can life come in the dark night?”

“Depending on the situation, is it possible that it was forcibly torn from the outside? Hiss!”


one silhouette, descended from the huge crack that seemed to collapse into the sky.

Fall into this gray misty land!

World is bright!