Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1000


When the voice fell, Desolate Demon Realm’s eighth-level demon power was agitated. Even the Minister of Industry and Li Zhong were blushed by the surging demon power, and their inner Qi blood was not easy to surge. Even if they used astral qi, they were difficult to suppress. They had to pull out and retreat ten li or so to avoid Lin Yuan. The demon power of ran away, and the dead objects that could not leave on their own were extremely miserable. Countless vessels filled with unknown liquids shattered, and various precious materials turned into powder…

A thick black air entangled Lin Yuan. Above the body surface, it is incompatible with those black scales.

The two blacks are completely different!

Lin Yuan’s scales are just pure black, and the black energy that entangles him is more like the ultimate black, even if the sky is ten thousand li at the moment, the black can’t be eliminated, and all the light is close. Lin Yuan would be swallowed by those black qi, in an instant, the five meters around Lin Yuan is as terrible as the dark night with no fingers in sight.

A powerful cultivator or demonic beast will have a variety of fancy spells when it is used, but the real killer move is when the two give up all the’special effects’ temptations and engage in close-to-hand combat, and The black air around Lin Yuan is obviously not like a’special effect’.

That’s a different aspect…

A precursor to enchantment!

Li Zhong opened his mouth, and the Minister of Industry beside him immediately stretched out his hand and crossed in front of Li Zhong, said solemnly: “You are crazy, you want to die, don’t drag me together! I don’t know the outside What happened, but there is no doubt that they have touched the bottom line of the Dragon King. Now the Dragon King is surrounded by hostility, swallowing and annihilating all the existence close to it, even if you and I leaned over. , So for the present plan, we can only wait for the dragon king to kill the invaders outside, and then heal his mood by himself!”

“What if the dragon king can’t heal his mood?”

Li After a loyal movement, he asked sadly.

He also didn’t know what was going on outside, but between Xumi, the Dragon King entered a state of enchantment. Undoubtedly, this time the intruder stepped on a fragile string in the Dragon King’s heart.

The Minister of Industry was silent for a moment, and said bitterly: “From now on there is no black liquid dragon king, only one black liquid dragon demon appears in this world, bringing endless killings and disasters to the people of the world. A dragon king…has this ability.”

hearing this, Li Zhong also felt a bit bitter in his mouth.

What is the origin of this intruder on horseback?

At the same time, an illusory shadow dropping from the sky, almost in a flash crashed into the’dark night’ around Lin Yuan, and then completely disappear without a trace, and the weird thing is, The moment this illusory shadow disappeared, Lin Yuan, who was still very irritable just now, calmed down. Although the’dark night’ around him still existed, his demon power no longer continued to run wild, and that piece of’dark night’ no longer continued to expand, at least Li Zhong and the Minister of Industry don’t have to worry that if they don’t retreat, they will be caught up in the night and be swallowed up.

“What is…?”

Li Zhong’s complexion changed, his eyes a little dull.

The intruder who didn’t know where he came from, the Dragon King who suddenly went violently, plus the illusory shadow that appeared out of thin air and disappeared inexplicably…

He knew this part of the North. Northland?


At the same time.

In Lin Yuan’s consciousness world within the realm.

Lin Yuan, who appeared to be a humanoid of the previous life, with his hands on his back, blankly looked at the void three miles away in front of him, and said calmly: “This king is going to kill those two fox demons now. Time to accompany you to play, give you two breaths, where to roll back from.”

The void cracked, and a monster that looked like an alien wandered out of the crack with its mouthparts open.”

, Exposing a long purple tongue and licking his face, six scarlet compound eyes slowly split open on his head, said with a smile: “Black flood dragon, this deity has been in this world for three years, this is still The first time you lost your mind, there was a sign of being enchanted. Did you let the deity leave? Don’t even think about it!”

The alien monster didn’t even think about it. The flood dragon is resolved in the invisible. I originally wanted to see if Lei Fan could find a chance after destroying the black flood dragon’s layout in the south, didn’t expect Lei Fan hadn’t done it yet, only there were two. The fox demon appeared in the sight of the black flood dragon, and it directly lost his mind!

How could he miss such an opportunity?

“Consume the power of incense to manifest the afterimage of Immortal Beheading Four Swords.”

Lin Yuan spoke indifferently. When the voice fell, the golden glow on the consciousness flashed, one thousand The power of seven million incense disappeared, and immediately, four murderous-looking giant sword illusory shadows suddenly appeared. Each sword had a different appearance, but the Ominous Fiend Qi contained on it was trembling.

“Immortal Beheading Four Swords…How could you…!?”

The expression of the alien monster suddenly changed, and the six scarlet compound eyes suddenly widened, as if I couldn’t believe what I saw. thing.

He was originally a creature from Heavenspan world, how could he not know the methods of Heavenspan Cult Lord?

Immortal Beheading Four Swords originally fell into the hands of the Heavenspan Cult Lord. When the Gods were confiscated, on the eve of the fall of Section Cult and the time before the rehearsal of the Ten Thousand Immortal Formation, Heavenspan Cult Lord had placed them. After Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, and then besieged by the Four Saints, Tai Shang rides Azure Ox into the battle, One Qi Becomes Three Purities, only breaks the Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, and takes the Four Swords away.

“Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, come out!”

Lin Yuan calmly re-he, four ancient swords at the same time, suddenly turned into a sword shadow and flew away, almost in the blink of an eye It immediately blocked the alien monster’s retreat on all sides, and then, the four infinite baleful auras on the ancient sword turned into red glow and swelled out like a rain of blood and tears. Lin Yuan just used the power of incense to recreate Immortal. The afterimage of Beheading Sword Formation, if inspired by the real Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, almost every red glow has the power to kill Peak Quasi-Saint and even severely damage Yuan Da Luo!

It’s just to deal with an alien monster that is not even True God, and you don’t really need a real Immortal Beheading Sword Formation!

“Damn guy, do you think the trifling illusion can scare me?”

After a brief surprise, the alien monster quickly recovered his state, his eyes stunned, and he was next to him Suddenly, a sea of ​​dead mountain and blood emerged, and endless hostility and resentment rose to the sky, and slammed into the red light of dropping from the sky without fear.

After all, this is the world of consciousness, and there is nothing that cannot be’visualized’, but it is still based on the Strength of Primordial Spirit to determine the power of those fantasy objects.

However, this thought only lasted for a moment, and he suddenly discovered that the corpse mountain blood sea and the baleful aura that he had visualized could not even last a moment in front of the red glow sword qi like a torrential rain. Living was easily penetrated, and those red glow sword qi didn’t even wear out, so they continued to move towards themselves lasing.

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