Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1001

“What are you…Ah!”

The alien monster’s eyes dazzled, just a dazed effort, and a red glow sword qi easily pierced through it. With the body of his Primordial Spirit, intense pain hits like a tide, a pitch-black arm has melted away, and the body of Primordial Spirit is shaking constantly, almost unable to maintain his body shape.

This is Primordial Spirit damage!

Go to the Primordial Spirit Slash, even if the body is intact, you can’t use that arm anymore!

Furthermore, the injuries of Primordial Spirit are far more difficult to heal than physical injuries!

The blood rain between Heaven and Earth in the consciousness space is still floating…

Lin Yuan just looked at the alien monster that was constantly dodgeing and shifting indifferently, without any emotion in his eyes. Behind him, a ball of light exuding clean white light is quietly suspended, but whether it is Lin Yuan or the alien monster, it is imperceptible to its existence, because simply is not the same level of existence, like three times. Yuan creatures can’t see the four-dimensional scene.

“I don’t believe…Immortal Beheading Sword Formation…Why is it in your hands?”

At this moment, even if it is difficult to accept the alien monster, I have to believe this level Wei Neng’s red glow sword qi is definitely not a black flood dragon that can be visualized by an existence that didn’t even touch the threshold of True God. It’s not so much a visual thing, it’s a real Immortal Beheading Sword. Formation has been destroyed. There is the residual sword shadow of Immortal Beheading Sword Formation in the Primordial Spirit of this black flood dragon!

“It’s really troublesome.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes were indifferent, and he slowly raised his right hand, and said calmly: “Consume the power of incense to manifest the Buddha Kingdom in the Palm “

The voice fell, the power of five million incense disappeared, and a golden glow flashed across the consciousness again, and the void vibrated in an instant. At the same time, countless Buddha’s Zen singing voices emerged, just like the western sky. Buddha Country appeared here, a golden big hand that covered the sky slowly fell, and this huge range of attacks fell, giving the alien monster a feeling that no matter how fast he escaped, he could not escape the general feeling of being covered by the big hand that covered the sky. .

Buddha Kingdom in the Palm, or Five Fingers Mountain?

Divine Ability, a kind of Divine Ability, has great reputation but not strong practicality.

The monkey fell into the Buddha Kingdom in the Palm when he bet with the Tathagata. No matter how many somersaults the monkey turns over, it does not break the Buddha Kingdom in the Palm. It is impossible to escape the Buddha Kingdom in the Palm range, so in that big bet, the monkey, if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, was directly under the palm of Five Fingers Mountain by the Tathagata for five hundred years, until it was ordered Jin Chanzi, who went to the west to learn the scriptures, appeared and was able to get out of trouble.

Speaking of which, Buddha Kingdom in the Palm is actually not difficult to break, the absolute peak under True God, which is the realm of the monkey at that time, can break the Buddha Kingdom in the with all three sticks Palm, by that time a somersault turned out, unless the Tathagata shameless shamelessly, otherwise the monkey really won’t lose the big bet.

But this thing is just like a ghost hitting a wall, as long as you know how to break it, you can easily break it, but if you don’t know the doorway, you can do a million miles apart and don’t want to leave the Buddha Kingdom in The scope of the Palm.


The alien monster wanted to open his mouth to curse, but he couldn’t speak out.


What kind of monster is this black flood dragon! ?

Immortal Beheading Sword Formation first, and now hid the sky with one hand, how many divine ability does it still have?

“In fact, since I knew your purpose, I have always wanted to laugh, what are you, and dare to covet me?”

Lin Yuan’s eyes are sharp, covering the sky The big hand smashed down, as if to crush everything under the infinite power, Heaven and Earth lost its color, Sun and Moon lost radiance, in this space of consciousness, it seemed that apart from the rain of blood, there was only this one left. golden Great Hand Seal!

The corpse mountain and blood sea visualized by the alien monster was originally pierced to pieces by red glow sword qi, and now it hits the golden Great Hand Seal, which melts quickly like the white snow in the spring, and a wave of Supreme power suppresses it. He immediately suppressed the alien monster under his palm. In this matter, blood rained all over the sky and melted the alien monster directly into the invisible.

“It’s a pity.”

With a wave of Lin Yuan’s right hand, the afterimage of Immortal Beheading Sword Formation and the afterimage of Buddha Kingdom in the Palm disappeared into the invisible at the same time, and the world of consciousness was restored. As it is, as if nothing happened just now.

Although the alien monster has no resistance under the 22 million incense power manifested by the Divine Ability, this guy was actually cautious to the extreme. Originally, he was always In plot against Lin Yuan, he just waited for Lin Yuan to lose his mind and then took advantage of the emptiness. In other words, he absolutely believed that his Strength of Primordial Spirit was far better than Lin Yuan’s Strength of Primordial Spirit. He only needed a chance to do it. It will be able to obliterate Lin Yuan’s Primordial Spirit and get this body with the brand of Heavenly Dao origin, thereby stealing Heavenly Dao Strength of Source.

At this time, I saw two fox monsters who are natural in nature. Lin Yuan immediately felt a little distracted, but he soon realized that this was an excellent opportunity for him to fight back. After all, he simply took Strength of Primordial Spirit. In other words, unless you are in the Saint Boundary world, you will have the slightest resistance to these divine ability afterimages. After all, the opponent is not the Heavenspan Cult Lord. Once you enter Lin Yuan’s consciousness world and fight, it will inevitably be a one-sided battle. Slaughter.

This is indeed the case.

But this guy is a little too cautious!

Under the condition of holding the winning ticket, he did not invade the entire Primordial Spirit into Lin Yuan’s consciousness world. Under the joint strangulation of Buddha Kingdom in the Palm and Immortal Beheading Sword Formation, he decisively gave up the invasion. Lin Yuan is aware of this part of the Primordial Spirit of the world.

How do you say this behavior…

It is like a person who has been severely injured, choosing between death and amputation.

Perhaps there are many similar cases, but have you ever seen that kind of amputation below the waist can survive?

This guy is like a total amputation below the waist, and even more…

The part of the Primordial Spirit that he abandoned, if amputation is used as an example, it is probably the part under the ribs. They were all cut off, but I don’t know what means this guy has. It’s an ordinary creature. Even if the existence of the True God Realm world has suddenly damaged so many Primordial Spirits, I’m afraid it’s hard to escape!

“Unfortunately, this battle failed to kill him, from now on, he has no body possession of my mind at all, but after such a big loss, if he doesn’t kill me, I’m afraid It hurts Dao’s heart. The next time I meet, it will be the battle of the material world…”

Thinking of this, the corners of Lin Yuan’s mouth twitched twice.

Even if you lose most of the Primordial Spirit, the opponent has touched the threshold of True God after all. The power of trifling 22 million incense reveals that Divine Ability may be feared by the opponent, but it is absolutely impossible to kill The other party can’t even make a serious injury.

I hope this guy’s method of repairing his Primordial Spirit is not so bad, and he can heal his injuries for a longer time!

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