Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1004

Su Daji confuses a talented king and messes up a very powerful dynasty before he can cultivate into a Nine-Tailed Monster Fox. Since the Great Desolate World has been broken, and since the Shang Dynasty, the Great Desolate World is rarely seen again. Most emperors are called the emperor. Which fox demon dares to by the strength of oneself Disaster Heavenly Dao?

As the saying goes, good, immortal fights Mortals Suffers, this sentence is absolutely appropriate in Great Desolate World, not to mention, it is said that the Yin merchants during the Emperor Zhou Dynasty had a mouth of over 100 billion, but After the Battle of the Gods, the population of Dazhou was less than 50 billion. After all kinds of disasters, the global population was less than tens of billions in Lin Yuan’s previous life.

Of course, this is also related to the fact that the Great Desolate World is constantly being shattered and flees, and the world is getting smaller and smaller. Those Fox Races who fled can no longer find a dynasty that can match the Yin and Shang dynasties. The Fox Race that stayed in the Great Desolate World witnessed the growing size of the Great Desolate conquest of the heavens, but no fox dared to charm those emperors who claimed to be the’son of the emperor’ to suck the fortune of the country.

If the pure fox fox girl that was before Su Daji can make a big deal, maybe in an instant she can become a big fox demon who surpasses Su Daji and proves to be above the realm of Nine-tailed Fox. Unfortunately, Xia There was also a fox from the Tushan clan behind the dynasty. In the end, the Xia Dynasty was restored and the Pure Fox clan failed. Although he did more than Su Daji, his reputation and strength were far inferior to the later Su Daji!

But in the Tianwu world, although there is a powerful layout and no king of humans comes to the world, there is an alien like Lin Yuan, a monster human soul, imitating the previous life to create the northern realm, in a sense It is said that Lin Yuan is the king of the Tianwu world, but he divides the humanity and luck with Li Zhong, and he lives in the northern realm. The two fox demons know that they may not be able to confuse Lin Yuan, so they want to confuse Lin Yuan. He killed and then sucked on Li Zhong’s body, Wang Qiyun came to cultivation.

“This king is very curious, who is the mighty power in your mouth.”

Lin Yuan control space and fly, with cold eyes, icily said: “This is this king The last touch of mercy, if you tell the truth, this king may make you suffer less.”


The six-tailed fox demon sneered. , Icily said: “Little black flood dragon, do you think you have won before you have done it?”

tone barely fell, you can see Lin Yuan’s black light surging all over, a pool of sticky pitch black The black liquid of the underworld gushes out from the cracks in the scales, and when it falls, it transforms into a demonic beast and cultivator with different shapes but pitch black, and even the heavenly demon is faintly visible around the surrounding, endless Yin- Fiend Qi soared into the sky.

The six-tailed fox demon was moved, and the charm of the bones was revealed. However, after a while, the creatures of the Netherworld River looked indifferent.

Being imprisoned in the black liquid of the Netherworld, they have become a part of the black liquid of the Netherworld. There is no will or emotion of their own at all, they will only follow the orders of the Netherworld River or the Netherworld River dominates Lin. Yuan’s command, even if Lin Yuan said to kill in the face of all the beauty in the world, they would not have any hesitation.

Lin Yuan flood dragon flicked its tail, and the demonic beast transformed by the black liquid of the underworld roared. In an instant, World’s Essence Qi was mobilized, and various spells gradually appeared.

Five-tailed fox demon complexion turned cold, said solemnly: “Elder sister, these monsters cannot be treated with common sense. Now they are trying to accumulate their energy to attack us. If you sit and wait for death, you and I are in danger of falling. The younger sister took the lead and stopped these monsters for the elder sister, but…younger sister heard that these monsters have the blessing of the underworld, and they cannot be killed or killed. I hope that the elder sister will sack the black flood dragon as soon as possible!”

The five-tailed fox demon tone barely fell, the huge body was already running, and one head hit the Netherworld River creatures. The minions opened and closed and all the Netherworld River creatures that were blocked in front of them were re-smashed into the Netherworld black liquid , It’s just that those black liquids squirmed and shaped again after they landed. The five-tailed fox demon looks fierce, but it’s just doing useless work that’s all.

But then again, even if it is useless, I have to do it.

To allow these Netherworld River creatures to charge their spells is undoubtedly an act of death.

Like the heroes of Lin Yuan’s previous life, they can stretch their hands and wait for thirty to fifty archers to shoot volleys all over the body and even fight back, but if they are above the army, they will face the real ten thousand people. The arrows are all fired, I’m afraid they will have to be sifted by the range when they meet each other.

The corners of the eyes of the six fox monsters twitched slightly, and they glanced at the five-tailed fox monster who entered a flock of sheep, secretly cursed in their hearts.

If the Netherworld River creature and the black flood dragon have to choose one as its opponent, it would rather face the Netherworld River creature.

Even if the purpose of their trip is to kill the black flood dragon, they have never underestimated the black flood dragon. They have been born less than three years ago, but they have shown a magnificent atmosphere from the time they were born. It hasn’t been defeated so far. Perhaps Lin Yuan’s cultivation base can’t be considered in Great Desolate World, but how many of them can have such a brilliant record as Lin Yuan in Great Desolate World?

It was the Great God Pangu of splitting heaven and earth apart at the beginning, by the strength of oneself, fighting against three thousand Ancient Devil gods alone, although in the end he won, but he himself has not ended up in death and transformed into all things. The end?

Before Lin Yuan truly fails, anyone who is an enemy of Lin Yuan will have to fear Lin Yuan’s invincibility.

Similar to those in Lin Yuan’s previous novels, the heroes fighting the heavens and fighting to cultivate an invincible power, the root lies in this, not because of the great benefits of the invincible power, but with the invincible power, since then Whether it is fighting against people or fighting when exploring the Heavenspan Secret Realm, unless the opponent has the invincibility blessing, the opponent will be timid by three points before starting.

The same is true for the six-tailed demon fox at this moment. Although he came with a killing intent towards Lin Yuan in his heart, when he really faced Lin Yuan, he still inevitably felt a backlash in his heart.

“This king is here, why are you…feeling fearful?”

Lin Yuan looked at the six-tailed monster fox indifferently, with a sneer on his face. : “Okay, okay, okay, it’s really that this king hasn’t carried out killings for too long. You all forgot how this king was famous. Anyone who dares to covet me in the north?”

Although I don’t know Specifically, that Fang Daneng is setting up the game, but Lin Yuan has never been afraid.

Killing Hongjun is the main task of the system, which Lin Yuan will face sooner or later, but at this stage, Lin Yuan does not have to worry about this matter, he has to face it now. That’s right, Netherworld River Old Ancestor from the Netherworld Blood Sea. In the future, Lin Yuan will definitely get a god position related to the Underworld. However, the gods of later generations will not appear, but the great power in the Underworld is everywhere. According to time and region, any mention of one is a prestigious existence.

Don’t mention the most well-known Ten Temples Yama. The Hou Tu incarnates the peaceful Empress transformed by the will after the fall of reincarnation, sits in the Netherworld Blood Sea to make the Netherworld River Old Ancestor’s Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, and That unfathomable Mount Tai mansion……

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