Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1005



The sound spreads crisply.

Under the tumbling of the three magical powers, the boundless void has slowly spawned cracks in its debut.

Lin Yuan’s gaze turned, and suddenly, a powerful aura hits like a rushing stream, and Lin Yuan’s body at this moment was knocked down by the aura surging from the void. After flying ten zhang or so, the whole body is surging constantly.

“What is…?”

Lin Yuan slightly startled, subconsciously murmured.

It’s not that he has never seen the world. When he was in the endless sea before, he was considered by Hongjun to be Death Tribulation. Even Hongjun shot down a body of consciousness, if it wasn’t the will of the world. At the same time as the incomplete Heavenly Dao origin, Lin Yuan has been obliterated at this moment.

But even if it is Hongjun’s body of consciousness, he dare not say that just a little breath will hurt him to such a degree!

In the Sea of ​​Bitterness, the void rift…

Related to Great Desolate World…

Better than Hongjun…

Lin Yuan still has a terrified look in his eyes while his thoughts turn.

No matter which world there is a theory of cause and effect, even if it is as powerful as Hongjun, it will not casually forge cause and effect. Lin Yuan and the two fox demon powers make a gap in the void. Even if something really happened to pass by, he would just laugh it off. Even if he encountered the kind of small-mindedness, the other party would at most verbally scold that’s all. How could he directly hurt him like this?

Obviously, most of the opponent is the power in the mouth of these two fox demons, that is to say, 80% of the opponent is also from Great Desolate World.

The breath just now was directed at Lin Yuan!

It’s just that his body is too powerful, and even the realm of the incarnation is beyond the limit that the Tianwu world can withstand, so he can only wait in the Sea of ​​Bitterness, taking advantage of the void rift that just appeared At the right time, I hit Lin Yuan with his breath.

And Lin Yuan also guessed the identity of the opponent…

After all, it meets all the above characteristics. In Great Desolate World, he can compete with the Heavenly Dao ancestor Hongjun. There are only a handful of people who can use the Void Rift to accurately hurt Lin Yuan!

Yang Mei Old Ancestor!

Heavenspan and Hongyun are not counted, plus a Yang Mei…

It seems that Hongjun, who fits Heavenly Dao, has offended a lot of people, and these big guys All focus on the Tianwu world, it seems that Hongjun’s killing and calamity is indeed within the realm of Tianwu.

You have to count yourself…

Although Lin Yuan is not confident enough to be arrogant, but self-reliance also has several points of means. The system sends himself into the Tianwu world within the realm, I did embark on a completely different path from other hosts. It’s hard to say that it’s not the influence of air luck, otherwise why I was sent to the is Heavenly Martial world instead of other All Heavens and In Myriad Realms?

Later generations always like to call the Destiny Child of Destiny, but there is a completely different existence between the two. Let’s talk about the Destiny first, just like Lin Yuan today, behind it is either light or dark. Standing Heavenly Dao, whether it is cultivation speed or chance, it is far beyond other extraordinary.

But the man of destiny is the layout of Heavenly Dao, choose one son and king, all chances are arranged by Heavenly Dao secretly, just like the sacrificial function of system, all are equivalent exchanges It’s just that Heavenly Dao paid in the early and mid-term, and it was the Man of Destiny who got the benefits, but in the later stage, when the harvest came, how naturally the Man of Destiny would end up naturally. There is rarely a third ending.

But what about Child of Destiny?

Qiyun is a kind of’rule’!

This is an existence far above Heavenly Dao!

All the gains of Child of Destiny were not arranged in advance. It was just a treasure and opportunity that just happened. I was attracted by Child of Destiny’s luck and became Child of Destiny’s help that’s all. In other words, good luck is good luck, and being plotted against is being plotted against. Although the two look similar in the early and mid-term, the results in the later period are completely different!

Mind turned, Lin Yuan looked at the six-tailed demon fox full of joy, icily said: “Even if you have Yangmei Old Ancestor standing behind you, today this king will kill you, etc. !”

Yang Mei Old Ancestor?

Slightly back!

Hongjun, who fits Heavenly Dao, is trapped in a peaceful mind, which one is not more troublesome than Yang Mei?

Hongjun, who fits Heavenly Dao, didn’t play against Yang Mei in Great Desolate World. Both sides had their own winners and losers. No one had a good deal, but in the end, Hongjun didn’t fit Heavenly. Dao, became the master of Great Desolate World Supreme?

Ping Xin Empress is the Primordial Spirit of Hou Tu, and cannot be freed from being trapped in the Nether. The remnants of the Witch Clan must hide in the Nether to struggle on whilst at death’s door, but Ping Xin Empress is almost in the Nether Invincible, even if Hongjun who fits Heavenly Dao joins You Ming, she can fight!

Lin Yuan does not deny the power of Yang Mei, but the trifling of the two fox demons has already touched his taboo. Just leaning against Yang Mei to avoid the catastrophe is no different. So foolishly talk about dreams!

Even more how, Lin Yuan’s plan is 10%, Yu Tianwu within the realm is enough to exist side by side with the’rules’, not to mention Yang Mei, even if Hongjun’s body descends, don’t even think about it. Beat Lin Yuan in Tianwu world!

When Hongjun was able to drive Yang Mei out of the Great Desolate World, couldn’t he, Lin Yuan?

The joy on the face of the six-tailed demon fox dissipated in an instant, because in its line of sight, Lin Yuan had already flicked the flood dragon’s tail, and Yukong had swept over, seemingly without warning from Yang Mei’s Old Ancestor. taking seriously.

“Black flood dragon, you dare!”

The six-tailed demon fox complexion changed, and the six snow-white fox tails behind him flicked like a steel whip. The inside of it The demon power is pouring out like no money, obviously wanting to break the void again, causing Yang Mei Old Ancestor to suppress and kill Lin Yuan.

“system, consume the power of incense, stabilize all around the void!”

Lin Yuan’s eyes flashed with the fire of fighting intent, and he spoke slowly.

Every time the six-tailed demon fox makes a move, the number of incense power will jump down, but the strength of the six-tailed demon fox is too strong, but it can be compared to the existence of a Monster King Peak that’s all. How about breaking the space barrier to make the space crack appear for a short time, ten times with full force, good luck can only break the space barrier two or three times that’s all, and the incense power he consumes to stabilize the space barrier is almost incomparable. Nowadays, the panel is 400 million. In the face of so much incense power, how ridiculous is such a consumption?

Despair, from now on!

Lin Yuan has a grinning smile on his face, and his figure quickly approaches the six-tailed fox demon. He opened his mouth and spit out, and endless black ice roared out, turning into countless divine weapons in mid-air. However, the power of power is countless times stronger than the time when you first came to this world, when you dealt with Batu, it is the realm of Tiangang and the mountain lord. Under this technique, it is also dead!

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