Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1009

These two fox monsters are the only two announced by the Dragon King that they will be immersed in the black liquid of the underworld until all things finally exist!

Li Zhong doesn’t know what is the end of all things, but as the king of the north, he knows very well—everything in the world has reincarnation. Even if reincarnation is not manifested, it does not mean that it does not exist, just like seeds. It takes root and sprouts and grows into a towering tree. After the tree dies, it gradually decays and turns into nutrients to repay the land. Unless this cycle is broken, everything will never come to an end.

So the meaning of Dragon King is translated into the lingua franca of Heavenly Martial Continent, which means-I will soak you in the Netherworld River until the world is destroyed!

How many years will it take to destroy the world?

Li Zhong didn’t know, but he knew that unless he could become a more powerful existence than a god in the mouth of the Dragon King, he would never see that day come.

The souls of the two fox monsters wailed and turned into dark colors. As Lin Yuan’s demon power loosened, they fell to the ground with two ticking sounds, turning into two drops of dark liquid, and then dissolving into the earth. Above.

“While I was not in the North, you did good, keep working hard.”

When the voice fell, Lin Yuan body moved and disappeared in Li Zhong In the sight of.


After two breaths, Lin Yuan appeared on a mountain range Peak.

More than two hundred teenagers wore all black costumes, silently looking at Lin Yuan who suddenly appeared, and his eyes gradually became enthusiastic.

For the creatures in the northern realm, even if Lin Yuan does not claim to be a god, some people will regard him as the god of Supreme, because the appearance of Lin Yuan has undoubtedly changed the destiny of many people. Aloof and remote, falling into the dust, those who should have died of namelessness have the chance to leave a fortune in this world.

And now, these average ages are only twelve or thirteen years old, and the eldest boy who has just turned sixteen has become Lin Yuan’s choice.

In a cruel world within the realm, most children are precocious, even if they are only twelve or thirteen years old, they also know that their destiny will be completely transformed from this moment. If there is no future Whatever accidents happen, they will be extremely powerful cultivators!

“First of all, I would like to congratulate my rank, and stand out from the countless creatures in the northern realm. From this moment on, you are the disciples of this king, the cultivation of this king, unless you fall because of an accident. , Otherwise in the near future, any one of you can do stomp, which can make Heavenly Martial Continent shake things up.”

Lin Yuan put the flood dragon in In midair, the sound is not loud, but it is accurately transmitted to the ears of every teenager.

Longwang students, what is the concept?

Northern General Star Squad is also a student of the Dragon King. Don’t look at them now forming a black liquid army in general, but the average strength of Heavenly Dipper Realm world, if placed in the two standing army of Zhenbei and Zhengnan, The last time it was a lieutenant who could lead two thousand soldiers, but they would rather stay in the Black Liquid Army as an officer, because as the Dragon King’s princes, the status, treatment and future of the Black Liquid soldiers are not comparable to other armies. Even if they will no longer serve in the black liquid army in the future, and put them in any army in the northern territory, they will still be able to lead the army alone, and even be promoted to the military department and become the upstart in the northern court!

And now, they have also become the students of the Dragon King!

Moreover, the biggest difference from the Jiangxing class is that the Jiangxing class is just a student of the Dragon King. In fact, the schoolwork is still in charge of the teaching institutes of the Beijing Academy, but they are taught by the Dragon King himself. The real Dragon King disciple, there is no exaggeration!

“Then, congratulations to you all, because the method taught by this king will fit your own aptitude incomparably. In addition, how high the limit of this World is, you can cultivation to the high level After being cultivated to a certain realm, after losing the follow-up cultivation technique, you will be wasted for the rest of your life, and you will not be able to make any progress.”

Lin Yuan said again.

This time, most of the teenagers’ eyes were filled with surprises.

As the peak genius selected among countless creatures in the North, most of them are humans, and some are demihumans. Because they are now isolated from Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, all demonic beasts who are not young are selected. But on the other hand, parents must be powerful cultivators to give birth to excellent offspring. To put it in a scientific way, you can’t expect two mortals without cultivation aptitude to combine to give birth to an extraordinary offspring with cultivation aptitude. , That kind of genetic mutation is very rare.

So these youngsters are not unfamiliar with cultivation, and they can even be said to have a family history. After all, at this age, if a mortal family is unable to detect the level of their cultivation aptitude, they don’t know how to establish a child Foundation. .

So after cultivation to a certain realm, because the cultivation technique cannot keep up with the aptitude, he stopped moving, and even fell. These teenagers are not unfamiliar, especially some of them belong to the Hongchen Society. From his birth, Hongchen Taoist is a living example.

How precious is a cultivation technique that fits its own characteristics and has no cultivation ceiling?

Once this news is released, there is no need to verify the truth and it will set off a foul wind and bloody rain in today’s cultivation world!

So these precocious youngsters secretly planned to seal their mouths while snickering their joy. Even if someone close to them asks what the Dragon King has taught, they will never reveal a word, because As long as this matter is spread out for a little bit, it will be a catastrophe that no one can bear!

“Finally, you are lucky and unfortunate.”

Lin Yuan looked up at the sky, and after obtaining the affirmation of the system, he said solemnly: “Because from today At the beginning, you will get the best cultivation cultivation technique and the greatest resource tilt, but at the same time, you will also become enemies in the eyes of the will of this World. Not to mention all the opportunities that have no chance with you, but if you want to get it, you need to pay more. Ordinary people’s efforts are a hundred times more dangerous than ordinary people. Apart from the dangers of Tianwu world itself, when your cultivation base is sufficient, this king will also send you to All Heavens and Myriad Realms to seek opportunities and experience.”

Speaking of this, he was paused, and a grinning smile gradually appeared on his face: “So, starting today, dangers and accidents will be by your side at any time, to survive, standing in the Peak of this World, even the world The will will bow down because of you, or, if you die in another world within the realm, you can’t even find the bones!”

The voice fell, the scriptures of all living beings moved, and countless scriptures appeared, with Different permutations and combinations flooded into the minds of these young people to form a brand-new cultivation technique that is extremely suitable for them!

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