Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1010

If before knowing Lin Yuan, whoever allows the system to do something against the will of the world, it will definitely lower the heavenly punishment without the slightest hesitation, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth The arrogant generation turned into fly ashes.

But there is no way, Lin Yuan gave…No, the pie drawn by Lin Yuan is really tempting.

Some Great Desolate Mixins are not everyone qualified to know, but as Great Desolate Heavenly Dao, it knows even more Mixins than Hongjun.

The number in the world is nine, especially as Heavenly Dao, so at the beginning, Heavenly Dao Saint should have nine.

Although Hongjun was proved Hunyuan, he was considered a Heavenly Dao Saint after he fits into Heavenly Dao. Soon after, Hongjun completely grasped the authority of Heavenly Dao and arrogantly transgressed Heaven Sealing Dao Saint. They are Three Purities, Nuwa, and Western Second Explanation, which is what ordinary people call the Six Saints, and then the remaining two Saints. Naturally, Hongjun did not hold them in his hands, but used them as other plots against.

The three emperors in the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors share a saint throne. Subsequently, the three emperors are plotted against by Hongjun and will never leave the fire cloud cave.

Human Race is undoubtedly the existence of the protagonist of Great Desolate. Since there is Heavenly Dao, there must be humanity. Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors should be humane Saints, but the Three Emperors were plotted against by Hongjun. The three people share a Heavenly Dao Saint fruit position, so naturally they can no longer witness to Saint, and then because the three people share a Heavenly Dao Saint fruit position, separately, the strength of the three emperors is nothing but Peak Quasi-Saint that’s all. It is better than Great Principle Golden Immortal Peak, but it hasn’t reached the point of killing Da Luo-like slaughtering dogs, let alone contending with Heavenly Dao Six Sages or Hongjun.

The five emperors after the three emperors do not have the same virtue as the body protection of the three emperors. Under Hongjun’s plot against, it can be said that there is one dead and the other…

Of course, except In addition to Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, if a king is born, and the human race is lucky in one body, he can also achieve the position of humane Saint, which leads to a battle between humanity and Heavenly Dao. Therefore, Hongjun planned another seal. Although all parties have plots against each side, Hongjun never stopped those Great Desolate creatures from fleeing from the very beginning. The fundamental purpose is to unhindered the time when the gods are set off.

So, in the condemnation of the gods, the Section Cult, known as the’Ten Thousand Immortals,’ came to an end, and the Yin and Shang Dynasties were also destroyed. After King Zhou, there was no king in the world. The so-called Zhou The emperor is nothing but a puppet that’s all that Heavenly Dao randomly supports.

Even until 800 years later, the fortune of the Great Zhou Dynasty was completely drained. The princes competed for the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. During the Warring States Period, the Qin Emperor swept Liuhe. But the most surprising thing is that Ying Zheng never regarded himself as the emperor. Since the first emperor named the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors in one body, it can be seen that Ying Zheng is unwilling to become a Heavenly Dao running dog and wants to be the king again.

Yu Lie of the Fen VI of the Great Qin Dynasty ruled the world. During the reign of Yingzheng, he built the Great Wall, wrote the same writing, the car was the same, the law was strict, and he ruled the world. Even in order to resist Heavenly Dao, he burned cultivation classics, smashed the heavenly servants, and even when he succeeded to the throne, he began to build mausoleums and cast terracotta warriors and horses. Even after death, he would turn into a dragon soul Protector clan, so it was called Ancestral Dragon .

Of course, as a result, Qin II died…

The Han dynasty founded by a ruffian who claimed to be the “Emperor of the Great Han” has a history of more than 400 years. What kind of irony is that a talented and roughly formidable person II died, but was still being scolded as a tyrant?

It’s true that later generations claim to be Han people, but everything about the Han Dynasty was taken over from Qin. The only difference from Qin was the deposing of a hundred schools of Confucianism. The later dynasties also proved with history. When Confucianism becomes so strong, it will lead to the destruction of the dynasty, and it is obvious to all that the great men who tried to reform Confucianism to continue their lives for the dynasty died.

In short, under Hongjun’s design, the humanity is a foregone conclusion, but it also proves from the side how Hongjun can suppress the human race, the protagonist of the world.

The Six Saints, Hongjun and the Three Emperors, these are the eight Heavenly Dao Saints.

The remaining Saint fruit position is a peace Empress.

Yes, the Empress of Heavenly Dao Saint, the ninth Heavenly Dao Saint, is actually the ninth Heavenly Dao Saint.

Hongjun’s purpose is also clear. After all, the reincarnation of the hind-earth body is a great merit. If the empress can take this merit further, he can lead to a tunnel that can also compete with Heavenly Dao. Especially Six Paths of Samsara, Heavenly Dao is a part of Heavenly Dao, humanity is a part of humanity, Asura Path is the predecessor of the demonic path, Hell Path is the predecessor of the ghost path, and the animal path can also be transformed into the demon path…

Otherwise, if you master Six Paths of Samsara’s peaceful Empress and you won’t be in the Nether, even Heavenly Dao Hongjun can ignore it and use the Nether to protect the remnants of the witch clan.

Of course, if it weren’t for being too authentic, it wouldn’t attract the coveting of that many big guys.

Yin Tianzi Huang Feihu belongs to Celestial Court, Mount Tai Mansion belongs to Xuanmen, Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva belongs to Western religion…

Similarly, there should be nine Saint fruit positions in the tunnel, Emperor Fengdu. Count one, Six Paths of Samsara each have six Taoists, five ghost emperors share one, and Ten Temples Yama share one. As for Pingxin Empress is different from Hongjun, if she really takes that step, she is an incarnation. The tunnel thus becomes the tunnel itself, rather than Hongjun fits Heavenly Dao and steals the authority of Heavenly Dao.

Hongjun took out two Heavenly Dao Saint positions, and directly suppressed the emergence of humanity and authenticity. The purpose of enshrining the gods and destroying the king and building the Celestial Court was to completely curb humanity, and the other was In order to divide a part of the authentic authority, Hongjun was not without reason for the Westward Journey after the Conferred God and the Quantum Tribulation. After all, the Three Purities teamed up with him in the Conferred God and Quantum Tribulation, so this tribulation is the mystery. In addition, after Daxing, the Western religion also left Dao Idol as a part of the authority, otherwise the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva would not have issued the grand aspiration of’the hell is not empty, and the oath is not to become a Buddha’.

Using the body of the Great Desolate creature, suppress the Three Purities transformed by the Pangu Primordial Spirit, control all the Great Desolate creatures, fit the power of Heavenly Dao, and suppress the humanity and authenticity with its own wrist. The emergence of…

Even Heavenly Dao, who was stolen from the authority, had to admit that sometimes he had to admire Hongjun’s greatness.

It has been fighting against Hongjun for countless years, but it turned out to be disappointed again and again. Even it doesn’t know when this disappointment will turn into despair.

So when Lin Yuan proposed’Hongjun Death Tribulation’, he couldn’t hold back his heartbeat, and helped Lin Yuan at all costs to practice the existence of Heavenly Dao. In my eyes, it can be regarded as the taboo “Sutra of All Beings”!

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