Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1011

After 5 minutes.

On the huge mountain top, only Lin Yuan and the fox Goddess are left.

Lin Yuan thought for a moment, and said: “This time, there are 217 teenagers who have been taught by me personally. After March, these youngsters who were sent to the other world by me will return. You are responsible for their food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and the supply of various cultivation resources. As for the number of people, keep it at this number first, and the rest of the teenagers with aptitude are temporarily trained as reservists.”

youngsters who have studied the Sutra of All Living Beings. I was sent to the All Heavens and Myriad Realms by the system to experience. After all, there will be no war in the North in a short period of time, and even if there is a war, these little boys cannot participate in it. It is better to send it to other Smaller Thousand Worlds. , Intermediate Wide World experience.

Although the system is pitted, it is very reliable when it comes to serious work.

These youngsters who have practiced the Sutra of All Living Beings are essentially a physique of Heaven’s Jealousy. Many disasters are destined. After all, once the Sutra of All Living Beings is Great Accomplishment, Lin Yuan will become The’rules’ are equal, so in addition to Lin Yuan, the’seeds’ of the sutras of sentient beings will also be affected in the dark.

But there is the protection of the system. Even if these’seeds’ go to the other world, they are basically Smaller Thousand Worlds or Intermediate Wide World. Unless they are in a special world like Tianwu world, they will be Heavenly The probability that Dao directly kills is almost equal to zero.

Don’t think that system is just the original fragment of Heavenly Dao, but it is strictly speaking of which, Great Desolate World is also a unique level of existence in All Heavens and Myriad Realms, except for Great Desolate World. In addition, even those worlds within the realm of Great Thousand Worlds are impossible to produce 3,000’rule’ carriers, not to mention that most of the protagonists in the other world are humans, but Great Desolate has experienced the Ancient Devil God, Dragon The reign of various races such as Phoenix Qilin and Lich.

Not all Heavenly Dao are qualified to compare with Great Desolate Heavenly Dao, even if it is just the original source of incompleteness.

The influence of the’rules’ cannot be eliminated, but the probability of being stifled in advance does not exist.

So the two hundred and seventeen teenagers may suffer losses, but the number is not necessarily too large. The current talent pool in the north can be replenished in time.

Well, set a small goal first.

Become an existence equivalent to the’rules’ in the Tianwu world, even if one’s own realm can’t keep up, it is essentially the same existence as the great gods such as Pangu and Yangmei, plus Tianwu world’s. The rule’s blessing, although not as domineering after Hongjun fits Heavenly Dao, the battle strength is definitely not inferior.

This is also the reason Lin Yuan is still determined to kill after knowing that the two fox monsters have Yang Mei Old Ancestor behind them.

Most of the time, under the influence of Heart Demon, Lin Yuan may make a lot of brainstorming decisions, but with the improvement of the cultivation base, Lin Yuan is gradually able to be under the influence of Heart Demon Take control of his own behavior, otherwise he would not use this matter to set a situation for the outer god from Heavenspan world.

“Then the next problem to be solved…”

Lin Yuan turned his eyes and fell in the direction of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range.

Up to now, Mo Yuan still has no intention of waking up. Lin Yuan has also visited, but he is not optimistic about Mo Yuan’s injuries.

Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for the Qilin bloodline in Mo Yuan’s body, it would be impossible to confront that outer god.

Although Mo Yuan was jointly designed by the demonic beasts and purgatory creatures in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, it was the Qilin bloodline in the body that broke out at the critical moment to save his life. After all, it is the lucky thing of heaven. Although the number is scarce, it is not so easy to fall during the early days of the Dragon and Han Dynasty.

I won’t die, I won’t die, it’s really hard to say whether I can wake up…

If Mo Yuan can wake up this time by his own strength, the future I am afraid that the achievements of Qilin are limitless. The road that surpasses the ancestors may be directly in front of it. Otherwise, it depends on how unwilling it is to combine with the Bloodline Strength in the body. The more it resists Qilin bloodline. Strength, the lower the probability of waking up.

“That’s good, Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, Endless Sea, I want them all, if you are awake, I really don’t know how to face you, the beast owner.”

Lin Yuan expression congeals, whispered softly.

After one hour.

Because of the attack on Ning City in Shun Ning City, the turmoil in the entire northern territory has subsided. Even if there are people who want to do things secretly, they have to weigh and weigh. The one who suppressed and killed two Monster Kings casually, Even after pulling out their Lin Yuan and sinking into the group of black liquid called the underworld, did the dragon king lose his breath.

At this time, things are going on. If you get caught, you will not die as simple as one or two people.

As the turmoil in various parts of the Northern Territory subsided, more and more cultivators and demonic beasts vacated their hands and moved towards Ning City. One was to return to worship the Dragon King, and the other was because of the Dragon King. This time the real body returned to the north, and the north was messed up again. It is inevitable that there will be anger in the heart, so there will definitely be big moves. These sleek and sleek people will naturally not miss this opportunity. After all, things are done. Okay, let’s not talk about the Dragon King, maybe there is a great good fortune!

In Lin Yuan’s previous life, vocabulary such as “smooth” and “sleek” was regarded as scornful. After all, such a person had no position in his own right. When he met the bottom, he would act like aloof and remote. He bowed his knees when he reached the top, so it was disgusting.

But in fact, sleekness is also a kind of ability, especially in places like the Northern Territory. Having enough ability is the basis for climbing, but apart from this foundation, popularity is not good. People are also impossible to move a single step.

The Northern Territory is not a place where some madman will give you a few words, and immediately someone will be astonished as the heavens will lift you to a high position.

There are too many capable people in the Northern Territory, especially those who have certain authority in the Northern Territory now. Each one is considered to be an outstanding person for a while. When placed in other dynasties, there will not be only With such a little authority, coming out and going, coming in and out are all matters of one thought.

Under Lin Yuan’s standard of selecting talents with’ability’ as the first priority, the Li Family brothers teamed up to completely change the promotion rules of the Northern Territory to’the capable, the average, the mediocre. Down, the inferior is eliminated.

In such a big environment, not to mention being in a high position, even if it is to survive, it is a difficult task.

These talents gather here for many reasons, but the most important thing is not to show their ambitions in the north, but when they are in the north, whether it is to debate with other talents or to cooperate with them Moving forward together is much more comfortable than being able to move a single step when you obviously have a good idea in other places, but are dragged down by countless mediocre people!

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