Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1012

When night falls slowly.

In the northern palace.

“I’ll wait to see the Dragon King!”

Leaded by Li Zhong, Li Xin, and familiar faces such as Xia Siyu and Chen Guanshan. Lin Yuan on a soft cushion bowed his head and shouted.

Lin Yuan turned his gaze and said calmly: “Zhao Guangchong, Qin Yu, you two lead the black liquid army, search the mountains and the sea, and thoroughly investigate the entire northern border. Within three days, this king wants to complete Undead…no one left!”

Zhao Guangchong just cup one fist in the other hand, and Qin Yu stepped forward, saying solemnly: “Reporting back to the Dragon King, not a cowardly fight by his subordinates.” No, but so far, we have not found a way to kill Undead. If the Dragon King just asks his subordinates to find out their existence, the subordinates will naturally allow their orders, but none of them will stay… this… the subordinates are afraid that they can’t do it. !”

When the voice fell, Zhao Guangchong’s face changed.

Because what Lin Yuan gave was indeed an impossible task.

“It’s okay.”

Lin Yuan indifferently said: “These Undeads are controlled by someone behind them, so they are so difficult to deal with. Can save his life, let alone this short period of time, unless he can find heavenly materials and earthly treasures called good fortune, otherwise he will not be able to recover completely after one hundred and eighty years. Liquid, if you encounter Undead, just drop the container containing the black liquid of the Netherworld.”

Although the Netherworld River creatures have a certain degree of intelligence, they are only part of the Netherworld River after all, so they are far away from Lin Yuan. The closer they are, the closer their intelligence is to their lifetime, and vice versa. Just like when Lin Yuan left the northern border, these Netherworld River creatures that Lin Yuan gave to Li Zhong as a hole card besides acted as a moat and ensured the protection of some important cities. Apart from safety, there is nothing to do. They will simply obey the orders of Lin Yuan or someone approved by Lin Yuan. Someone must bring these Netherworld River creatures, otherwise they will definitely not be able to search the mountains and the sea!

But now is indeed the best opportunity to deal with Undead.

Lin Yuan is almost certain now that the so-called immortal medicine is the Netherworld Blood Sea from Great Desolate World.

Netherworld Blood Sea and Netherworld River cannot be compared, so we can only see who is controlling behind these two substances, and now that the outer god from Heavenspan world was designed by Lin Yuan and cut off Most of his own Primordial Spirit, even if they are not dead, must first heal their injuries, and then control these Undead fights with Lin Yuan, it is purely because he is dying for a long time.

As for the true owner of the Netherworld Blood Sea?


A Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, no…Kṣitigarbha was not even Bodhisattva when he entered the netherworld, and he died of the position of the samurai. It is almost the existence of the level of the descending dragon and the tiger. The prestige of Western religions can directly suppress the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, an old monster that was also born in the post-Pangu era.

On this point, we can see that although the man Netherworld River Old Ancestor has the aspiration to’kill all living beings and become the way,’ he is essentially a bully and fearful of hardship.

Who is outside Tianwu world now?

Yang Mei Old Ancestor!

This character almost at the same period as Pangu, even after Hongjun fits Heavenly Dao, he is truly capable of staying outside of Tianwu world at this moment, even if Lin Yuan borrows Netherworld River Old Two courage Ancestor, he dare not come to Tianwu world!

Although I don’t know how Netherworld River Old Ancestor came from, there is no doubt that Yang Mei’s Old Ancestor also counts as Hongjun’s Death Tribulation and will soon emerge from the Tianwu world, and he did it with Lin Yuan A similar judgment is just that compared to Heavenspan Cult Lord who can One Qi Becomes Three Purities, Hongyun Taoist who does not hesitate to destroy his body, the extremely strong Yangmei Old Ancestor has no way to come to Tianwu world to take Hongjun Death Tribulation that’s all by himself.

Thinking about it carefully afterwards, 80% of it was Hongjun’s own death, right?

This guy who suppressed Heaven, Earth and Human by the strength of oneself, I don’t know how many people have offended these years. Now that his Death Tribulation has appeared, those who want to kill Hongjun I will never miss this opportunity.

Therefore, Lin Yuan speculated that 80% of the consciousness was the same consciousness that Hongjun had lowered before, which attracted the attention of Yangmei Old Ancestor in Sea of ​​Bitterness.

At first, he probably just wanted to see what kind of world it was that made Hongjun do it himself, right?

As the Great Thousand Worlds of Great Thousand Worlds, Hongjun, although Heaven, Earth and Human is weak, but the background is not bad at all. In the past endless years, he conquered All Heavens and Myriad Realms and opened up chaos. In the dojo, perhaps the battle strength of this level of monkey, Yang Jian, and Nezha is almost the same. There is no reason why the other five saints can’t take it. When will Hongjun need to take it personally?

As a result, Yang Mei Old Ancestor was curious and looked at it… and saw that Hongjun’s Death Tribulation was coming!

“So, the subordinates take the command!”

Qin Yu cup one fist in the other hand and returned to his position again.

“Li Zhongsheng and Zhang Xiuzhu, you two, are responsible for operating the entire Southern Army and the Seventh Military Intelligence Division. In the near future, this king will move his troops south to unify the Martial Dynasty in the former Central Plains and southern regions.”


Lin Yuan took a deep breath and continued: “The person who was hit hard by me has nothing to do with the master behind the heavenly demon, but like today, there is probably a great power sitting in town, and this great The master of heavenly demon is not to say that there is blood and blood, but the two sides absolutely cannot deal with it, so with him, the heavenly demon is also isolated and helpless, taking this opportunity to clean up the heavenly demon, it would be great, you go down and prepare for one or two. After Zhao Guangchong and Qin Yu have completed the task, you will leave directly!”

Li Zhongsheng hugged the cup one fist in the other hand and did not speak.

Zhang Xiuzhu’s face changed slightly, frowned: “Dragon King, please think twice about this matter. Before I was facing heavenly demon on the banks of the Weishui River, the Shuangjian Dynasty began to stir. I’m afraid I’m just waiting for an opportunity to take the opportunity to pick the peaches and kill us and Heavenly Demon. Now the Black Liquid Army has been seriously injured. The main force of the Southern Army is constrained by the Shuangjian Ranger. Although the Xingyu Army has expanded its recruits, it is still in the training stage. …By no means the perfect time to mobilize troops!”

“Shuangjian Dynasty…”

Li Zhong complexion sank, his eyes were cold and he muttered.

Originally, he thought that even though the various dynasties would not participate in the war against heavenly demon, after all, once the northern border that had the ability to kill heavenly demon was defeated, they were afraid that they would immediately face more Bad situation, so even if the various dynasties did not send troops to support the north, they would be like the Yum Army of the Qingjiang dynasty. Chen Bing assisted the north to frighten the heavenly demon.

But these guys from the Shuangjian Dynasty…

Like a group of wolves who can’t eat enough!

They suffered a big loss in the hands of Heavenly Demon in the North Territory before, and now it hasn’t been a long time since their injuries have not healed, they started to begin to stir again, seeming to want to rob the North Territory to gain Various materials to make up for their own losses.

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