Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1013

This is more than ridiculous?

This is ridiculous!

Li Zhongyin said with a face, and also arched his hands: “The subordinates also mean the same. Now the Shuangjian barbarians are glare like a tiger watching his prey on the northern side, and now the main force of the northern border is still Now, Heavenly Demon did not continue to attack the northern territory, so the Shuangjian Barbarians did not dare to take action on the northern territory at this time, but if the northern army goes out, what will happen to the Shuangjian Barbarians, I am afraid it goes without saying!”

“Zhang Xiuzhu and Li Zhong are both opposed to conquering the Central Plains and the South at this time. What about you? Do you have other opinions?”

Lin Yuan did not directly reply to Li Zhong and Zhang Xiuzhu, but turned his head Looking around all around, asked indifferently.

These people present are the real power class in the North, and each has its own plot against. This time I came to Shun Ning City in an attempt to please Lin Yuan, didn’t expect my ass to be hot , Lin Yuan threw a huge problem to them.

Continue to maintain the current strategy of shrinking, waiting to sort out everything in the north, slowly plotting the Central Plains and the South?

Such words certainly echo the great big shots of Li Zhong and Zhang Xiuzhu, but there is no doubt that this view is tantamount to the face of the Dragon King who proposed to sway his army south.

But if you agree with the view of the Dragon King…

That is another offense to the Northern King and the director of the Seventh Military Intelligence Division. If everything is fine, it’s okay to say, but if Shuangjian Manzi is If they really took this opportunity to attack the North, who of them could end up with a good end?

“I…cough…I have different opinions.”

Among the crowd, Lei Qiusheng walked out, with his hands behind his back, said solemnly: “First of all, the Dragon King said if That’s right, now is indeed the best time for us to clear Undead and heavenly demon. If we don’t take action now, when heavenly demon is ready in the future, or that beyond the gate of heaven will leave, the price we have to pay is definitely more than Shuangjian. It will be much more painful for the barbarians to invade the north.”

The voice fell, and everyone nodded.

None of these military commanders in the Northern Territory is a theoretical school, especially those who can appear in Lin Yuan’s sight at this moment. They are basically the existence that became famous after the establishment of the Northern Territory.

They may not all be the seedlings of famous generals, but the basic analysis of the battle situation is still clear. Just like Lei Qiusheng said, the so-called “the heavens and the impunity must be blamed”. That’s it. Missing an opportunity right now is tantamount to a missed fighter. In any historical military war, those who missed a fighter, unless luck is very good, otherwise the loss is heavy or even the entire army is wiped out is the standard answer!

As the former twin star of the Wanjian Dynasty, Lei Qiusheng, who played on land, covered head and sneaked away like a rat, played against Lei Qiusheng and analyzed the future trend, which can be said to be three points in the woods.

How horrible the heavenly demon at the peak period is, they have personally experienced it!

The black liquid army was almost completely annihilated. Yan Xingchi died in the battle, and all the men who attacked the heavenly demon, except for Zhao Guangchong, who was considered mortal at the time, I don’t know what good luck survived. The rest of the men and horses are all destroyed, so the actual battle strength of heavenly demon is actually above the northern border. Now, taking advantage of the heavenly demon’s lack of support, it will not fight until the great power in the mouth of the dragon king leaves, and the support of heavenly demon has arrived. When the time comes, the tug-of-war will drag the north alive!

“Furthermore, even though Shuangjian Barbarians glare like a tiger watching his prey on the North, they may not really dare to come over.”

Lei Qiusheng’s eyes are burning. With Lin Yuan, said solemnly: “Just like when the god Martial Dynasty was there, although the Shuangjian Barbarian Cavalry took the pass every year, but not once, they really dared to go deep into the land of the god Martial Dynasty, let alone the Central Plains, even the north. They dare not enter, because these Shuangjian barbarians are accustomed to bullying and fearing hard work. They are like jackals on the wasteland. They only have the courage to eat carrion. The Dragon King is now powerful and powerful. I think, even if the Shuangjian barbarians have some thoughts before, now I’m afraid I won’t dare to invade the Northern Territory again.”

The Shuangjian Dynasty did not dare to invade the god Martial Dynasty on a large scale, not simply because the inheritance of the seven dynasties has been a foregone conclusion for many years. More importantly, as a heavy infantry, the Shenlin Army of the God Martial Dynasty really deserves an invincible title, and is worthy of the various resources Lei Qiusheng spends every year.

Even if the most elite Blood Liao Knight of the Shuangjian Dynasty is facing the Shenlin Army, unless there is too much difference in the numbers of the two sides, don’t want to retreat the Shenlin Army’s position by half a step!

Qingqi doesn’t rely on mobility, and has to chop iron cans. What is the difference with death?

This is the case of the war of annihilation of the country. You can only go forward, forward, and forward. No enemy can let go, especially the existence of the Shenlin Army. Today you are because If you choose to avoid it if you lose, they will become a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh and make you feel unhappy!

Is there a Shenlin army in the north?


Almost all of the Shenlin Army in Lei Qiusheng’s hands was killed by the Droughts. Even if there are still remaining, they can’t become a Legion equipped to threaten the cavalry of the Shuangjian Dynasty.

As for the black liquid army…

When fighting against heavenly demon, it also suffered heavy losses. Although it is still a battle, it is doomed to fail if there is no miracle.

However, the Northern Territory has an advantage that the god Martial Dynasty absolutely does not have, that is, Lin Yuan!

Lin Yuan didn’t mean to cover up when he killed two fox monsters. Not to mention the guardian of the Heavenly Gate Guardian, even if it’s just the Heavenly Dipper Realm, the cultivator of the Kongming Realm, as long as the distance between them is not Counting far away, you can clearly see the battle.

In other words, Lin Yuan was originally demonstrating and was telling the world that he Lin Yuan would kill two theoretically invincible existences on the spot with invincibility!

So on the other hand, for a powerful existence like Lin Yuan, as long as one day sits in the north, how many forces can have the courage to strike the dragon’s whiskers in the north?

The group of Shuangjian barbarians who bully and fear hardship?

Do they dare to provoke the North at this time?

From a personal point of view, Lei Qiusheng feels that this kind of probability is close to zero, but there is always something wrong, so he can’t say it to death, but just express his own opinion. Not breaking the law, right?

“I admit that the time has come, but some things have to be guarded against. Therefore, my subordinates believe that the army of the Southern Expeditionary Army is absolutely unmovable now based on the northern frontier. There is no other army. Enough ability to conquer the Central Plains and the South, so now we might as well wait for a while and solve other things first?”

Li Zhong gave Lei Qiusheng a hateful glance before turning to said solemnly.

He knows his own dragon king’s temperament. Although the dragon king will follow the suggestions of his subordinates, he is still a domineering king in essence. If he makes any decision, it will definitely not change. Yes, unless everyone under his command opposes this decision.

Seeing that Lin Yuan was about to be persuaded, Lei Qiusheng suddenly jumped out and slammed, Li Zhong’s desire to kill people was gone!

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