Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1014

“Some things really have to be guarded, but compared to plot against each other in the dark, the conclusions obtained may not be correct, and it may even be your own guesswork that’s all So we might as well ask directly about the attitude of the Shuangjian Dynasty.”

Lei Qiusheng’s eyes flashed, said solemnly: “The southern army marched east for three thousand miles, and then formally crossed the northern border and The border between Shuangjian grassland, if Shuangjian Barbarians still make up their minds to wait for an opportunity to attack the North, the first reaction must be to mobilize the army and go directly to war with us. You can take a step back and say, if Shuangjian Barbarians are immediately Come and contact us, it means that the Shuangjian barbarians are indeed scared by the Dragon King’s previous record of suppressing and killing the two Monster Kings. At this time, the Southern Army can safely go south to fight the heavenly demon.”

Li Zhongqi trembled all over, roar said: “Your behavior is not testing, you are leading the war! Have you ever thought that if the Shuangjian barbarians really go to war with us, the main force of the Southern Army will be inevitably Dragging on the Shuangjian grassland, first the terrain is not good for us, and second, waiting for us to defend against the air, it is not that we are trying to conquer the Central Plains and the South, but the heavenly demon should think about how to take advantage of this opportunity to bring us to the north Completely turned into a wasteland!”

Both sides insisted on their own words, and everyone present was a little at a loss.

The current situation in the North is undoubtedly embarrassing.

Once the Southern Expeditionary Army enters the territory of the Shuangjian Dynasty, it will inevitably lead to war. Even if the Shuangjian Imperial Family does not dare to go to war on a large scale, it is not a problem to condone those small and medium-sized tribes to attack and conquer the Southern Army. After all, The Frost Mirror Dynasty is different from other dynasties. The Imperial Family’s control ability to other tribes is simply outrageous, so this reason is indeed plausible. If the Northern Territory is holding on to it, it is that the Northern Territory wants to go to war with the Frost Mirror Dynasty. Naturally it is different.

The most important thing is that although the current South Army can contain the Shuangjian Barbarians, it is also relying on the Great Wall forged from the northern frontier. It really left the protection area of ​​the Great Wall and went to the Shuangjian Grassland. Fighting those barbarian cavalry is quite a deadly act.

After all, the ways of destroying a country and defending are different.

Not to mention that there is no heavy infantry Legion like Shenlin Army and Black Liquid Army in the Southern Army. Even if there is, it will not change the situation of the battle.

If the battlefield is in the Shuangjian Grassland, the Shuangjian Barbarians will never meet force with force with the Northern Army. They will focus on the mobility of the cavalry, wandering, strangling, and slashing near the northern main force. The active forces that kill the northern side, including but not limited to scouts, squadrons, and other auxiliary systems that serve the entire main force, will be killed by the scimitar of the Shuangjian Barbarian. After that, the Shuangjian Barbarian only needs Slowly delay the main force in the North, and wait for them to run out of ammunition and food.

The Martial Dynasty has proved this in countless wars with the Shuangjian Dynasty.

When the Shuangjian barbarian rides the bandits, if he encounters strong fortifications and elite martial arts frontiers, it must be collapsed on the first encounter.

But once the army of the god Martial Dynasty entered the Shuangjian Grassland, heh, being hacked to death by a scimitar would actually be regarded as merciful.

But no matter what Li Zhong and Lei Qiusheng say, the Northern Territory is ultimately based on Lin Yuan’s first will to act. In other words, Lin Yuan said that he would take this opportunity to regain the Central Plains and the South. And when the heavenly demon is completely eliminated, the entire Northern Territory will act on this basis. The current argument is nothing more than that the timing is not good, that’s all.

However, in terms of their opinions, it is indeed in line with their personalities.

Lei Qiusheng, a military-born emperor, has not changed his combative temperament in the bones even if he has been an emperor for several decades. Unlike Li Zhong, he is more like a kind and kind old mother facing the north. When I was a’child’, I always thought about everything, to deal with everything in an orderly manner, and not to give anyone a chance to take advantage of the loopholes.

One wants to take a risk and reap the greatest result.

Another one who would rather miss a fighter opportunity must first ensure that he is invincible.

Actually, neither of the two is wrong, it’s just the difference of ideas that’s all, but a temperament like Li Zhong, when Lei Qiusheng was in power, was destined to not get much reuse, and it might climb to the top, that’s Be a county guard that’s all in the stable and prosperous Central Plains region.

“From the beginning to the present, I have always felt that you seem to have overlooked two things.”

Li Zhongsheng’s eyes narrowed, and he interrupted the confrontation between Li Zhong and Lei Qiusheng. Said solemnly: “First, whether the Shuangjian Dynasty wants to go to war with the Northern Territory, this question does not need to be discussed, because whether they are afraid of the Dragon King or not, once the Northern Territory appears weak, they will definitely come in. Yes, this is the nature of Shuangjian Manzi, so we don’t need to test or scrutinize it. We should start from another aspect and let Shuangjianmanqi have no time to take care of himself.”

Said At this point, he paused, his eyes turned, and said calmly: “The second thing is that the Dragon King brought back a large number of civilians and cultivators from the south. This is a supplement to the power of the North, and it is also a key point for us to break the game. If it can be used properly, all troubles can’t be considered troubles.”

“Breaking Horizon Mountain Range!”

“Breaking Horizon Mountain Range?”

Ray Qiusheng and Li Zhong exclaimed almost one after the other, but their tone of voice was slightly different.

Lei Qiusheng was a little shocked, but when he looked at Li Zhongsheng, his eyes were obviously relieved.

He has never played against Li Zhongsheng on the battlefield, but the formation of troops is not all the talents of a general. Outstanding vision and adaptability based on actual facts determine whether a general is good or not. key factor.

The northern border attack on the Shuangjian Dynasty will be taken advantage of by heavenly demon.

Conversely, the northern attack on the heavenly demon will also be taken advantage of by the Shuangjian Dynasty.

But just like the previous argument, if you put a great opportunity in front of your eyes but don’t do anything, even Li Zhong, who advocates not to do big moves at this time, will inevitably feel disappointed. .

How to break the game?

It is simple and easy to say, but it is really difficult to say that it is difficult.

The Shuangjian Dynasty is actually more worried about the arrival of war than the Northern Territory at this moment. Because the plot against and heavenly demon in the Northern Territory before, the Shuangjian Dynasty suffered heavy losses one after another, losing a lot of manpower and materials, and even Even Shuangjian Khan feels that his status is in jeopardy. According to the rules of the grassland, the Shuangjian Khan must use a hearty victory at this time to bring honor and resources to the warriors on the grassland, otherwise it will soon There will be turmoil.

If you look around all around, it seems that only the Northern Realm can be bullied. This is the reason why the Shuangjian Dynasty stared at the Northern Realm. If it weren’t for the fear of Lin Yuan, the overall strength of the Northern Realm was not as good. Other dynasties, but also not to be underestimated, the Shuangjian dynasty has already come over!

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