Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1015

The easiest way to break the situation is to let the Shuangjian Dynasty fall into war. When they have no time to take care of themselves, they will naturally no longer worry about how to plunder the northern border. Enough depth can be used to attack heavenly demon.

When everything settles down, the Shuangjian Dynasty will inevitably pay the price for what they are doing now!

How can the Shuangjian Dynasty be caught in war when the Northern Territory does not take action?

Breaking Horizon Mountain Range!

Originally, the various demonic beasts of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and even the Monster Beast King have an excellent relationship with the North. Every time a beast wave is launched, it should have attacked the demonic in the direction of the Martial Dynasty. The beast was also transferred to other directions, which undoubtedly made the other six dynasties miserable.

After all, Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is only a terrestrial monster raised by the seven dynasties, but strictly speaking of which, none of the seven dynasties can face the offensive of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range alone. Even if it only aggravated the beast tide, it was enough to make a certain dynasty pay a very heavy price.

Later, because of Undead, the connection between Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and the Northern Territory was cut off, but the team of the Northern Chamber of Commerce can still trade through the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, regardless of Is it Undead or Breaking Horizon Mountain Range’s demonic beast will not attack them, but any secret spy sent by the high-level in the North is won but never returned. This unusual thing clearly illustrates the Undead and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range demonic beast All disturbances are from the same person.

Now that’secret mastermind’ has been hit hard by the Dragon King, and he has no time to look after him in a short period of time. Why don’t you contact the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range?

But is it really that simple?

“I first declare that I did not deliberately pour cold water on you, but in a sense, what you think is very good. Don’t forget that there are also changes in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, the three big beast kings. Two of them don’t know what to do. The beast owner Qilin is still seriously injured and unconscious. Even if they have calmed down the turmoil of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, the follow-up ending is the beginning of all the tedious and complicated things.

Don’t talk about the beast. The lord Qilin has already abdicated and passed the title of’beast lord’ to other demonic beasts. Even if the beast lord Qilin has never expressed similar ideas, there is such a good opportunity for those in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. The demonic beast family will not miss it either. When they have the power of the Monster Beast King court and the title of “beast owner”, coupled with the power of the demonic beast family behind it, it is difficult to say that the other party will maintain a similar attitude towards us. .

In the past, the Northern Chamber of Commerce could run wild in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, all because the beast owner Qilin himself seemed to be our Dragon King, with this one pressed on top, and other demonic beasts. Even if the race is dissatisfied, they can only accept this fact, but the new beast owner’s attitude towards the North is still a mystery.

Of course, even if the new beast owner has just succeeded, he needs strong support. To make one’s position more stable, so we will still adopt a gentle policy towards us in the north, but will the demonic beast group behind it let go of the benefits brought by the fat meat of the Chamber of Commerce in the north? Even if this group is willing to give up, others What do you think of the powerful ethnic group?

No matter how shocking and stunning the new beast owner is, there is one thing that is beyond doubt. After being the beast owner, no matter how strong his strength is, he will focus on the entire Breaking There will also be existences that can compete with it in the Horizon Mountain Range. Therefore, whether the beast owner can subdue the beasts is mainly based on prestige and credibility. A new beast owner does not have this condition.”

Li Zhong narrowed his eyes slightly, and said meaningfully: “Also, don’t forget, our Dragon King is also a strong candidate for the position of Beast Owner, Qilin, Beast Owner and the three The favor of the Beastmaster, the Northern Chamber of Commerce and the armed forces of the entire Northern Territory, plus dragons The Wang’s current terrifying strength, it’s just that’s all in one thought to become the Beast Lord, so… once we enter the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, I’m afraid that those who want to compete for the Beast Lord will become The demonic beast will join forces to suppress me! “

This remark can be said to be very real.

In Lin Yuan’s previous career, an opportunity for promotion is in front of us. Become a convincing candidate. When I didn’t participate in this election due to some coincidence, the rest of the candidates were undoubtedly cheering excitedly, but during the election process, the person who did not participate before suddenly came back to participate in the election…

Then the rest of the candidates are afraid that they can immediately let go of their grievances, and join forces to kick this guy out before talking!

“That’s right, I am indeed the most powerful successor in the position of’Beast Lord’, especially Today, my strength and power are all stronger than the so-called demonic beast clan. Unless they join forces to deal with me, any demonic beast clan facing me alone will be destroyed by crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. , Don’t underestimate the wisdom of demonic beasts. Once I appear in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, the demonic beasts of all parties will greet me. “

Lin Yuan slightly nodded, which echoes Li Zhizhong’s statement.

However, after a while, Lin Yuan said with a malicious smile: “The question is, who is with you? Say, I want to be the’beast master’? “

“! ! ! “

The voice fell, and almost everyone present was complexion changed.

As Li Zhong said before, the profits brought by the Northern Chamber of Commerce are enormous. Even Tianmen Guardian dare not say that he can completely ignore it, especially those who are comparable to Monster King entering Dao Realm cultivator, the demand for cultivation resources is extremely huge, so after Lin Yuan kicks them out, there will be Such a big response.

Why can the Northern Chamber of Commerce have such a huge profit?

First, the Boss of the Northern Chamber of Commerce is Lin Yuan, one from Breaking The dragon blood demonic beasts that came out of the Horizon Mountain Range, no matter how the demonic beast tribes slandered Lin Yuan, on the surface they want to give the four Sea Dragon Races a little bit thin face, plus the beast owner Qilin, the three big beast kings, and some The demonic beasts who don’t want to fight for the position of the “beast owner” are actually optimistic about Lin Yuan. Therefore, the caravans of the Northern Chamber of Commerce can be called rampant in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. As long as they don’t violate any taboos, If you don’t take the initiative to step into some restricted areas, the demonic beasts of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range all turn a blind eye.

Secondly, because of the existence of the Chamber of Commerce in the Northern Territory, it is difficult for other humans to penetrate into Breaking Horizon. Mountain Range has collected spiritual objects. After all, Lin Yuan is a demonic beast, and how to say it is also the own demon of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, so the Northern Chamber of Commerce has brought them various conveniences. At the same time, if there is a demonic beast, use spiritual objects. Or the demonic beast corpse in exchange for supplies, the price given by Lin Yuan is also quite fair. This is something other human Chamber of Commerce can’t do, or it’s difficult to keep it all the time. Of course, human beings are very interested in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Robbery is always the main thing, and there is no negotiation.

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