Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1019

“Why, how?”

hearing this, Third Prince felt like something exploded in his head, and all thoughts were exploded at this moment It became a mass of paste.

Now he has only a single thought in his mind-it’s over, the Shuangjian Dynasty is over!

“Why not? The Third Prince is the best heir of the Great Khan. This time, when the Great Khan is personally conquered, he will surely win the victory. The reputation of our blood liao tribe will continue to intimidate the grassland, but the year of the Great Khan. As things are getting higher, I’m afraid there is already a heir to the throne and the idea of ​​abdicating to cultivate. Therefore, Third Prince you are responsible for supervising the country this time. You must ensure that the frontline materials are delivered in time, not aiming to achieve the best possible result, but rather trying to avoid Making mistakes, we Old Brothers may also retreat to the second line with the sweat, but our heirs will still become Xueliao Knights, fighting for the Xueliao tribe, fighting for the Shuangjian Dynasty, when the time comes, please Third Prince has taken good care of him.”

Blood Liao Knight narrowed his eyes slightly, as if he was in a very happy mood.

The Shuangjian Dynasty is undoubtedly powerful among the seven dynasties, but the nomadic system is here, and various industrial and agricultural industries are very backward. If you want to obtain wealth, you can only rely on plunder. In this process, There are rich places, and naturally there are poor places. In some places, the folk customs are as strong as the Shuangjian grassland, and some places are stable and peaceful. The people living there are like two-legged sheep. The troops plundered all the places are basically caused by Shuang. Jian Khan is the master and handing in the next Shuang Jian Khan in advance is naturally not a wrong decision.

Relying on his own courage to run rampant in the grassland, the guy who is not in the eyes of anyone is either strong and unbeatable, or die without a burial site!

Shuangjian Khan has stalked the grasslands throughout his life, conquered countless enemies, looted countless places, and left a lot of heirs, but not all of them became talents, the best of them is undoubtedly It is the 13th prince who is as brave as a tiger and the Third Prince who is as cunning as a fox. The next Shuangjian Khan will undoubtedly choose from these two, and whether it is the old Khan or the leaders of other tribes, they are optimistic about the 13th prince. A khan who can ride horses and draw bows and command the Shuangjian cavalry across the grasslands is more appetizing for them than a khan who sits in the rear planning strategies, but in the previous war against the northern border, the 13th prince fell, and it is still the case. There is no news, it is suspected to be dead.

This time Shuangjian Khan’s personal expedition, it may not be that I want to go to the north to see if I can pick up my favorite young son. If the 13th prince is really dead, then Shuangjian Khan’s seat It can only be handed over to the Third Prince.

“Ha! The next Shuangjian Khan?”

Third Prince swung his sleeves, and roar said: “I am lonely and weak. Although I can cultivation, it is difficult to control the cream. Jian Zhan Ma, therefore, you are lonely and set out immediately. Be sure to catch up with Father Khan before the allied forces of the various tribes of Shuangjian reach under the Great Wall of the North, and do whatever it takes to prevent the army from opening. If not…If not, the Shuangjian Dynasty is afraid Died in this battle!”


Blood Liao Knight slightly startled, his eyes revealed a very thick color of doubt.

In this wave of Shuangjian Dynasty, all tribes are united, unlike before, they divide their troops to attack the northern territory and the god Martial Dynasty, and they will not provoke heavenly demon. How can you see that you will not lose? Okay, how about wyvern riding a face lose?

Why is it that the Shuangjian Dynasty will be killed in this battle?

Furthermore, the Shuangjian Khan who is now in power is not a good stubble. It is enough to be listed as the four War Gods alongside Lei Qiusheng, Yan Xingchi, and Zhao Xiang. They belong to In the early years, the famous general was just the most unremarkable son of the last Shuangjian Khan, and he was even exiled to the border of Shuangjian steppe to establish his own tribe.

As a result, when Yanxingchi came to crusade because the Shuangjian Dynasty robbed the frontier of Wanjian Dynasty, with a group of criminals and slaves at hand, forcibly carried Wanjian Dynasty’s best The attacking Yanxingchi lasted three months.

After receiving the support of the elite troops of the Royal Court of Shuangjian, he even almost killed Yan Xingchi, forcing Yan Xingchi to withdraw from the grassland. Then he took advantage of the situation and defeated the frontier army of the Wanjian Dynasty. It defeated the last army in the hands of the Wanjian Dynasty that could contend with Lei Qiusheng.

It was also during that battle that Yan Xing Chi was dragged onto the Shuangjian Grassland, which gave Lei Qiusheng an excellent opportunity to seek the throne, and wait until Yan Xing Chi moved from his own Fiefdom. Li summoned the Xingyu Army, and when he rushed to the imperial capital, the daylily was cold.

Of course, the legend is always watery, just like the old Khan almost killed Yanxingchi…

If Lei Qiusheng hadn’t stabbed him in the back, Yanxingchi would simply If he would not withdraw his troops and return to King Qin, the consequences of that war would be unpredictable, but there is no doubt that being able to block Yanxingchi with a bunch of miscellaneous fish for three months is also enough to explain the military talent of the old Khan.

Such a famous player who has been in the grassland for decades will definitely not feel that he will be defeated because of some alarmist words. On the contrary, it will arouse the rebellious psychology of the old Khan, and he is the one who tries to increase The villain who blocked the plan of the Shuangjian Dynasty is bound to die!

Third Prince saw the blood of Knight, but he did not move for a long time. He shouted: “While Father Khan has not gone far, the army must not be as fast as you can ride alone. If this happens, , The Shuangjian Dynasty will even be destroyed, but before it is destroyed, the lonely has the ability to kill your whole clan!”

Blood Liao Knight swallowed helplessly, said solemnly: “Third Prince, it’s not that your subordinates refuse to work for you. There is really no way. You have to give your subordinates a reason so that they can convince Khan!”

“This is a long story. It’s not clear in two or two sentences. In short, you should set off to hold down Father Khan. Once you have handled the matter at hand, you will rush to the frontline barracks yourself. At that time, the orphan will explain to your father Khan the pros and cons in person. It’s a great achievement, but if you do the errand that Gu Gu entrusted you to, you just wait to orphan your whole clan!”

Third Prince’s eyes are slightly gloomy, and Knight will stop talking about it. , Turned the horse’s head to chase the direction of Shuangjian Khan’s army.

Nobody understands one’s son better than his father. On the other hand, after getting along for decades, Third Prince also understands his father.

If there is no suitable reason, he will not give up the idea of ​​attacking the northern border. Even if he speaks his own opinion, his father Khan will still go his own way, and will even be laughed at. Alarmism, so all he can do now is drag. When the black flood dragon completes its layout in the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, chaos will appear. If his father Khan has not been dragged under the Great Wall of the North, then everything will be fine. And be saved!

No matter how strong the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range and the Northern Territory are, you have to worry about the views of other dynasties?

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