Start To Evolve From Python Chapter 1020

First of all, it is certain that the demonic beast of Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is indeed very strong, even the most proud of the Shuangjian Dynasty is far less than those who live in Breaking Horizon Mountain Range. Demonic beast, if the two sides really fight to the death, the Shuangjian Dynasty will definitely lose!

The problem is that if Breaking Horizon Mountain Range aggressively attacked the Shuangjian Dynasty, they would naturally be destroyed. However, the Shuangjian Dynasty in the peak period followed by the Shuangjian Dynasty which defended the emptiness cannot be mentioned on. equal terms.

As long as it is not immediately engulfed by the tide of beasts, when other dynasties express their opinions, Breaking Horizon Mountain Range must withdraw the tide of beasts sent out!

No matter how powerful the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range is, can it be that the six dynasties can join forces?

The fall of the god Martial Dynasty was because Lei Qiusheng joined hands with heavenly demon, which belonged to his own act of death, and the Northern Territory just rose, and the appearance of the Northern Territory King was indeed a human being. , So, under the precondition that the northern border can kill the heavenly demon, and Lin Yuan’s mysterious background is used as a backing, the remaining six dynasties can only turn a blind eye, and the northern border becomes one of the new seven dynasties by default. .

But the Shuangjian Dynasty will not die!

If the other five dynasties sit and watch the Shuangjian dynasty be destroyed by the black flood dragon and Breaking Horizon Mountain Range, do you know that they will not be the next target in the North?

“As long as you can survive the Breaking Horizon Mountain Range mutation…as long as you can survive…this game will naturally be broken.”

Third Prince’s long sighed, tightly wrapped around his body Snow White Fox Qiu murmured: “Father Khan, Father Khan, even if you are really too old, you can occasionally open your eyes to see the current situation of the world. Don’t pull the entire Shuangjian grassland for you. Funeral, otherwise, the children will have to…”

While whispering to himself, while drifting away, the silhouette of the Third Prince gradually disappeared in the cold wind.


At the same time.

The northern border, above the Great Wall.

A bald man in his thirties touched his horoscope, and a chill flashed in his eagle-like eyes.

When the Northern Army sent troops to sweep the north, he was the first enemy Li Zhongsheng hit. With a strategy of rewards and punishments, relying on a small town with simple fortifications, he was fully dragged down. Li Zhongsheng led the main force of the southern conquest for a full day. It can even be said that if the conquest of the southern army is strong, it is far from the original northern rebel army alone can contend, and give him more soldiers. With more food, he can stop Li Zhongsheng for a longer time, maybe he can turn defeat into victory and defeat the army in the north!

Now, he is a military commander in the Southern Army, with a staff of 20,000 people. The source of his troops is selected from the old northern people with strong folk style. The equipment is also from the Ministry of Industry. Although the best standard equipment has never been famous among the generals of the Northern Territory, it is Li Zhongsheng’s extremely optimistic and trusted right-hand man. At the same time, he is also the last formed defender on the Great Wall of the Northern Territory.

The place where he was ordered to station was built temporarily later, instead of relying on a certain city. With cement and mountain range, forcibly built a one man holds the pass, blocking ten-thousand. But similarly, this is also the most prominent and weakest link in the entire defense system of the Great Wall of the North. Unlike other places, militias can be recruited from the city at any time, and supplies cannot be easily obtained from the city. This is a must. There is a strong army stationed here, because it was established as a’protruding point’ just to engage in battle!

Shuangjian cavalry cultivation technique Northern Territory must pass through here, even, they must conquer this Xiongguan, in order to continue to the real northern Great Wall behind.

So obviously, this place will be the first battlefield of the Northern Territory and Frostjian Cavalry, and the cruelest flesh and blood winch in the entire war!

The bald man touched his head, his eyes were fierce, like an ominous beast. Roar said: “The one who stepped on Nana, even a bunch of boys who graduated from Academy can step on it. In your head, you become a member of the “General Star Squad” in the North of Rao Shizi. As long as you are alive, you will be less likely to be a general in the future. Look at you bear packs. Obviously, you are the first to join the army in the North. “

The surface of the all around is helpless, but no one retorts.

Once, they, the military prince, really told the truth. Although they couldn’t figure it out, since ancient times, all the famous generals were born on the battlefield, and they were trained by the Academy’s military books. It’s just a man who talks about soldiers on paper. Why are they higher than these veterans at the beginning? That many!

Secondly, although their military commander speaks a little bit crudely, his martial arts is really strong. Aside from the cultivation base that crushes them, even if the two sides suppress the cultivation base, it is undoubtedly a contest. , This military commander is also a fierce man who takes one hundred as a hundred, as if there is really an ominous beast under his human body.

Seeing all around a look of helplessness, the boring bald man rolled his eyes, and roar said: “I don’t know you still refuse to accept. I am angry that the group of dolls are riding on your head, but I I’m sure I’m not convinced! So this time, it’s your chance to stand up! Lao Tzu and Li Zhongsheng, the dog thief, have agreed that if you can cut the heads of five barbarians, you will be promoted directly to Level 1. The more you kill, the higher you will be. For those who survived after the war, I personally went to the Southern Army garrison to give you a reward. Even if the Dragon King is here, I have the same attitude!”

“Martial Marquis! The Northern Territory is victorious!”

“Junhou Wuwei! Northern Territory Wansheng!”

“Junhou Wuwei! Northern Territory Wansheng!”


With As the bald man’s voice fell, the soldiers all around clearly became energetic.

After all, the world is not peaceful now. As a soldier, you really have to fight on the battlefield. One bad thing is death or disability. They are the lowest-level military cultivators in the entire society. It must be difficult to get them. The kind of spiritual creatures that have been reborn with severed limbs, so once they are disabled, they will basically get in in this life, but when there are other ways out, there are really few people willing to join the army.

No matter what the reason was for joining the army, I have come. If you want to retire, you must follow the rules of the northern border. After a certain number of years, you can apply for demobilization and get the job or land allocated by the northern border. An ordinary person goes on living, and besides living in a healthy and healthy life, the rest of their heads is to make meritorious deeds.

The temptation of five head officers to be promoted to Level 1 is not so big. After all, the promotion of military rank will greatly improve both salaries and safety, except for those who are highly criticized. In addition to the fierce men of the’champion general’, how many senior officers are fighting at the forefront?

If Lin Yuan is here, he will inevitably sigh with emotion. The bald head that Li Zhongsheng was entrusted by the captive came back. It was indeed too low-key. Otherwise, with his ability, he would definitely be enough to participate in the previous scene. Shun the Ning City meeting.

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